Travelling through Europe with Interrail

Many years ago when I first travelled through Europe my plan was to travel down to Greece spend a few months in the islands and then spend a couple months travelling through Central Europe checking out the sights.

I bought a Eurail card so I had unlimited rail for the 3 months travelling through Europe however I was in England and needed to get to Greece and this was before discount airlines so a flight was going to be expensive and ideally I wanted to see something on the way.

I was in Kent at a railway station either in Maidstone or Chatham can’t remember which and decided to set off for Athens. Went to the train station and asked about a train fare to Dover and onward to Athens.

Anyway he said that a better way of me doing it would be to get an Interrail Card. Knowing that I wasn’t eligible for one, being Australian, I kept my mouth well and truly shut and he issued me with a handbook which I needed to fill out for each section of my journey.

This is still pretty much the same procedure you follow now, only difference is you need to book a number of trains where in the past that wasn’t the case.

Interrail is only valid for European citizens so if you are not from Europe like me you will need to be a dual passport holder to be able to get one or hope for bureaucratic error like me. For interests sake I wasn’t questioned about the Interrail Card for my whole journey. I guess they thought I was English and I don’t remember ever having to show my passport and the Interrail Card at the same time.he card I had was a 1 month card and I managed to zigzag my way through France into Italy up to Austria and down through the Balkans and eventually to Athens.

Train travel is so much better than getting on a discount airline and if you have the time its a great way to travel because you get to see so many things from the window of your train and get to meet so many great people along the way. It’s so true that the best part of travel is the journey when you travel by train.

If you’d like to buy your Interrail card please use the link on this article and that will help keep this blog operational.

David Cronk - Editor

David Cronk is the editor of online travel magazine Travelodium Travel Magazine. David has travelled to over 30 countries of the world and his writing has been published by enRoute magazine - Air Canada's inflight magazine and by Hotel & Accommodation Management Magazine. David has worked as a Sales Executive for Sheraton and Hilton Hotels and for Hotelbookers in London. He has worked also as a Hotel Night Manager and in bars throughout Europe. David eventually settled into a position working as a croupier for several years before changing careers to become a Data, Sales and Statistical Analyst.

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