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Thonglor, also known as Thong Lo, is a trendy district in Bangkok that has become a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. With its chic restaurants, bars, and shops, Thonglor has a unique vibe that sets it apart from other areas of Bangkok. In this article, we’ll explore the main tourist sites, best street food and food courts, best restaurants, bars, and nightlife, shopping centers, and markets, as well as the best places to stay in Thonglor.

Description of the area’s vibe and atmosphere Thonglor has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts both locals and expats. It’s known for its trendy and fashionable crowd, with plenty of upscale restaurants, bars, and clubs. The area also has a distinct artistic flair, with many galleries and creative spaces.

History of Thonglor

Thonglor, also known as Sukhumvit Soi 55, is a trendy district located in the heart of Bangkok. Known for its upscale dining, trendy nightlife, and high-end shopping, Thonglor has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. However, Thonglor has a rich history that dates back centuries. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Thonglor and how it has evolved over time.

Thonglor’s early history can be traced back to the Ayutthaya period, when the area was primarily used for farming and agriculture. During this time, the district was known as “Ban Thonglor”, which roughly translates to “village of the golden back”. The name was given to the area due to the abundance of rice paddies, which reflected the golden light of the sun.

In the 19th century, Thonglor began to develop into a more urban area as the city of Bangkok expanded. Many wealthy families built homes in the district, which became known for its beautiful gardens and traditional Thai architecture. Some of these historic homes can still be seen in the area today, such as the Baan Klang Nam mansion.

During the early 20th century, Thonglor became a popular destination for the city’s elite. Many of Bangkok’s most influential families built homes in the district, and Thonglor became known for its high-end restaurants and exclusive clubs. The district continued to grow in popularity throughout the mid-20th century, and many of the historic homes were converted into trendy bars and restaurants.

In recent years, Thonglor has experienced a major transformation. The district has become a hub for Bangkok’s hip and trendy crowd, with new restaurants, bars, and clubs opening up on a regular basis. Many of the historic homes have been torn down to make way for modern high-rise buildings and luxury condominiums.

Despite this rapid modernization, Thonglor has managed to maintain its unique charm and character. Many of the old shophouses and traditional Thai homes still line the streets, and the area remains a popular destination for those looking for upscale dining and trendy nightlife.

In conclusion, Thonglor has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries. From its humble beginnings as a farming village to its current status as a trendy and upscale district, Thonglor has evolved and changed over time. However, it has managed to maintain its unique character and charm, making it one of Bangkok’s most vibrant and exciting destinations.

Main Tourist Sites in Thonglor Wat

That Thong is a beautiful temple that’s over 400 years old and features intricate carvings and artwork. Toot Yung Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that showcases local artists, while the Bangkok Planetarium features a range of interactive exhibits that are great for families and science enthusiasts alike.

Best Street Food and Food Courts in Thonglor

Soi Thonglor 10 is a popular street food market that serves up delicious Thai dishes, such as pad Thai, satay, and mango sticky rice. Thonglor Art Village is a trendy food court that features a range of international cuisine options, from Japanese sushi to Italian pasta. The Commons is a popular hangout spot with a range of restaurants and cafes that offer everything from Thai street food to international dishes.

Best Restaurants in Thonglor

Soul Food Mahanakorn is a restaurant that serves up traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist, using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Bo.lan is a fine dining restaurant that focuses on traditional Thai cuisine, with a farm-to-table concept that highlights locally sourced ingredients. Iron Fairies is a unique bar and restaurant that features a range of international cuisine options, such as grilled meats, pizzas, and salads.

Best Bars and Nightlife in Thonglor

Rabbit Hole is a popular speakeasy bar that’s known for its creative cocktails and cozy atmosphere. Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar is a rooftop bar with stunning views of Bangkok’s skyline, perfect for a romantic date or a night out with friends. Beam is a popular nightclub that plays a range of music genres, from hip hop to EDM.

Best Shopping Centers and Markets in Thonglor

The Commons is a trendy shopping center with a unique open-air concept, featuring a range of fashion boutiques, lifestyle shops, and restaurants. J Avenue is a popular hangout spot for locals and expats, with a range of shops and restaurants that cater to a younger crowd. Emporium is a high-end shopping mall with a great selection of luxury brands and designer boutiques.

Best Places to Stay in Thonglor

The Salil Hotel is a boutique hotel located in a quiet area of Thonglor, with a cozy and elegant atmosphere that’s perfect for couples and solo travelers. Somerset Ekamai Bangkok is a serviced apartment complex located just a short walk from the Thonglor MRT station, with spacious and modern apartments that are ideal for families and groups.

10 interesting facts about Thonglor

  1. Thonglor is named after a wealthy businessman named Thong Lo, who owned a lot of land in the area during the early 1900s.
  2. Thonglor is known as a trendy district that’s popular with expats and young professionals.
  3. The area is home to a large Japanese community, which has led to the opening of many Japanese restaurants and shops.
  4. Thonglor is located in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, which is known for its high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels.
  5. Many of the buildings in Thonglor are new and modern, but there are also some older traditional Thai houses and temples in the area.
  6. The Bangkok Planetarium, located in Thonglor, is one of the oldest planetariums in Southeast Asia.
  7. Thonglor is home to a number of art galleries and creative spaces, making it a hub for the city’s contemporary art scene.
  8. The area is also known for its nightlife, with a range of bars, nightclubs, and music venues catering to different tastes.
  9. Thonglor is a popular spot for foodies, with a range of street food markets, food courts, and high-end restaurants offering everything from traditional Thai cuisine to international fusion dishes.
  10. Despite its reputation as a trendy and upscale area, Thonglor still retains a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Conclusion Thonglor is a must-visit district in Bangkok for anyone looking for a trendy and cosmopolitan atmosphere. With its unique blend of upscale restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as its art galleries, temples, and planetarium, Thonglor offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for street food, fine dining, nightlife, or shopping, Thonglor has it all.

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