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Easy way to make 1500 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

cycling for points

Good news everyone, here’s an easy way to make 1500 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

You may have seen this on because they are promoting it as well.

If you read my article Travelodium Monthly Results you would see that I have over 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. I’ve had one return trip to Singapore that I have gained from Qantas points however this time I’m trying to save a bigger number of points hopefully to sit up the front of the plane and have a nicer experience.

Qantas have health insurance called Qantas Assure you are able to earn points for any insurance product you buy on a 1:1 basis.

This brings me to the 1500 Qantas points, which Qantas call Wellness Rewards. If you enroll for the Wellness Rewards 28 day trial you can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points for going for a walk.

By downloading the Qantas Assure app, members are earning points for everyday activities such as walking the dog, cycling to work, taking the stairs at the office and swimming.

It costs nothing to get the 28 day trial and is ideal if you need some easy points to keep your account current.

Great Facebook Pages for Backpackers in Australia

Hey There,

Got a few excellent Facebook Groups for backpackers in Australia.

Generally on these groups there are discussions about where to find fruit picking work or work in general. Where to go partying and looking for hookups, sharing rides and selling stuff for those going home.

There is also plenty of discussion.

The groups are all closed groups so you need to a backpacker going to or in Australia/ or an Australian citizen to get membership of the groups.

So here are the groups

Australia Backpackers

Australia Backpackers 2018

East Coast Backpackers Australia 2018

Backpacker Jobs in Australia

I’ll throw in a good South East Asia group too

Thailand, Cambodia,Laos & Vietnam Backpacker/Traveler

Good Travels

Finding work in Australia for backpackers

Finding work in Australia is not a particularly difficult thing to do, however finding good work in Australia can be more difficult.

The types of work vary in years gone by getting short term work in call centre’s have been easy to find but not so much anymore as more and more call centre’s move offshore.

Working in cafes and restaurants is a job that thousands of backpackers pick up particularly in the bigger cities.

I notice a lot more country pubs and roadhouses have backpacker staff now. I guess so many younger people move to the city that finding good staff is difficult.

And then there are the old faithfuls like fruit picking which has been the popular choice for years.

The only issue there are a lot of dodgy operators out there. One thing I think backpackers should do if they are going to go fruit picking is get a car or van. It makes things so much easier – for one if you arrive at a place and there is no work you can move on straight away to go somewhere else and its the same situation if you find a dodgy employer or find yourself in a situation you are not comfortable with. You can always get in your car and drive away.

I went fruit picking in Norfolk when I was backpacking in Europe many years ago. a few of us took the train there from London and we were picked up at the train station. We got to the camp and there were loads of caravans all over the plac. When we met the gypsy who was running the place I knew we were in a spot of bother . 3 days  and none of us were selected to work and I knew they were going to try and starve us, make sure we got broke and then would underpay us and there wouldn’t be much we could do about it.

So after 3 days I left and I’ve never been fruit picking since. My total count of fruit picked and moneys earned 0.

In theory you can travel around Australia and there will be work somewhere 12 months of the year. Forinstance if you wanted to come to South Australia the grape harvest has just finished. Soon vegetable picking will happen in north Queensland around Christmas is Cherry season. In winter apple picking.

In another post I will add the seasons and prepare a year round picking calendar that you can use if you wish to pick fruit as you travel around Australia.

Contiki Discounts for Europe 2018


At Travelodium we like to find you good discounts so you can travel more. Also recommending these tours can bring in a source of income for this website so I can travel more and be able to get you better information.

Today I’ve got a nice discount for Australian travellers to Europe this summer that is valid until April 27.

If you buy a Contiki trip to Europe this summer you will get a 5% discount if you pay by April 27

Full details are available on the Contiki website

Contiki_AU Pay Early & Save 5% on Contiki Europe Summer Trips – Book Now!

Travelodium Monthly Results – Making Money from your Blog

Travelodium Travel Magazine

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers putting their financial results on their blog. I guess it is a self reporting technique to put the onus on yourself to do everything you can to improve the financial position of the blog.

I’ve had this blog for 11 years now and despite having a lot of Social Media followers I have really failed to monetize the blog over this time. i get the occasional sponsored post and have a relationship with SeedingUp but I don’t make many money from affiliate links.

I really wanted to go down a different path but I can see it is the quickest and most realistic path to making money from your blog.

I’ve had a few different platforms over the years on the blog and I don’t rank very well due to the website code being a bit all over the place.

However I do have a decent amount of followers and backlinks that give me a readership.

Here is my start point


SeedingUp – approx $25 per month

Sponsored Posts – 1 last month $75

Affiliate Income – last month 1 sale $38

Total Income $138

Social Media Followers

Twitter – 19,594

Pinterest – 30,449

Instagram – 8,276

Facebook – 5,634

Frequent Flyer Points

Qantas 103,457

Enrich Miles 1,000

Aegean Air 10,664

KrisFlyer 19,049

Velocity 17,015

Action Points for April

  • to add at least one article per day to the blog
  • make at least one repair per day that improves the website
  • make some income from downloadable products
  • increase affiliate income buy at least 100% so at least 2 sales worth at least $80
  • increase Twitter followers to over 20,000
  • increase website hits via Pinterest by 30%

Discount Sightseeing in UK

After getting some really good feedback about my recent post Rail discounts in UK I thought I’d also mention another great way to save some money while travelling through the UK.

English Heritage Membership gets you unlimited access to over 400 historical properties and places through the UK.

This includes

84 Religious Sights/Churches

66 x Castles

58 x Prehistoric Sights

53 x Roman Sights

23 x Historic Gardens

47 x Halls/Houses

27 Forts/Defences

7 x Palaces

3 x Medieval Villages

So if you’re a history buff and are travelling around sightseeing in the UK an English Heritage membership could save you a lot of money in admission charges.

At time of writing a monthly membership for an adult is £4.50 and yearly is £54.00

For more information

English Heritage Membership