Things to do in Emerald – Qld – Australia

If you’re looking for some fun activities for the entire family, there are several things to do in Emerald. Among these are the Botanic Gardens, Sunflower Painting, Fairbairn Dam, and Emerald Train Station. There are many more things to do in Emerald, and we have listed a few below. In addition, you can find some handy tips for planning a trip to the town. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’ve been there before, we have compiled the best things to do in Emerald, QLD.

Botanic Gardens

If you are planning a family vacation in Emerald, you should check out the Botanic Gardens. These gardens were established in 1987 and are located on 42 acres. The park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and trails, making it a great place to take the whole family. The children will love exploring the many different types of plants and trees, as well as the many other amenities that the gardens have to offer. If you are planning to spend some time here with your family, here are a few things that you should do:

The Emerald Botanic Gardens are located on the banks of the Nogoa River. There are several themed plant communities and ponds to enjoy. There is a beautiful 25-metre pool and barbecue facilities. Those who wish to spend some time exploring the gardens can also check out the Emerald Aquatic Centre, which has a number of slides for children. While here, don’t forget to explore the Emerald Art Gallery, which features paintings by local and state artists.

Whether you are a nature lover or an expert in local plants, the Emerald Botanic Gardens should be on your itinerary. The 42 hectares of gardens contain a rose garden, rainforest, maze, sculptures, and a wedding chapel. In addition, the park also has six kilometers of walking trails and a straw-bale visitor center where you can get information about Emerald and the surrounding area. If you’re planning a family holiday to Emerald, check out the Botanic Gardens in Emerald!


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Fairbairn Dam

A trip to Fairbairn Dam, Emerald Queensland, is a wonderful way to spend the day or weekend. It is located 19km south of Emerald, Queensland, and 60km north of Springsure. The water temperature in Emerald is approximately 26°C, and the humidity level is about 47 percent. There are no restrictions on watersports, and public facilities include a boat ramp, toilets, and covered picnic tables. Lake Maraboon Holiday Park features cabins and powered sites. Visiting the dam during a drought is particularly beneficial as it allows you to fish and see the wildlife. Redclaw crayfish are common at Fairbairn Dam, though they are not native to the region.

Emerald is situated on the edge of Lake Maraboon, which is approximately 3,000 square kilometres. It is situated near the Tropic of Capricorn, about 265 km west of Rockampton and 900 km from Brisbane. In 1972, Fairbairn Dam was constructed across the “Gap” in the Nagoa River, creating Lake Maraboon, the second largest lake in Queensland.

Sunflower Painting

A new public art project is bringing Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings to life. This project is being spearheaded by Canadian artist Cameron Cross. The Van Gogh Project is a series of seven installations, each depicting a sunflower painting, with the goal of representing a diverse cross section of society. This unique installation is located behind the Morton Park Visitor Centre in Emerald, Queensland. To date, the public art project has already completed three of Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings.

The Emerald sunflower painting is the largest canvas in the Southern Hemisphere and is a popular tourist attraction. Artist Cameron Cross chose the locations based on their connection to sunflower farming and to van Gogh’s work. The city was chosen because of its prominence as a centre for sunflower production and marketing. It takes approximately a month and a half to complete each painting. While visitors to Emerald aren’t likely to get to see the finished work of art, they can still stop by to admire it.

A sun-soaked, tropical paradise, Emerald is famous for being a major producer of sunflowers. The world’s largest Van Gogh sunflower painting is located in Emerald, Central Queensland, Australia. Standing at 25 metres high and weighing 13.6 tonnes, the superstructure is an impressive work of art. In addition to viewing the sunflower painting, visitors can enjoy the surrounding gardens and the Centenary of Federation Mosaic Pathway.

Emerald Train Station

After arriving at the Emerald Train Station, things to do in the town include a trip to the local botanical garden, the Woolpress Bar, or you can take your family for a picnic in the shaded grassy area. If you plan to spend time in Emerald, you’ll probably need a permit for many activities, so make sure you get the proper paperwork before you go. Fortunately, Emerald has a visitor centre where you can get personalized itineraries and brochures, as well as information about the Central Highlands.

After you’ve taken your child to the park, you can visit the local aquarium or the Aquatic Centre, which features slides and a 50-metre pool. You can also visit the Outback Exploratorium, formerly known as the Central Highlands Science Centre, for an informative and fun day of science. Another fun thing to do in Emerald is to go swimming at Lake Maraboon, a manmade reservoir. This lake is also a popular spot for fishing and kayaking.

While the town centre is home to a number of parks, it’s well worth a visit to Emerald Botanic Gardens, which cover 42 hectares on the Nogoa River. You can walk around the gardens, where you’ll be surrounded by native plants and wildlife, including the infamous koala! The town is also home to several public artworks and sculptures.

Emerald Art Gallery

There are many attractions and things to do in Emerald, and the town is no exception. There’s the Emerald Art Gallery, a historical train station, and a wide array of public art pieces. The Emerald Botanic Gardens is another great place to spend the day. This beautiful garden is set beside the Nogoa River and offers a rose garden, maze, bush chapel, sculptures, and a playground. You’ll also find six kilometres of walking trails, and there’s a cafe that serves local and imported foods.

The Emerald Art Gallery has been bringing the arts to Emerald for over two decades. Its high ceilings and a variety of exhibition spaces make this a great place to take your family for a day trip. Located in Emerald’s historic central business district, the gallery features exhibitions by regional, state, and national artists. There’s a weekly e-newsletter that covers industry news, job opportunities, and resources.

The Emerald Botanic Garden is a 42-hectare botanical garden, located on either side of the Nogoa River. It features six kilometres of walking tracks and offers a peaceful place to relax. Here, you’ll find native wildlife and a unique perspective on the state’s flora. Emerald was built in 1899, ten kilometres from the Tropic of Capricorn. The Emerald Art Gallery features high-quality exhibitions, workshops, talks, and competitions. Every year, the gallery hosts the Central Highlands Regional Council’s annual art awards.

Emerald Cemetery

You might be surprised to discover Emerald’s botanical garden is a major tourist attraction. Set on the banks of the Nogoa River, Emerald is near the Blackdown Tablelands and the Minerva Hills. It is home to the largest Van Gogh sunflower painting in the world. It also boasts a historical windmill and many works of public art. Emerald also features an extensive range of shopping, dining, and accommodation options.

The town’s mosaic pathway tells the story of the city, and is a must-visit destination. The colourful mosaics were created by ten local artists using funding from the Centenary of Federation. The city’s railway station is also an important attraction. This heritage-listed building was originally built in 1879 and lovingly restored in 1986. It has been an important hub for travelers for nearly 150 years.

The town of Emerald is located in the Central Highlands region of Queensland. The town is surrounded by beautiful scenery, including the Emerald Cemetery. The area is also home to several galleries and gem shops. There are nine spaces for fossicking, and you must make sure to get a permit to do so. You can take a guided tour of the park, or even try your hand at digging up a few stones.

Centenary Park

If you are planning a trip to Emerald, Queensland, you should visit the Centenary Park. There are five parks in Emerald and two nature attractions within a few miles. If you are looking for other Emerald nature attractions, you should also visit the other ones. This way, you can experience all of the natural attractions in Emerald without having to drive a long distance.