Things to do in Bruges – Belgium

Bruges, also known as “Brugge’, is actually only the 7th biggest city in Belgium, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the cities in Belgium that attracts the most tourists on an annual basis. And with good reason! Namely, not only are the people in Bruges remarkably nice, but the city itself is also simply stunning and definitely has a lot to offer! It’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a short city trip on the weekend, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

Must Do

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium and can provide you with a lot of remarkably nice views. That’s precisely why you must absolutely visit the Belfort when you’re there on a visit! The Belfort is a stunning bell tower that originates from the medieval times and has managed to stay in unusually great shape. It’s located in the heart of Bruges in the old marketplace. When you get to the Belfort, you’ll have to pack sturdy shoes, since you’ll have to climb 366 stair steps in order to reach the top. However, this will all be worth it once you’ll be able to watch over the picturesque city of Bruges from an 83m height.

What do you like best about your city?

There are a lot of things to like about Bruges, but what stands out especially are the numerous little canals throughout the city. That is to say, when you take a walk through the city, you’ll constantly encounter different bridges and canals and just water in general. Namely, the river, the “Reie” flows through the city center and the area around it. This really adds to the quaint and peaceful atmosphere that’s steadily present in Bruges.

Best Walk in Bruges

In Bruges, there are relatively many opportunities to take a great walk since nature is definitely very present throughout this city.


For starters, when you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful day whilst you’re in Bruges, it would definitely be a great idea to visit the “Minnewaterpark”. That is, this park is ideal when it comes to relaxing and having a delightful picnic. However, it’s also one of the best spots in Bruges to stroll around and to talk long, calm walks through the park. An added plus in this aspect is that the park also contains various drinking spots, so you’ll be able to hydrate plentily during your walk!


Moreover, the “Begijnhof” is also a very cozy place in Bruges to stroll around. It’s located right next to the “Minnewaterpark” so if you could even visit both places on the same day if you’d like. When you decide to visit the “Begijnhof”, you’ll immediately notice the numerous, little white houses, which are not only very stunning but also remarkably adorable as well. Besides these houses, you’ll also find that there’s a beautiful courtyard with the most striking trees and flowers, which is perfect for taking a walk!

Best Restaurants

When you’re in Bruges, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to experience delicious food, since Bruges is renowned for its many, cozy restaurants. However, there are some restaurants that truly stand out from the rest.

Books & Brunch

First and foremost, there’s “Books & Brunch”, which is located right in the city center. Not only is this the perfect place if you want to have an extensive brunch, but it’s also a paradise for booklovers. Namely, there’s also an enormous bookcase present, so you can just take a look at the collection of books after your brunch and take some books home if you’ve found something you like!

The Potato Bar

If you’re looking for something quick and delicious to eat, I’d definitely suggest going to “The Potato Bar”. At first sight, you might think that this is another basic bistro, but that’s absolutely not the case at all. No, in this cute little restaurant, you’ll be able to discover potatoes and croquettes in a whole new way. To match this explosion of tastes, it would also be nice to drink an authentic beer from Bruges to go with your meal!

Best Music/Festival

Throughout the year, the city of Bruges holds a couple of small music gatherings that can be associated with different music genres. nonetheless, there’s one music festival, in particular, that attracts many people and that’s the “Cactusfestival”. the city authorities always let this festival take place on the second weekend of July and are able to provide both the local and possible tourists with 3 days filled with great music. This festival doesn’t limit itself to one specific type of music, so basically, any kind of band is allowed to perform there. Consequently, this festival can offer just about any kind of person something to enjoy. An added plus is that the “Cactusfestival” is held in the above-mentioned “Minnewaterpark”, which truly is a great location for a successful music festival!

Best Nightlife

It should be mentioned that Bruges is not famous for its many big clubs or anything like that. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of cozy bars where you can drink and dance the whole night long! Most of those cozy bars are located on the “Eiermarkt”, which attracts a lot of partygoers every night, both students and slightly older people. There, you’ll have access to many dancing establishments, it all depends on your own preference!

Best Day Trip Out of the City

There’s a very large train station in the city of Bruges and from there, you can travel to a lot of other big cities in Belgium. For example, you can reach the city of Ghent in about 30 minutes. Ghent is another medieval-looking city, just like Bruges, so if you like that type of city, visiting Ghent would definitely be a great idea. However, you could also just as easily travel to Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium. It only takes about 1 hour to travel from Bruges to Brussels by train, so that definitely is not too bad!

Something that not many travellers would know about Bruges

Earlier, the renowned “Belfort” was mentioned as one of the biggest monuments in Bruges. However, what not many travellers know about is that this bell tower actually does lean a little bit. That’s why it’s sort of an inside joke among locals to call the “Belfort” our own crooked tower of Pisa. Of course, even though the tower doesn’t stand completely straight, it’s not something that you need to worry about, it’s been like that for ages!