Travelodium Monthly Results – Making Money from your Blog

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers putting their financial results on their blog. I guess it is a self reporting technique to put the onus on yourself to do everything you can to improve the financial position of the blog.

I’ve had this blog for 11 years now and despite having a lot of Social Media followers I have really failed to monetize the blog over this time. i get the occasional sponsored post and have a relationship with SeedingUp but I don’t make many money from affiliate links.

I really wanted to go down a different path but I can see it is the quickest and most realistic path to making money from your blog.

I’ve had a few different platforms over the years on the blog and I don’t rank very well due to the website code being a bit all over the place.

However I do have a decent amount of followers and backlinks that give me a readership.

Here is my start point


SeedingUp – approx $25 per month

Sponsored Posts – 1 last month $75

Affiliate Income – last month 1 sale $38

Total Income $138

Social Media Followers

Twitter – 19,594

Pinterest – 30,449

Instagram – 8,276

Facebook – 5,634

Frequent Flyer Points

Qantas 103,457

Enrich Miles 1,000

Aegean Air 10,664

KrisFlyer 19,049

Velocity 17,015

Action Points for April

  • to add at least one article per day to the blog
  • make at least one repair per day that improves the website
  • make some income from downloadable products
  • increase affiliate income buy at least 100% so at least 2 sales worth at least $80
  • increase Twitter followers to over 20,000
  • increase website hits via Pinterest by 30%


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