Things to do in Poitiers – France.

Welcome to Poitiers, a charming town in France that offers a wide range of attractions and activities to indulge in during your visit. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a nature lover, Poitiers has something for everyone. From exploring its rich historical sites and architectural marvels to diving into its vibrant art scene and culinary delights, there is no shortage of things to do and see in this beautiful town.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the historical sites and popular landmarks that showcase Poitiers’ rich history.
  • Uncover the diverse cultural experiences, from art museums to cultural festivals, that celebrate Poitiers’ unique culture.
  • Explore the architectural marvels of Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, the Church of Notre Dame la Grande, and the Eglise Sainte-Radegonde.
  • Indulge in the serene beauty of Parc de Blossac and other green spaces for outdoor adventures.
  • Dive into Poitiers’ thriving art scene with visits to the Musée Sainte-Croix and the Musee d’art Populaire.

Exploring Poitiers’ Rich History

Immerse yourself in Poitiers’ captivating history as you explore its remarkable historical sites and iconic landmarks. This charming town in France is known for its rich cultural heritage, which is beautifully showcased through its well-preserved historical attractions.

One must-visit place in Poitiers is the Church of Notre Dame la Grande, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Admire the intricately carved sculptures on the facade and step inside to witness the stunning stained glass windows that depict biblical scenes.

Another notable landmark is the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, a majestic gothic cathedral that dominates the city’s skyline. Step inside to soak in the grandeur of the towering nave and marvel at the beautifully crafted stained glass windows.

For a deeper understanding of the town’s history, a visit to the Musee d’art Populaire is highly recommended. This museum showcases a wide range of folk art and artifacts that reflect the daily lives of Poitiers’ inhabitants throughout the centuries.

To fully appreciate the historical significance of Poitiers, join one of the guided tours available. Explore the mythical fairy Melusine and unravel the legends surrounding her in a specially curated tour. Alternatively, embark on a one-hour tourist walk with a knowledgeable guide who will take you through the hidden gems and popular tourist spots of the town.

Historical SitesPopular LandmarksMust-Visit Places
Church of Notre Dame la GrandeCathédrale Saint-PierreMusee d’art Populaire
Eglise Sainte-Radegonde  

Explore Poitiers’ Rich History

  • Church of Notre Dame la Grande
  • Cathédrale Saint-Pierre
  • Eglise Sainte-Radegonde

“Immerse yourself in Poitiers’ captivating history as you explore its remarkable historical sites and iconic landmarks.”

Uncovering Cultural Experiences in Poitiers

Indulge in the captivating cultural experiences that Poitiers has to offer, from art museums to lively festivals that showcase the town’s vibrant spirit. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic heritage of this charming French town.

Start your cultural journey by visiting the Musée Sainte-Croix, where you can admire an impressive collection of art from various periods, including ancient artifacts, medieval sculptures, and contemporary masterpieces. The museum’s stunning architecture and carefully curated exhibits make it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

For a taste of local culture, explore the Musee d’art Populaire. Discover the traditions and customs of the region through a diverse range of exhibits, including folk art, traditional costumes, and historical artifacts. This museum offers a fascinating insight into the daily lives of the people of Poitiers throughout history.

As you wander the streets of Poitiers, you’ll come across architectural gems that tell stories of the town’s past. Marvel at the grandeur of the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Admire the intricate sculptures and stained glass windows of the Church of Notre Dame la Grande. And don’t miss the Eglise Sainte-Radegonde, a Romanesque church known for its unique octagonal shape and ornate interior.

Poitiers Cultural Experiences At a Glance

Musée Sainte-CroixA comprehensive art museum showcasing ancient, medieval, and contemporary artworks.
Musee d’art PopulaireAn exploration of local traditions and customs through folk art and historical artifacts.
Cathédrale Saint-PierreA stunning Gothic cathedral with intricate sculptures and beautiful stained glass windows.
Church of Notre Dame la GrandeAn architectural masterpiece featuring intricate carvings and a vibrant facade.
Eglise Sainte-RadegondeA unique octagonal church with a richly decorated interior.

Indulge in the captivating cultural experiences that Poitiers has to offer, from art museums to lively festivals that showcase the town’s vibrant spirit. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic heritage of this charming French town.

Discovering Poitiers’ Architectural Marvels

Poitiers’ architectural wonders will leave you in awe as you explore the magnificent Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, the picturesque Church of Notre Dame la Grande, and the historic Eglise Sainte-Radegonde. These iconic landmarks showcase the town’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Architectural Marvels in Poitiers

Let’s start with the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Its impressive facade, adorned with intricate sculptures, is a sight to behold. Step inside to discover its grandeur, with stunning stained glass windows and soaring vaulted ceilings that transport you to another era. A visit to the cathedral is a must for anyone interested in history and architecture.

The Church of Notre Dame la Grande is another gem that cannot be missed. Its beautiful Romanesque facade features exquisite carvings and sculptures, depicting biblical scenes and saints. As you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the ethereal light streaming through the stained glass windows, creating a serene atmosphere.

Eglise Sainte-Radegonde, located just outside the city walls, is a hidden gem that showcases a blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The church’s unique architecture and beautiful interior make it a beloved spot for visitors and locals alike.

LandmarkArchitectural StyleNotable Features
Cathédrale Saint-PierreGothicIntricate sculptures, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings
Church of Notre Dame la GrandeRomanesqueCarvings, sculptures, stained glass windows
Eglise Sainte-RadegondeRomanesque and GothicUnique architecture, serene interior

Exploring these architectural marvels will transport you back in time and provide a deeper appreciation for Poitiers’ rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in the town’s history, these landmarks are a must-visit when in Poitiers.

Exploring Poitiers’ Green Spaces

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace nature’s tranquility in the enchanting Parc de Blossac and other picturesque outdoor spaces in Poitiers. With its lush greenery, manicured gardens, and serene atmosphere, Parc de Blossac is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a leisurely stroll. Spanning over 17 hectares, this historic park offers a multitude of activities for visitors of all ages.

Take a leisurely walk along the tree-lined pathways, soak up the sun on the expansive lawns, or simply relax on one of the park’s many benches. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna that can be found throughout the park, while families can enjoy picnics and playtime at the designated areas.

For those seeking a bit more adventure, Parc de Blossac also offers various outdoor activities. Head to the adventure park, where you can navigate treetop obstacle courses and ziplines, or rent a boat and explore the park’s tranquil lake. The park also features a children’s playground, making it the ideal destination for a family day out.

Parc de Blossac Quick Facts

LocationAddressOpening Hours
Parc de BlossacRue de la Tranchée, 86000 Poitiers, FranceOpen daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

So, if you’re looking to reconnect with nature and enjoy some outdoor adventures in Poitiers, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Parc de Blossac. It’s just one of the many top activities in Poitiers that will make your visit memorable.

Dive into Poitiers’ Art Scene

Immerse yourself in Poitiers’ vibrant art scene as you explore the impressive collection at the Musée Sainte-Croix and discover the cultural gems at the Musee d’art Populaire. The Musée Sainte-Croix is a must-visit for art enthusiasts, housing a diverse range of exhibits that span different periods and styles. From ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, this museum offers a fascinating insight into the world of art.

At the Musee d’art Populaire, you’ll find a unique collection that celebrates the traditional crafts and folklore of Poitiers. Discover beautifully crafted objects, traditional costumes, and intricately designed furniture that showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage. The museum serves as a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship that has shaped the town’s identity over the centuries.

To fully immerse yourself in the art scene, consider taking part in one of the guided tours that explore the artistic treasures of Poitiers. These tours provide an in-depth look at the town’s art history, offering valuable insights and context to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the artworks. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or simply curious about the local culture, exploring Poitiers’ art scene is a must-do experience.

Art Museums in Poitiers:

Musée Sainte-CroixRue Jean Jaurès, PoitiersAncient artifacts, contemporary art, and a vast collection of sculptures
Musee d’art PopulaireRue Jeanne d’Arc, PoitiersTraditional crafts, folklore exhibits, and a showcase of regional culture

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Soak up the creativity and inspiration that flows through the streets of Poitiers. Whether you choose to admire the masterpieces at the Musée Sainte-Croix or delve into the cultural heritage at the Musee d’art Populaire, the art scene in Poitiers will leave you captivated and enriched. With each brushstroke and every handmade creation, you’ll witness the beauty and power of human expression. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the artistic heart of Poitiers.

Guided Tours in Poitiers

Embark on an enriching journey through Poitiers with the guided tours that will lead you to the best things to see in the town, including hidden gems and iconic tourist spots. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious about the town’s cultural heritage, these tours offer a unique way to explore Poitiers’ rich history and vibrant present.

One of the guided tours available is a one-hour tourist walk with a knowledgeable guide. As you stroll through the charming streets of Poitiers, you’ll discover historical sites and popular landmarks that showcase the town’s fascinating past. The guide will share intriguing stories and insights, bringing the history of Poitiers to life.

For those interested in legends and folklore, a tour focusing on the mythical fairy Melusine is a must. With this tour, you’ll delve into the enchanting tales and discover the locations associated with this legendary figure. From castles to hidden corners, you’ll uncover the magic that lies within Poitiers.

Guided Tours in Poitiers

In addition to these specialized tours, there are various other guided tours available that cater to different interests and preferences. No matter which tour you choose, you can expect a knowledgeable guide who will provide valuable insights and make your experience in Poitiers truly memorable.

So, why not take advantage of these guided tours to make the most of your visit to Poitiers? They offer a convenient and informative way to explore the town’s rich history, cultural experiences, architectural marvels, and natural beauty. Let the guides lead the way as you uncover the best of Poitiers, ensuring a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Tour TypeDurationHighlights
One-Hour Tourist Walk1 hourHistorical sites, popular landmarks
Melusine Tour2 hoursFairy-related locations, castles
Art and Culture Tour3 hoursArt museums, cultural festivals
Architectural Marvels Tour2.5 hoursCathédrale Saint-Pierre, Eglise Sainte-Radegonde
Nature and Outdoor Adventure Tour4 hoursParc de Blossac, outdoor activities
Gastronomic Tour3.5 hoursLocal cuisine, food markets

Indulge in Poitiers’ Culinary Delights

Treat your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary journey as you savor the delectable local cuisine that Poitiers is renowned for. From traditional dishes to modern gastronomic experiences, the town offers a vibrant food scene that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Start your culinary adventure by trying Poitou-Charentes’ famous goat cheese, Chabichou. This creamy and tangy cheese pairs perfectly with a glass of local wine, creating a delightful combination of flavors. For a taste of history, sample the renowned Poitiers macarons. These colorful and delicate almond meringue cookies have been made in the town since the 16th century and continue to be a beloved treat for locals and visitors alike.

No visit to Poitiers is complete without indulging in the local specialty, broyé du Poitou. This traditional butter cookie is made with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, and butter, but its rich and crumbly texture will leave you craving for more. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with a cup of locally brewed coffee for the perfect afternoon treat.

Local DelicaciesMust-Try Dishes
ChabichouA tangy and creamy goat cheese
Poitiers macaronsColorful and delicate almond meringue cookies
Broyé du PoitouA rich and crumbly traditional butter cookie

For a taste of the local cuisine, head to one of Poitiers’ charming restaurants or bistros. Sample classic dishes such as Potée Poitevine, a hearty stew made with pork, sausages, and vegetables, or indulge in fresh seafood, including oysters and mussels, sourced from the nearby Atlantic coast. Pair your meal with a glass of local wine or cider to complete the gastronomic experience.

Whether you’re a food connoisseur or simply looking for a delicious meal, Poitiers’ culinary delights are sure to impress. So, take a seat at one of the town’s charming eateries and let your taste buds be whisked away on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Practical Information for Visitors

Plan your visit to Poitiers with ease by taking note of these practical tips and essential information for an unforgettable experience in the town.

If you’re visiting Poitiers, it’s important to know that the town is located in central France, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The nearest airport is Poitiers-Biard Airport, which offers domestic and international flights.

Getting around Poitiers is convenient, with a reliable public transportation system consisting of buses and trams. The town also has a well-connected train station, making it easily accessible from other major cities in France.

When it comes to accommodations, Poitiers offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs. From luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, you’ll find the perfect place to rest and recharge after a day of exploration.

As for currency, the official currency in Poitiers, and the rest of France, is the Euro. Make sure to have some local currency on hand for small purchases, as not all establishments accept card payments.

When planning your itinerary, don’t forget to consider the opening hours of attractions and museums in Poitiers. Many establishments have specific opening hours, and some may be closed on certain days of the week.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to immerse yourself in the local culture and embrace the charm of Poitiers. Try the delicious local cuisine, explore the picturesque streets, and take in the rich history and architectural wonders that this town has to offer.


What are some of the top things to do in Poitiers?

Some of the top things to do in Poitiers include visiting the Church of Notre Dame la Grande, exploring Parc de Blossac, and visiting the Musée Sainte-Croix.

What are some other attractions in Poitiers?

Other attractions in Poitiers include the Musee d’art Populaire, Le Palais, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, and Eglise Sainte-Radegonde.

Are there guided tours available in Poitiers?

Yes, there are guided tours available in Poitiers, such as tours of the fairy Melusine and a 1-hour tourist walk with a guide.

What kind of cultural experiences can be found in Poitiers?

Poitiers offers a range of cultural experiences, including art museums like the Musée Sainte-Croix and cultural festivals that celebrate the town’s unique culture.

What are some of the architectural marvels in Poitiers?

Poitiers is home to iconic architectural marvels such as Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, the Church of Notre Dame la Grande, and Eglise Sainte-Radegonde.

Are there any green spaces in Poitiers?

Yes, visitors can enjoy the serene Parc de Blossac and other outdoor spaces in Poitiers for a nature retreat and outdoor adventures.

What are some of the must-visit art attractions in Poitiers?

Poitiers boasts renowned art attractions such as the Musée Sainte-Croix and the captivating Musee d’art Populaire.

Are there any guided tours available in Poitiers?

Yes, there are guided tours available in Poitiers, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the town’s hidden gems and popular tourist spots.

What culinary delights can be found in Poitiers?

Poitiers offers a vibrant food scene with a range of culinary delights, including traditional dishes and modern gastronomic experiences.

Is there any practical information for visitors to Poitiers?

Yes, visitors to Poitiers can find practical information on getting around, suggestions for accommodations, and other essential details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.