Things to do in Byron Bay – NSW – Australia

If you’ve never been to Byron Bay, here are some things you should know. The famous Cape Byron Lighthouse, the Byron Bay Brewery, and the Lighthouse Trail are a few of the best ways to see this region. And if you’ve never heard of the Lighthouse, you’ll be impressed by the views from the top of the century-old lighthouse. You can even watch whales breach close to shore while admiring the breathtaking panoramas.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

If you’re looking for a unique experience, Byron Bay is definitely the place to be. From sun-dappled beaches to friendly locals, this beachside town has it all. From crafty souvenirs to eco-friendly clothing and homewares, there’s a wide variety of goods to purchase. If you want to experience the local lifestyle, Byron Bay is an ideal place to do some shopping.

Visit the Byron Lighthouse, a renowned landmark in a region known for its whale watching and other natural beauty. It’s free to visit the historic structure and its automated light, which replaced the need for a keeper in 1989. Visitors can take the guided tour of the lighthouse and get some interesting background on the area’s shipwrecks. Bring binoculars to watch marine life and whales.

If you’re interested in a romantic getaway, try a sunrise hot air balloon ride. This flight takes in the Byron Bay coastline and the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. The breathtaking view of the area from the air is sure to take your breath away. If you’re visiting during whale migration season, make sure to plan a flight over Belongil Beach and enjoy dinner in one of the many great Byron Bay restaurants.

Lighthouse Trail

The Lighthouse Track is a popular walking track through Byron Bay, New South Wales. It can be done in a single day or divided into several shorter sections. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service maintains the track. The following map shows approximate coordinates to get you to the various points along the trail. It is not advised to use the coordinates as a map, as they are approximate and may not be accurate enough to locate the location on your own.

The trail starts from Bay Street and continues along boardwalks. There are benches lining the trail for you to rest and enjoy the view. At the end of the trail, you will find a sign that says you have reached the most easterly point of Australia. At the lighthouse, you can visit the Lighthouse Cafe and dine on delicious treats. There are toilets available nearby. There are also public toilets, so you can use them without any problem.

The Farm

If you’re in search of an authentic Australian farmstay experience, The Farm in Byron Bay might be the perfect choice. This working farm is home to a working market garden and plant nursery. The Farm offers tours and onsite bakery and restaurant. In addition to tours, guests can dine at its café and bakery. And if you’re staying on a budget, you can eat in a cozy restaurant, right on the property.

Owners Tom and Emma Lane escaped the Sydney rat race and purchased an 80-acre farm in Byron Bay. Today, their eco-venture is a hub for high-profile sustainable micro-businesses, including a bakery. They’ve curated a cookbook, The Farm, as it’s more like a manifesto than a cookbook. It features delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes, and features the Byron Bay region’s famous fried chicken.

The Farm is located 6.5 km from downtown Byron Bay. Visitors can take a short drive to get there, or even cycle for 30 minutes to get there. Or take a day trip on the Byron Bay bus. It’s free to visit and features a diverse collection of farm micro-businesses. The Farm teaches visitors about farming life and inspires them to eat healthier. The Farm also features a restaurant, Three Blue Ducks, which serves locally-grown food.

Stone & Wood Brewery Byron Bay

If you love craft beer, then Stone & Wood Brewery is definitely worth a visit. This laid-back brewery offers guided tours and tastings of its signature ales and occasional one-off batches. It even has a canteen that serves up delicious local dishes. If you’re lucky enough to have a Byron Bay holiday, you should definitely visit this brewery. Here’s why:

If you’re visiting Byron Bay, you can visit Stone & Wood Brewery and enjoy their beers and merchandise. You can try the latest brew, named Crop Circles, or pick up some souvenirs that feature the brewery’s logo. Alternatively, you can purchase merchandise with a UFO theme. The brewery’s website features a beer finder to help you find a Stone & Wood brewery near you.

The company’s first building was the company’s headquarters for 10 years, and is now an integral part of the Arts & Industrial Estate. It was here that the company’s first batch of Pacific Ale was brewed. In addition to tasting beer, Stone & Wood also sells t-shirts and merchandise. It also holds tours of its brewery and cellar door. During your visit, you can purchase beer and merchandise, and take a tour of the brewery.

Wategos Beach

Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia, is the easterliest of all of Byron Bay’s beaches. Named after the Watego family, who settled in the area in the 1930s, the beach is mostly sheltered and features a sandbar that is a perfect spot for families and beach lovers. The beach is also within walking distance of the Cape Byron lighthouse, which is located just a few minutes away.

Little Wategos is 150 metres long and north-facing, making it ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The area is a popular fishing spot, with the whiting and flathead being common in the waters. While you are there, take some time to explore the area and learn more about Byron Bay’s history and culture. While visiting Wategos Beach, be sure to check out Cape Byron, the east-most point of mainland Australia.

Located at the base of the historical Cape Byron Lighthouse, the Wategos Seahaven Accommodation offers a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. With a covered entertaining deck and spacious open-plan living areas, this beach apartment is a perfect choice for romantic getaways or a private retreat. The Byron Bay region offers stunning scenery and rainforest, as well as charming country towns. It also has an abundance of interesting crops and smaller farms.

Belongil Beach

You may be wondering how to get from Belongil Beach to Main Beach. You can walk about 2 km, or take a short taxi ride from Belongil Beach to Main Beach. While it’s not as busy as Main Beach, it’s far more relaxing and has less traffic than Byron Bay’s main beach. And, it’s more safe for swimming than Main Beach, which can be a little crowded at certain times of the day.

There are also many things to do in Byron Bay, other than just relaxing on the beach. This alternate surf town was a thriving surfing village in the 1960s, and the beaches here have some of the country’s best surfing. So, be sure to explore the entire list of attractions and activities. And, don’t forget to book accommodation in Byron Bay, too! You’ll be glad you did!

If you haven’t yet gotten to Byron Bay, you should check out Bangalow, which is a quaint little town about 20 minutes away. The town offers a slower pace and an abundance of unique boutiques and natural products. Don’t miss out on the iconic Bangalow Hotel and the popular Bangalow Cafe. You can also take your family to a monthly market at Bangalow.

Tallow Beach

Tallow Beach is a seven-kilometre stretch of sand, 3.2 kilometers from Byron Bay. The beach is named after the tallow, a rendered fat that can be used in soap, candles, and other lubricants. The area is also home to osprey and white-bellied sea eagles. Birdlife is plentiful on the beach. In summer, it’s also a popular place for beach fishing and surfing.

Tallow Beach is one of Byron Bay’s most popular swimming spots. This beach is behind Arakwal National Park, so you can catch whales or just relax on the sand. Cosy Corner Beach is less popular, but offers spectacular sunset views. Clarke Beach is a unique, less crowded option. The Main Beach is also famous for its white sand and surf club. There’s something for everyone.

Byron Bay is known for its beach culture, and the beaches are no exception. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or want to experience the town’s famous party scene, Tallow Beach is a great place to stay. The beach is five minutes away, while Watego is nine minutes away.

Byron Bay Farmers Market

The Byron Bay Farmers Market is one of the city’s best-known events, with over 300 vendors. Local farmers and producers sell their fresh, organic produce, as well as meat, seafood, cheese, bread, and more. Visitors can even sample locally-baked pastries, organic coffee, and other goods. The market also attracts a unique and interesting mix of shoppers and locals alike. The market is held on the main beach, so it’s ideal for strolling the Main Beach, while sampling the many wares from the area’s many food trucks.

Byron Bay’s farmers market attracts an eclectic mix of customers from across Australia. Products from Byron’s volcanic hills include sugar cane juice, macadamia nuts, turmeric, and other fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also find prime cuts of beef and pork from local farms, as well as locally-produced coffee and honey. Many vendors also have live music and handmade artisanal items, such as hand-embroidered linen tablecloths and locally-produced jams.

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