Things to do in Cadiz – Spain

From all cities around Spain, Cadiz is just the icing on the cake! Being the oldest city in Europe, history is everywhere, as well as the sea, no matter where you look. I couldn’t be more delighted when I discovered this place. Friendly people, amazing food, beautiful places along the coast and the most important thing, it’s so cheap!

Here is my advice, if you ever end up going to Spain forget the main cities, I’m sure you can do that another time, go straight to Andalucía, a beautiful region that has such a variety of sceneries that you won’t believe a city is just an hour away from the other. That was for me pure Spanish culture, entertainment and good old days!

Alright, Cádiz, here I go again!

Must do

Everything is a must-do in this place, but having a swim in La Caleta beach probably is mandatory. That’s where the movie “007: Die Another Day” was filmed and I couldn’t agree more with them; the views are just astonishing. Besides, it’s important to consider Phoenicians and Romans used to frequent this place as a natural harbour, who knows how many centuries ago. And it’s still there, hasn’t lost a bit!

What do you like best about Cadiz?

What I love about Cádiz is the Cathedral. An immense building just in the middle of the plaza on one side, but on the other one almost touching the Atlantic Sea that surrounds it. I also enjoy walking around the seafront so I could stop for a minute and observe some of the most interesting and colourful buildings I’ve ever seen. You could avoid the walking and simply have a beer there with some tapas if you prefer so. Just sitting down there it’s fascinating!

Best Walk in Cadiz

Imagine we are still at the Cathedral. If we walk all the way along the coast we will find some beautiful parks next to the water and we’ll see some different cities across the horizon. On the other hand, we could walk around its ancient streets which instantly makes you believe you are living an archaic dream. This city has some of the oldest places in Europe and you can immediately feel this way while walking around. If you look carefully wherever you walk you could normally find some signs that will tell you all about it. And the signs are pretty rusty too!

Best Restaurants in Cadiz

Cádiz is famous for being one of the best cities in Spain to eat fried fish (pescadito frito). They are specialised in fish here and it’s amazing! You could try all the different types of fish that you want to and I promise you the taste will be another level. Now, if you want to go wild trying the special fried fish of this region you’ll have a great time eating while having a glass of wine or beer. People here know well how to eat, but also to drink. You could try some local wines which could be sweet or dry, most of the times, and really delicious. This is an opportunity you’ll only find here in this particular place.

Best Music Festival

Did someone say carnival? If you want to have a lifetime experience you better go to Cádiz mid-February to have some fun, dress up and enjoy the craziest carnival you’ll ever see in your life. The whole city wears costumes and shows them around! They even have a contest where groups of people sing their own songs about social or controversial topics. This music festival is so worth to watch! It’s so much fun.

Best Nightlife

Wait for it my friends, nightlife never stops in this city. People could stay up until the next day if they want to. Nothing will be on their way and that’s why there are so many options! You could go clubbing if you are into some funny dances and a fan of reggaeton or you could go from one bar to another having uncountable drinks but always with something to eat next to you. Bartenders are really well trained here, so don’t worry about it and just make sure you are having the time of your life.

Best Day Trip Out of Cadiz

If you want to do some exploring, you could go anywhere between an hour or two and still be in the same province. But please make sure you rent a car when you get there because public transport could be a nightmare sometimes. Here are some suggestions for the best day trips out of the city.

Tarifa is the very end of the European Continent, and if you are lucky enough to get a sunny day you could see another continent from there, Africa. Just a few kilometres by ferry there it is, Morocco! You could also enjoy the beach, do some windsurf, kite-surf, but surf? Not really, only the first two because I guarantee you the wind will blow you away! Tarifa is such an amazing spot!

Vejer is this unbelievable small village that is literally on the top of a mountain. And people live there happily. But you want to know why? Because they have one of the most virgin beaches that still last around Spain down the mountain. This beach is called Los Caños de Meca. And there is nothing around it, just a beautiful lighthouse in the middle of sand dunes that will take your breath away. You can swim, have a drink, walk around the lighthouse and some other beaches around or even have a look at the many jewellery artists that normally live about.

Something that not many travellers would know about Cadiz

Cádiz is a city that basically lives by and for tourism, but here is the funny thing, only a few people know about it! So, if you are one of those that loves history, a nice glass of wine and having a good time walking around the beach this is the place for you! I’m sure you won’t regret it! This place is just unique!

David Cronk - Editor

David Cronk is the editor of online travel magazine Travelodium Travel Magazine. David has travelled to over 30 countries of the world and his writing has been published by enRoute magazine - Air Canada's inflight magazine and by Hotel & Accommodation Management Magazine. David has worked as a Sales Executive for Sheraton and Hilton Hotels and for Hotelbookers in London. He has worked also as a Hotel Night Manager and in bars throughout Europe. David eventually settled into a position working as a croupier for several years before changing careers to become a Data, Sales and Statistical Analyst.

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