Things to do in Glen Innes – NSW – Australia

There are many things to do in Glen Innes, New South Wales, including visiting the Australian Standing Stones, The Super Strawberry, Gawura Gallery, and the Land of the Beardies History House Museum & Resear. Here are a few ideas to help you decide. Read on to find out what to do in Glen Innes and how to make your visit memorable! The best things to do in Glen Innes include:

Australian Standing Stones

The Celtic monument of Glen Innes in northern NSW is home to the Australian Standing Stones Management Committee. Chaired by Judi Toms, the stones are located more than one hundred metres above sea level. The stones incorporate symbols of the Celtic Cross and the Southern Cross, indicating that they were constructed during Christian times. They represent a link between Celtic civilisation and the new civilization. The stones can be seen in the town’s historical museum.

In 1992, the Australian Standing Stones were officially unveiled as a national monument to honour the Celtic people who had migrated to the area. Inspired by the famous Ring of Brodgar, the Stones were the first stone circles built in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are interested in learning more about the stone circle’s history, you can purchase a copy of the book “The History of the Australian Standing Stones” from the Glen Innes Visitor Centre. The brochure can be sent to your home address anywhere in Australia.

The Celtic Council of Australia chose Glen Innes as the site for the National Celtic Monument, a monument that pays homage to the ancient people of the Celtic countries of Australia. The first stone was placed there in 1991, and thirty-six stones were erected in the next decade. The stones were quarried locally. A tug-of-war team and a Catholic priest were present when the first stone was set. Afterwards, items representing the Celtic countries and the contents of a bottle of whisky were placed among the foundations. The monument is a major tourist attraction in Glen Innes.

The Super Strawberry

When you’re looking for a fun activity to do in Glen Innes, you may want to visit The Super Strawberry. This popular eatery is known for its world-renowned strawberry milkshakes, as well as other delicious strawberry products, such as ice-cream and pavlova. They also sell a wide variety of jams and sauces, gourmet food, and Byron Bay coffee.

If you’re looking for some great family fun in Glen Innes, you might want to try strawberry milkshakes from The Super Strawberry. The cafe has a small gift shop and an excellent view of the strawberry fields. If you’re staying in Glen Innes, you’ll want to check out Fossicker Caravan Park, which has one of the best locations and is less than a three-minute walk from the town center.

Among the many things to do in Glen Innes is a visit to the Great Central Hotel. The Great Central Hotel is 130 years old and beautifully restored. The bar and restaurant at the hotel are both great places to enjoy a drink or an early breakfast. If you’re after a steak, the award-winning Hereford Steakhouse offers an excellent meal. The Highlands Restaurant is another great option, serving Angus and Wagyu beef.

Gawura Gallery

If you’re into Aboriginal art, one of the best things to do in Glen Innes is to visit the Gawura Gallery, which is owned by internationally acclaimed artist Lloyd G. Hornsby. You’ll be able to view an original painting by this internationally renowned Aboriginal artist. You can also learn about the history of Aboriginal art in Glen Innes and its influences.

You’ll be able to see the works of renowned Aboriginal artists, including Lloyd Gawura Hornsby and Nicholas Levy. Whether you’re a fan of traditional art or contemporary painting techniques, there’s bound to be something that suits you at the Gawura Gallery. You can also check out some of the local artisans’ handicrafts and purchase them if you’re in town.

A visit to the Gawura Gallery is an excellent way to appreciate the Aboriginal art scene in this northern NSW town. You’ll be able to buy a unique piece of artwork or photograph and have it signed by an artist. If you’re looking for a gift, you can also browse the gallery’s extensive selection of Indigenous art products. This is another of the things to do in Glen Innes that will make you feel like an Australian.

Land of the Beardies History House Museum & Resear

This folk museum is housed in the old Glen Innes District Hospital. The museum is arranged around a central courtyard. You can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on a sunny day. You can also view the museum’s archives and research centre, which has over 200,000 references. You can learn about the history of the region, including the life of the Beardies.

The Historical Society of Glen Innes has begun a staged project to improve access points. The goal is to make sure that all visitors can fully engage with the exhibitions. The next step in this process is to refurbish the building’s rear entrance. Once completed, it will feature a portico over the door. This will provide shelter from the volatile weather in Glen Innes, while making the rear section of the museum visually pleasing. The project has been funded by a $7,426 Crown Lands grant. The grant partially funded the installation of double doors and a driveway gradient.

The Land of the Beardies History House Museum ‘Resear’ in Glen Innes houses an impressive collection of local artefacts and history. The collection includes the Celtic heritage of the area. The museum is housed in the original Glen Innes Hospital and is open seven days a week. The museum research centre houses an extensive library of books and resources. It is recommended for groups and is free to visit.

Country Art Escapes

Country Art Escapes is a fantastic way to see the best of New England’s North West Regional Arts Trail in a single day! The town is one of the friendliest in the state and is home to a wide range of creative enterprises. From a Celtic heritage to its beautiful surrounds, Glen Innes has a little bit of something for everyone. You’ll be able to discover an eclectic mix of art, crafts and food in this low-stress destination.

You’ll also be able to visit the Australian Standing Stones, which were inspired by the Ring of Brodgar and the Callanish Stones on the Orkney Islands. These monuments honor early Scottish settlers and enduring Celtic traditions. In 1992, 38 stones were dedicated to honor the Celtic nations of Australia and celebrate the country’s rich history. The Australian Celtic Festival is held each May to celebrate its heritage and honor the enduring traditions of the country’s first people.

The Makers Shed

The Makers Shed is a hub for handmade crafts in the high country of New England. It is a crossroads of major Northern Tablelands routes, just off the New England Highway. Visitors can find handmade gifts and jewellery here, as well as a weekly book club and regular workshops. A visit to The Makers Shed will give you a taste of the area’s unique crafts. If you’re looking for unique gifts, consider visiting the Makers Shed in Glen Innes.

The Makers Shed offers many workshops, including one-day jewellery-making workshops and occasional full-day workshops across a range of disciplines. There are also frequent high-country writer’s retreats hosted at the property. For more information, visit the Makers Shed’s website. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your weekend, make a day trip out of it! There’s plenty to do in Glen Innes, so be sure to make an appointment today.

Barool National Park

Located in New South Wales, Barool National Park is a high conservation value old growth forest, located approximately 479 km north of Sydney. It is surrounded on three sides by the River Mann, Gibraltar Range National Park, and Washpool National Park. If you are looking for an active day out, you can choose to hike, bike, or just relax and watch the wildlife in the national park.

The park was created in 1999, and covers 11214 hectares of land. While park maps provide a basic overview, they may not be accurate enough for certain activities. For this reason, you should purchase a topographic map of the park to help you plan your day. For more detailed information, you can take a guided tour of the park. You can also take the car to the nearby Barool Winery, which is one of the best-known wineries in the country.

Best Restaurants in Glen Innes

The Great Central Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Glen Innes and is a beautiful preserved piece of Australian history. You can dine in their fine dining restaurant, bistro, or even pick up some food from their coffee shop. If you prefer fast food, you may want to try St Pierre’s Sushi in Glen Innes.

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