Having a great stag party in Prague

There are a number of reasons why having a stag party in Prague is a great idea and they are not all you think.

Firstly, everyone will tell you that Eastern Europe generally has a lot of things going for it rather than going to London for a legs up big night on the town.  You only get married once so do something special not the usual pinting on at a strip club getting you feet covered in spew when you go to toilet.

Do something special, something a bit better than the norm and Prague offers a stag party friendly city.

Reasons why to go to Prague

There are a lot of things going for this idea.

1. Pretty Girls – the single men among you will thank you for this divine idea.

2. Fantastic Beer – Czech Republic is the home of beer and in Prague you can go from bar to bar drinking different types of beer quite often brewed in the bar itself.

3. Cost the weekend – A weekend in Prague will cost you less even when you include your flights.

4. Liberal laws and regulations – you are much less likely to get into trouble and there is little street crime in Czech Republic.

5. There are lots of bucks party activities you can shoot guns, go paintballing also go karting and there are many places where you can find strippers all the things a bunch of guys on a stag party would want.

6. There is a fantastic club scene in Prague so you can party the night away if you’re looking for music and a cool scene.

So while you’re there you can hire a vehicle and driver and you can create your own pub crawl you can also get great food in Prague too.

To have a great stag party Prague is the place to go, so many things to do, so many beers to drink, so many women to meet.

Do It. You know you want it.