Things to do in Rzeszow – Poland

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, here are a few things to do in Rzeszow. The largest city in southeastern Poland, Rzeszów is situated on both sides of the Wisok River, in the heart of the Sandomierz Basin. Since 1999, the city has been the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship and seat of Rzeszów County.

Market Square

Spend some time relaxing on a bench in Market Square in Rzeszow, Poland. This charming square is surrounded by cafés and bars, and hosts a yearly holiday market. The square also hosts a number of other events, such as the local food festival. Take some time to visit the city’s main sights, including the picturesque market. It’s also an ideal place to experience a local holiday market, which is always a lot of fun.

The City Hall dominates the Market Square, which is covered in antique pavement. Near the city hall, there is a trumpet call played seven times daily by jazz trumpeter Tomasz Stanko. The Market Square in Rzeszow is also home to several museums and restaurants. You can also explore the city’s Underground Tourist Route, which takes you past remnants of the city’s wall. The city is also a cultural center, with many concerts and social meetings held on its stage.

While the city has a mild climate, Rzeszow is also subject to the effects of cold weather. The city lies near the Carpathian Mountains, which can cause halny winds, also known as fohn winds. These winds can cause temperatures to rise rapidly and lower them quickly. The city has a history of battling wars, which has a lasting effect on the quality of life of residents.

Rzeszow Multimedia Fountain

Located at the foot of the Lubomirski year palace and Castle, Rzeszow Multimedia Fountain is a beautiful water feature that entertains its visitors with its unique multimedia show. The fountain features light and water effects, laser film presentations, and dancing water streams. It also includes a historical tree. This attraction is a must-see for everyone who visits the city. If you are not sure whether the fountain is worth visiting, we recommend you take a tour and learn more about its history.

The fountain itself is surrounded by a lush park and has a flora garden. The water streams dance to music during the show and the fog screen shows multimedia projections. Nearly 4000 trees and shrubs are planted around the fountain, ensuring a unique, green setting. Moreover, the fountain’s design and landscape are attractive enough to inspire any visitor. And while you are visiting Rzeszow, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding area!

Muzeum Dobranocek

If you’re a fan of Polish bedtime cartoons, you might like to visit the Muzeum Dobranocek in the Polish city of Rzeszow. This museum is filled with art, puppets, and figures, all inspired by the Polish bedtime stories. You’ll also be able to see the original drawings and other artworks that accompany the stories.

The Muzeum Dobranocek in the city of Rzeszow is a unique experience. The museum features original film folios and lalki from the 1960s and 1970s, which are rare in other museums. The museum is also home to some of Poland’s most famous historical paintings. If you’re planning a visit to Rzeszow, make sure to check out the Museum Dobranocek and experience a unique Polish culture and history.

The Muzeum Dobranocek in the city is home to the largest collection of animated cartoons. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of popular children’s cartoons, including those by Wojciechowi Jamie, a local from Rzeszow. It is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Rzeszow, so be sure to visit if you’re ever in the area.

Ratusz Rzeszow

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, you might be wondering what to do in Ratusz Rzeszow. The Polish capital has many interesting things to offer visitors. The city is nicknamed “Little Jerusalem” because there were 300 Jews in the city after WWII. There are many green spaces in the city, and three parks stand out above the rest. Visit the Park of Culture and Recreation, where you can see a boat with a local man in it.

Another great attraction in Ratusz Rzeszow is its medieval castle, or Lubomirski Castle. This impressive structure dates back to the sixteenth century. It has been painted many times and still retains its distinctive yellow mustard colour. You can climb the castle’s walls, and visit the museum that houses artifacts from the town’s past. Despite the fact that this castle is a court of law, it’s still a wonderful sight.

Bazylika Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Marii Panny

The Bernardine Church of the Virgin Mary in Rzeszw, Poland, is a Gothic monument dedicated to the Mother of God. It is also known as the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God, and was constructed in the 16th century next to a monastery of holy fathers. It is home to a Gothic statue of the Mother of God with a child.

During the period 1610-1629, the monastery had a chapel dedicated to Mary of Mount Carmel. The building was decorated with many frescoes and was decorated with mosaics. The interior of the church features frescoes dating from the II pol. XVIII century and an otoczon with zywym kultem in the kaplicy on the right side.

The majesty of the building’s interior is the prezbiterium. It contains two stalls, and is covered with a rosarium. The hall is adorned with statues of Mary and her children. It also features a baroque-style chapel that is home to numerous famous artists, musicians, and artists.

Stary Cmentarz

If you want to spend a day sightseeing in Rzeszow, you might want to consider visiting Stary Cmentarz. It is located near the city’s market and is a beautiful building. The current shape of the castle dates back to the late nineteenth century. Today, it serves as the town council seat. If you’re visiting Rzeszow on a budget, you might want to consider renting a car to get around the city.

When you visit Stary Cmentarz, you’ll be able to see the oldest cemetery in the city. It covers approximately three hectares and is home to 622 graves. The city was part of the Habsburg monarchy from August 5, 1772 to January 17, 1784. The Habsburgs restructured the city and banned the burial of new bodies in 1784. In the meantime, they made Stary Cmentarz a historical site.

Another place to visit while in Rzeszow is the Lubomirski Summer Palace, located opposite the castle. The summer palace dates back to the late 17th century and is a great place for souvenir photos. If you’re a fan of fairy tales, you’ll want to visit the Museum of Fairy Tales, which contains original puppets from the “Mis uszatek” cartoon.

Monument to The Revolutionary Action in Rzeszow

Since the transformation of the Polish government and local community, the Monument to The Revolutionary Act in Rzeszow has become a bone of contention in the city. It has survived the political and social transformation so far without being torn down, but discussions about its demolition are ongoing. The author of the monument has made efforts to protect it from the dreaded process of demolishment.

The debate over the monument’s fate has raged for almost 30 years. Proponents say that the monument does not pose any threat to the city and is not an example of the totalitarian system that lasted from 1945 until 1989. They also point out that the monument was reconstructed to incorporate modern symbolism, which makes it more than worthy of preservation. In addition, the monument has become one of the city’s most iconic symbols, and it’s also used to promote Rzeszow abroad.

In addition to being a popular landmark in Rzeszow, the Monument to the Revolutionary Act was the result of decades of activism by local citizens. Its first Secretary, Wladyslaw Kruczek, established the Social Committee for the Construction of a “Monument to The Revolutionary Fights” in Rzeszow in 1967. The statue has a sculpture of Nike, representing the peasant, soldier, and worker. Marian Konieczny, a native of Rzeszow, designed the monument. Eventually, the monument was unveiled on May 1, 1974, and the city has been the site of a number of historical events since.

Zamek Lubomirskich

For visitors who love history and architecture, you must visit the historical district of Rzeszów. Zamek Lubomirskich (Castle of Lubomirski) is an attractive building that was reconstructed in 1902-1906. It is located on the grounds of the former House of the Lubomirski family. You can access it via Chopin Street and Aleja Pod Kasztanami. If you don’t have time to see the whole palace, you can also take a quick walk down the streets.

Another thing to do in Rzeszow is to visit the city’s Main Square. This historic square is full of exotic bars and restaurants. It is also home to a museum dedicated to the Polish national hero, Tadeusz Kosciuszko. A well beside the statue is a popular gathering place for locals. You can also take part in one of the city’s cultural events.

The city is well connected with other parts of Poland, and is easily accessible by rail, bus, and plane. The train journey from Warsaw to Rzeszow takes under 4 hours. The city’s main train station, Rzeszow Glowny, is located near the city centre. It is a transit hub for buses and trains, and offers connections to major cities in Poland, as well as Ukraine.