Info for AirBnB owners – Air Conditioning

This article is for people who are starting or have started to sell rooms on AirBnB to make extra money for themselves on this sharing platform.

In Australia our climate is so changeable that you will probably need a good air-conditioning system for your rooms.

You have the choice of 3 different types of system.

  1. Wall Hung Split Systems – these systems sit on your wall and are normally controlled by a remote control. These air con units you find in most hotel rooms in Asia and offer heating and cooling. If you are building a single room to rent this is your best bet because of the lower up from cost.
  2. Multi-Room Split Systems – with multi room systems you can heat and cool up to about 5 rooms from the one unit. If you are renting multiple rooms this would be a great option for you.
  3. Ducted Systems – if you are building a dwelling from scratch you may want to choose a ducted system. The ducted system is regulated from a central point so your guest does not have the ability to regulate the air temperature from their room. This can be positive from a energy usage point of view but a negative from a customer service point of view.

Another option that maybe something to consider is to find a system where you can control the a/c from a mobile application. Then if you know that the guests are not in the room you can turn the air con off remotely.

Air conditioning issues is a massive topic on AirBnB forums so you may like to do a bit of reading about that.

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