Finding work in Australia for backpackers

Finding work in Australia is not a particularly difficult thing to do, however finding good work in Australia can be more difficult.

The types of work vary in years gone by getting short term work in call centre’s have been easy to find but not so much anymore as more and more call centre’s move offshore.

Working in cafes and restaurants is a job that thousands of backpackers pick up particularly in the bigger cities.

I notice a lot more country pubs and roadhouses have backpacker staff now. I guess so many younger people move to the city that finding good staff is difficult.

And then there are the old faithfuls like fruit picking which has been the popular choice for years.

The only issue there are a lot of dodgy operators out there. One thing I think backpackers should do if they are going to go fruit picking is get a car or van. It makes things so much easier – for one if you arrive at a place and there is no work you can move on straight away to go somewhere else and its the same situation if you find a dodgy employer or find yourself in a situation you are not comfortable with. You can always get in your car and drive away.

I went fruit picking in Norfolk when I was backpacking in Europe many years ago. a few of us took the train there from London and we were picked up at the train station. We got to the camp and there were loads of caravans all over the plac. When we met the gypsy who was running the place I knew we were in a spot of bother . 3 days  and none of us were selected to work and I knew they were going to try and starve us, make sure we got broke and then would underpay us and there wouldn’t be much we could do about it.

So after 3 days I left and I’ve never been fruit picking since. My total count of fruit picked and moneys earned 0.

In theory you can travel around Australia and there will be work somewhere 12 months of the year. Forinstance if you wanted to come to South Australia the grape harvest has just finished. Soon vegetable picking will happen in north Queensland around Christmas is Cherry season. In winter apple picking.

In another post I will add the seasons and prepare a year round picking calendar that you can use if you wish to pick fruit as you travel around Australia.

David Cronk - Editor

David Cronk is the editor of online travel magazine Travelodium Travel Magazine. David has travelled to over 30 countries of the world and his writing has been published by enRoute magazine - Air Canada's inflight magazine and by Hotel & Accommodation Management Magazine. David has worked as a Sales Executive for Sheraton and Hilton Hotels and for Hotelbookers in London. He has worked also as a Hotel Night Manager and in bars throughout Europe. David eventually settled into a position working as a croupier for several years before changing careers to become a Data, Sales and Statistical Analyst.

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