Things to do in Nakhon Si Thammarat – Thailand

Nakhon Si Thammrat is a large province located in southern Thailand’s Malay Peninsula. It has a mountainous interior and a coastline along the Gulf of Thailand. Its top attractions are the picturesque Ao Khanom Bay and the bell-shaped stupa of Wat Phra Mahathat temple. You can also visit many other ancient religious sites in Nakhon Si Thammrat.

While the province is largely safe from violence and insurgent-led terrorism, it is not a primary destination. You will have to travel on a dirt road with a lot of potholes. In addition, there are stray and wild dogs, which can bite you and carry rabies. Fortunately, it’s easy to get to Nakhon Si Thammrat by air from Bangkok. There are flights from Don Mueang airport to nearby islands. The city’s beaches are beautiful and the area is very well-developed.

Nakhon Si Thammarat This photo is used with Creative Commons License Photography by Vyacheslav Argenberg

If you’re traveling to Southern Thailand, you may want to visit the Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality, which is the capital city of the City of Nakhon Si Thammarat. The area is located 610 km south of Bangkok, on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula. In addition to its tourist attractions, it is a great place to visit during a vacation.

Must Do

If you’re interested in shadow puppetry, head to the Shadow Puppet House. This museum displays Thai nang talung, the art form of shadow puppetry. Visitors can learn about the art form while listening to the performances of the nang talung performers. You can also visit the village of Kiriwong and Suchart Subsin’s Shadow Puppet House. And, if you’re a beach person, head to Khanom Beach.

A visit to the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat is a must! It’s a beautiful city filled with historic landmarks. You’ll be able to see hundreds of beautiful orchids, and even see the largest peak in the southern region. And if you’re a nature lover, you’ll appreciate the pristine nature of the area. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy a stroll through the town’s old streets.

If you’re a cultural buff, you’ll have a great time exploring this southern province. There are many things to do in Nakhon Si ThaMMarat, but you’ll probably need more than one day. The town has a lot to offer for anyone visiting from Southern Thailand. There are many interesting places to visit, but you can try them all out if you’re unsure which ones are worth seeing.

Nakhon Si Thammarat This photo is used with Creative Commons License Photography by Axel Drainville

If you’re a culture buff, you’ll have to check out the Chak Phra Festival. This festival celebrates the Buddha’s return from the star and his re-ascendant throne. During this festival, locals carry a huge Buddha image from the temple to the city’s streets or enjoy the Chak Phra Festival by watching a live performance.

You can spend your day at the beach, enjoying nature of the southern region of Thailand. In addition to these sites, you can also visit the Khao Thong Viewpoint, a popular viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the city. You can even visit a secluded village and take a boat ride on the sea. You can even take a horseback ride at the pristine Nai Mueang beaches, which are surrounded by the craziest stretches of land in the southern part of Thailand.

Visiting the Khanom Dam is another great way to see the beautiful scenery of Nakhon Si Thammarat. The city has a group of pink dolphins living by the river mouth in the bay. Between March and October, the river’s mouth is home to more than fifty pink dolphins, which are a regular sighting around Bann Leam Pratap and Ao Taled.

Best Restaurants

Some of the best restaurants in Nakhon Si Thammrat serve the same food and are very affordable. The Wang Derm Restaurant is a local favorite and the best place to sample southern Thai cuisine. You can also try the traditional Southern Thai dishes like kao mun keang beef. You can also enjoy a cup of hot tea while you eat. This is a small, family-run restaurant that is always busy.

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, you’ll find several options to choose from. A&A Bakery and Restaurant is a popular option, offering free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned tables, and good coffee. The cafe is popular with expats and serves Thai food as well as Western-style baked goods. It is easy to find the best places to eat in Nakhon.

Best Beaches in Nakhon Si Thammrat

The most popular beaches in Nakhon Si Thammrat are those near the town of Pak Phanang. The town is home to a royal project on a river estuary that separates fresh water from seawater upstream. Besides the beautiful beach, it’s also home to a number of unusual temples. The main Buddhist temple, Wat Phra Mahathat, is a 1,000-year-old royal temple. The golden Stupa is the biggest attraction in the area.

If you are looking for some secluded beaches, try Khanom beach. This small village is just off the beaten path and is not well-served by public transport. The roads in this region are quite rough, so bicycle touring is recommended. You can also explore the city’s beautiful temples on a bike, which is great for exploring the area. The untouched nature is a great way to spend the day in this beautiful part of Thailand.