Things to do in Kampong Glam – Singapore

On bustling Arab Street, you’ll find Kampong Glam, Singapore’s Muslim Quarter. Shophouses from the 19th century have been converted into casual restaurants and stores selling textiles. The golden-domed Sultan Mosque is a prominent landmark. You can also see the Malay Heritage Centre, which has exhibits highlighting local history and culture. Haji Lane is lined with clothing boutiques, including street art, which adds to the district’s appeal.

The Sultan Mosque is one of the top attractions in the Kampong Glam conservation area. You can take in the peaceful vibes of the Masjid Sultan on Muscat Street. The area also boasts some good value local eateries, where you can savor mouth-watering halal Indian-Muslim fare and Murtabaks. The Sultan Mosque is the most popular tourist attraction in the area.

The Malay Heritage Center is another popular tourist attraction in Kampong Glam. Here, you can learn about the Malay community’s history and culture. You can spend an hour or two visiting the various exhibits. While you’re in Kampongglam, don’t forget to stop by the Polar Bear, an amusement park that showcases Ghibli art and hand-drawn movie prints.

The neighbourhood is replete with street art. In addition to the Masjid Sultan, the neighborhood has some interesting restaurants. Piedra Negra restaurant, for instance, serves delicious Mexican food, and the exterior is filled with interesting pieces of art.

The Kampong Glam Heritage Trail booklet contains detailed information about the district. You may wish to spend a few hours reading it. The museum offers a beautiful view of the area, and is open for visitors to enjoy its activities. While there, you can also spend the day exploring the streets of Little India. You will find a place to enjoy a variety of activities here. When you’re visiting Kampong Glam, you might want to try out some of the nearby shopping districts.

If you’re looking for something to do in Kampong Glam, you’ll want to start with a meal at a teh tarik stall. The stall has been around for over 50 years, and it is known for its frothy milk tea and black tea. You’ll find a variety of interesting souvenirs in the area, but it’s best to make time to taste all of them.

Besides the Malay Heritage Centre, Kampong Glam is also home to the Malay Heritage Centre, which is situated in the old Sultan’s Palace. The wooden istana was built in 1819 by Sultan Hussein and was later rebuilt by his son in 1840. In 2005, the Malay Heritage Centre was converted into a museum and has been dedicated to preserving the local culture.

Best Restaurant in Kampong Glam

In Kampong Glam you’ll be able to enjoy authentic local food in a quaint, alley-like setting. You can also sample a variety of Asian dishes at one of the stalls that offer traditional teh tarik. In addition to teh tarik, you can find a wide variety of local food, including rice, noodles, noodle dishes, and ice cream.

gThis district boasts a wide range of cuisines. From Korean hotpots to Thai hawker stalls, to German bistros to international set lunches, Kampong Glam has something for every palate. No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a restaurant that matches your taste.

If you love street art, Kampong Glam is the place for you. Check out Haji Lane, which is home to some of the coolest restaurants in the area. For instance, if you’re looking for Mexican food, try Piedra Negra. The restaurant is a cosy spot where you can relax and watch the street art on the outside. There are many other interesting pieces of art to see in the area, too. And if you’re looking for some wholesome food, consider Limaa on Bussorah Road, which serves vegan and gluten-free meals.

Kampong Glam, also known as The Arab Quarter, has been through several phases. Once home to Singapore’s Malay aristocracy, this district is now home to many of the city’s thriving indie businesses. This neighbourhood lacks baby superstores and playgrounds, but there’s no lack of family-friendly options. Families will love the Thai hawker stalls and the Middle Eastern cafes.

Street art is an integral part of Kampong Glam. There are many galleries and craft shops in the neighborhood, and the Sultan Mosque is an iconic national monument. You can enjoy a meal with a view of the beautiful architecture and cultural spots of the area. Unlike other districts, this neighborhood is mainly gentrified. You can enjoy authentic Malay cuisine at its best while dining in the quaint cafes and heritage eateries in this neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood is full of ethnic and Muslim enclaves. For a taste of authentic halal food, try the restaurants in Kampongglam. You’ll also find a number of Middle Eastern cafes in this neighbourhood, as well as halal eateries.

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