Things to do in El Nido – The Philippines

Must Do

El Nido has some of the best beaches in not only Asia but the world. Hence, the best thing to do here would be to go island hopping and check out those beaches like Secret Beach and Helicopter Island. There are also some nice lagoons to check out like Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, and Secret Lagoon.

It will feel great to kayak over Big Lagoon. That would be a lot easier than swimming there since it is so big. The tour will take up an entire day so better save a day for it. In one tour, you will be doing four destinations but that would depend on the weather. If the weather becomes pretty bad, there is a chance you are going to head home sooner than expected. It may be bad news but you are going to care about your health more.

What do you like best about your city?

The people here are pretty friendly. It is like each day I made new friends. It does not matter whether it was locals or travelers from other parts of the globe. I enjoyed talking about the best things in life with them. I love hanging out with new people.

El Nido is so amazing that there are so many travelers and they just stick around for a day or two. The island vibes is nice and everyone knows each other in the neighborhood since it is a small town.

Best Walk in El Nido

Taraw Peak is the best hiking trail in El Nido. Getting to the top is not easy as you need to be an experienced hiker. When you finally get to the peak of the mountain, it will be all worth it I took a lot of pictures myself when I finally got to the top.

Of course, the more things you bring, the harder it will be to get to the top. Better make the time you spend at the top of your mountain worth it. Yes, better take a lot of videos and pictures with the view as the background. You should even bring a portable charger so you can take even more pictures.

Best Restaurants

Trattoria Altrove is a nice place to get some awesome pizza. It is sad how they don’t serve other food besides pizza. Also, they serve it fresh right in front of you. Big Bad Thai Bistro is the only Thai Restaurant in the place so you know they know their Thai food. The food there is extremely good. If you want some vegan food, better go to Taste El Nido.

There are a lot of Europeans and Americans who are vegan for a variety of reasons either for health or animal-friendly reasons. El Nido locals are not though as they are known to love eating pigs and cows which is not good. Hopefully, one day they would recognize the benefits of being vegan. For authentic Chinese food, there is Fat Choy. You will come across all the Chinese favorites you have grown to love in this place.

Best Music

Believe it or not, there is also a full moon festival in El Nido similar to what happens in Thailand. There is a huge beach party where locals and travelers go to. It is such a great time and I was lucky enough to catch one of it since it just happens once a month.

The DJ lineup is incredible as it consists of some of the best local DJs. There is a reason why tour guides and boatmen know a lot about the event. While you are having your tour, they won’t fail to mention it as most of them are looking forward to it.

Best Nightlife

Puka Bar is a nice place to go and groove to Jamaican music. The place will definitely make Bob Marley proud with its old school vibe. Sava Beach Bar is another beachfront bar that is popular in El Nido. There are a lot of people who go there each night so it would be better to go early especially when there is an event.

While both of those bars are in the city district, Maregmeg Beach Bar is a bit far from that. It is known as a great place to watch the sunset though so better go there early. Mad Monkey Hostel is located in Nacpan Beach and there is a theme each day. There is one day where you can play beer pong with the other guests if you choose to stay a night or two in there.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

There is a nearby beach called Nacpan beach and it is just a 40 minute drive from the city proper. The beach is so peaceful and there aren’t too many people there if you are looking for a place to enjoy peace and not so crowded.

There are a few activities to do there other than sunbathing. While strolling down the beach, you will see people playing volleyball and catch with island dogs. It would be idea to just spend a few hours there then go back to the city. Some would spend the entire day as there are also nice restaurants there.

Something that not many travelers know about El Nido

Palawan was recently recognized as the best island in the world voted by readers of a famous travel magazine. There was no doubt the island deserve it. The white sand beaches in El Nido are a good reason alone that tourism is at an all-time high. Aside from El Nido, there is Coron and Port Barton.

There is a good reason why a lot of people go to Palawan each year. In fact, some go there two or even three times. There are some Filipinos from Manila who go there each year since the flights there are not that expensive especially in the low season. It would be better to go there during summer though as there won’t be many things to do during the rainy season.