Things to do in Horsham – Vic – Australia

While visiting Horsham, you might want to spend some time exploring the city’s natural beauty. Its Botanical Gardens, Green Lake, and Horsham Weir to Baillie Street River Walk are all fantastic places to explore. And you can even take a picnic along the river. Horsham is just 300km west of Melbourne. There are lots of other things to do in Horsham, so here are some ideas for fun and cheap activities.

Horsham Botanical Gardens

Horsham boasts a vibrant shopping centre, Horsham Plaza, which is home to over 25 specialty shops, restaurants, and service providers including a dentist and beauty salon. Hours vary by store, so it’s best to check their website before you plan your visit.

Visitors to Horsham Botanical Gardens will enjoy a tranquil environment within 3.5 hectares of land. This park is open daily from dawn to dusk and has ample seating and toilet facilities. There’s even a replica of Australia shaped pond where children can play with snakes and ladders. A visit to Horsham Botanic Gardens is an excellent way to unwind after a long day at work or school.

The town of Horsham is located near the beautiful Wimmera River, making it a great location for a family day out. Guests of all ages can enjoy the riverside park’s playground and modern shelters. BBQ facilities are also available for outdoor meals. The town also offers a number of other recreational and cultural attractions. If you’re looking for an exciting weekend activity, visit Horsham Botanical Gardens to enjoy a memorable day out with your family.


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Wimmera River

Horsham is a regional city in the western part of the state of Victoria, Australia. Located on the Wimmera River, it lies about 300 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. The last census reported a population of 20,429 in 2021. Despite being a smaller city, Horsham is still a bustling regional centre. The population is spread across a variety of industries and is home to a large Chinese population.

The first reticulated water supply system in Horsham was built near the Pump House and the Botanic Gardens. It featured a stream boiler and Tangye pumps. These pumps would pump water from the Wimmera River and into McLachlan Street. By the 1870s, German settlers from South Australia had settled the region and changed the farming methods. Soon, they developed a thriving grain-growing industry.

Horsham Weir to Baillie Street River Walk

The Horsham Weir to Bailley Street River Walk is an easy, 13-mile loop that follows paths alongside several watercourses. You’ll pass through a variety of landscapes, including Leechpool Woods and the remains of a motte-and-bailey castle. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can also head out of town and try the Horsham Weir to Baillie Street River Walk.

In addition to the river walk, Horsham is a convenient base for exploring the natural attractions in the area. For example, the Grampians National Park is located about 25 kilometres south of the city, while the Little Desert National Park is only a few kilometres north. You can also visit Mount Arapiles, which is regarded as one of the most important rock climbing areas in Australia. The town is home to several theatres and performing arts venues.

Horsham Regional Art Gallery

If you are looking for something different to do in Horsham, then you might want to check out the town’s art galleries. The Horsham Regional Art Gallery is a unique institution with four different exhibition spaces, and is the anchor for the ten-day “ART IS” festival, one of the best community arts events in Australia. You might also enjoy the Wimmera River, a natural asset in Horsham. Located south of the city, Wimmera River Park has a great playground and modern shelters. The park also has barbecue facilities, which is perfect for family days out.

The Horsham Regional Art Gallery features both traditional and contemporary art. The collection revolves around three prominent artists. Mack Jost AM, Marion Borglet, and Anthony Pelchen are all featured in the gallery’s permanent collection. You can also check out the Australian Photography Collection, which features early photos by renowned photographers in the region. There’s no shortage of activities and events to keep you busy in Horsham.

May Park

The park is home to the historic May and Millar Wagon, a three-tonne wagon built by local brewers in the 1800s. It was found in Pimpinio paddock, but the City of Horsham depot’s staff restored it. It was used for many social events. Visitors to the park can also explore the paved walking trails and bicycle paths. In addition to its beautiful natural setting, the park is close to several affordable hotels in Horsham.

May Park is an iconic landmark in Horsham. It offers a peaceful haven for locals and travellers. It also features a playground, barbecue facilities, historical information signage, and parking. The park also features a picnic area with several tables and natural shade. A wheelchair-accessible parking lot is available for guests. At the end of the day, May Park offers convenience at its best. With so much to do in Horsham, it’s no wonder that the locals and travellers alike are attracted to it.

Taylors Lake

One of the most popular attractions in Horsham is Taylors Lake. Located about 18 kilometres south of the city, this lake is great for swimming, water skiing, and boating. Fishing is also excellent, with the lake boasting Murray Cod, Redfin, Yabbies, and more. The lake is a great place to spend a summer day, and it’s pet-friendly.

The city is also home to the Wimmera River, which runs through the town. There are many parks in Horsham, including May Park, which has a playground and BBQ shelters. If you’re looking for more activities, check out the Horsham Botanic Gardens, designed by William Guilfoyle in 1873. The gardens are set along the northern bank of the Wimmera River, and feature shaded lawns, woodlands, and a lake.

For those who prefer to stay in the area, Taylors Lake is a great place to camp. This lake is an excellent base to explore the surrounding area. Besides the lake, there are many places to visit, including the Wartook Valley, the Grampians, Mount Arapiles, and Little Desert. Take your time and explore all these areas. You’ll be glad you did!

Horsham & District War Memorial & Cenotaph

The Horsham ‘Cenotaph’ was dedicated to the area’s veterans in 1958. A replacement cenotaph was built in 2004. Its design features a flagpole and panels with the names of local servicemen. The War Memorial and Cenotaph is open to the public and has been the focus of local mourning ever since.