Things to do in Khao San Road – Bangkok

Must Do

It would be a splendid idea to head over to Khao San Road as a tourist and check out all the souvenirs they have for sale there. The street is solely dedicated to tourists as there are a lot of hostels there for backpackers. At night, there are a lot of street vendors selling cheap street food and you would have a hard time deciding which one to try because they all look good. In fact, you will find Thai specialties such as Phad Thai that are made in a homemade way. Therefore, they are much cheaper than what the prices seem to be.

What do you like best about your city?

I like the fact that it is easy to get around the city. There are buses that would connect you to different points of Bangkok and you can get off at the place where you would find most interesting. In the streets, there are guides so you will know which bus you to take in the bus stations.

You may need to wait a while before you can ride a bus but it is worth it as that is a much cheaper way of getting around the city instead of taking a cab. I also like how the locals are very friendly and they always welcome tourists to the city. They seem to be used to the fact that there are many people from different countries all over the world who go there and have fun. They would not mind giving tips about what else to do in the area. In fact, they are so friendly that I got to hang out with them at some point. It is a great way to enjoy what Bangkok has to offer.

Best Walk

The Chinatown walking tour is the best walk in Bangkok as you will get to find a lot of cheap food finds. You can even haggle for low prices. It would be best to book a walking tour here and have a tour guide take you to all the places where you can buy cheap goods. After that, it would be time to check out the local culture of Bangkok and much of that can also be seen here. The tour guide will do a lot of heavy explanation and you should take the time to listen to that person. Better slow down walking while you are there because you would want to take pictures of some magnificent architecture that will stay in your mind for a long time to come.

Best Restaurants

Tikka N Talk is one of the first restaurants that come to mind when we are talking about the best restaurants in Bangkok. All the items on their menu sounds and looks good. The Local is one restaurant that serves delicious Thai food that will make you want to go back and try the rest of their menu. They have a wide selection of items there too made by their renowned chef. Blue Elephant Bangkok is another restaurant that will blow your minds away due to all the nice food that is in there. They even have a cooking school taught by their outstanding cast of chefs who are all willing to teach students how to cook delicious food no matter what cuisine you want.

Best Music

The Club Khaosan offers some international DJ acts from time to time. When that happens, you would want to arrive early to the place so that you won’t get pushed over to the side when the crowd comes roaring in. The drinks are crafted real nice by the awesome staff of bartenders that they have in attendance. The atmosphere is what you would expect from a club that is totally in a class of its own. You can’t blame yourself if you end up spending several nights in a row in this place. Another place for great music is.

Best Nightlife

Superflow Beach Club located in Khao San Road is full of party people dancing the night away. It is an outdoor place that is always full of talented DJs trying to entertain you in more ways than one. It is no surprise how the place is always packed with young backpackers trying to have the time of their lives. Insanity NIght club is another place to have a great time as they offer nice cocktails and the crowd is always awesome. The music is fantastic and you can’t blame yourself if you end up staying a lot longer than you originally thought. Insanity is another place that will keep you busy all night. Meet a lot of people who are all wearing fantastic outfits due to the strict dress code this place has.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Pattaya is just a few hours from Bangkok and there are a lot of tourists here due to their fantastic white sand beaches. The place is known for Western bars and high rise hotels that would no doubt be pretty much alive at night. It would be best to leave early in the morning then come back sometime late at night if you would want to do a day trip there. Pattaya beach is always busy as there will be families and solo travelers who would all want to enjoy some fun under the sun. Don;t forget to miss the picturesque views of the sunset there so better bring your camera to take lot of pictures of that.

Something that not many travelers would know about

Bangkok has a Flower Market where a lot of vendors sell fresh flower bouquets at affordable prices. In fact, they would want nothing more than to make your face smile due to what they have to offer. If you arrived with your special someone for a special occasion or simply just bonding, it would be a great place to take her. When she is not looking, give her a surprise by buying her a bouquet of flowers.

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