Things to do in Kiama – NSW – Australia

Located south of Sydney, the coastal town of Kiama is known for the cliff-side cavern called the ‘Blowhole’. To view the ‘Blowhole,’ you can hike the scenic coast walk that links Cathedral Rocks and Kiama Blowholes. The trail also includes whale-watching spots. You can also stroll along the pristine surf beach at Surf Beach. If you’re looking for more culture and history, you can head to the Pilot’s Cottage Museum to learn about the town’s maritime history.

Kiama Coastal Walk

The Kiama Coastal Walk is a clifftop stretch of walking that offers sea views and is a great place to spot whales. The walk is well-signed and well-marked. You can also go whale watching while you’re there! To see more of the Kiama area, check out the Kiama Museum. It’s a short drive from Sydney. But if you’re looking for a longer walk, you should head to nearby Kiama, which is a short drive away.

The Kiama Coastal Walk is a 22-km pathway that begins at the end of Attunga Ave. You can walk from Kiama Heights to Blowhole Point, or from Kiama Heights to Werri Beach. The Loves Bay to Werri Beach section of the walk is particularly beautiful. You’ll be able to see whales from May to November. To find out more information about this walk, call the Kiama Visitor Centre on 1300 654 262.

Kiama Blowhole

To start, you can take in some of the local history in this town, south of Sydney. You can visit the Kiama Blowhole, a cliffside cavern, and take the Kiama Coast Walk trail to Cathedral Rocks, a whale-watching spot. You can also relax at the serene Surf Beach. You can also trace the town’s maritime history in the Pilot’s Cottage Museum, located on the waterfront.

If you love blowholes, you’ll love Kiama! This town is home to a large blowhole, located just off the beach near the town’s lighthouse. You can also take a stroll along the Kiama Coast Walk, which will take you to the town’s many beaches. The blowhole is accessible via the Kiama Coast Walk, which goes along Tingira Crescent. If you’re looking for an active vacation, you’ll be able to enjoy the beaches, which are plentiful.

To see some of the local history, you can visit the historic Pilots’ Cottage, a restored Victorian home dating from 1881. You can also go to Kiama Lighthouse, which is 130 years old and still warns seafarers of the rocky dangers just 36 metres below. The town’s Information Centre also offers maps and free guides for tours of its attractions. Kiama is home to some of Australia’s best beaches, so you can enjoy all of them.

Saddleback Mountain Lookout

If you love to photograph nature and the great outdoors, head up to the Saddleback Mountain Lookout in Kiam. This scenic viewpoint offers 360-degree views of the surrounding region, from Cronulla to Milton. There is an elevated viewing platform on the north side, and a newly-opened southern platform has even more scenic vistas. You can also picnic here, and spend an afternoon taking in the views.

There is a 6.3-kilometre return walk, starting at the Rotary Lookout and ending at the summit of Saddleback Mountain. The journey takes you through the forest, passing the Kiama Municipal Council, Jamberoo, Foxground, Illawarra, and Hoddles Road. It also includes the beautiful Illawarra, which is a great place to watch the sunset. Located in Kiama, the lookout is also close to many attractions and activities.

Endeavour Lookout

If you’re on a budget, Kiama is the place to go for a scenic drive. From this location, you can see the entire Shoalhaven region, from Milton to Cronulla. You can drive right up to the lookout and take in the view, or you can take a short drive and start your hike from the base of the mountain. Either way, you’re bound to come home with some unforgettable memories.

For a stunning view of the town and coastline, end up at Endeavour Lookout in Kiama, located off Tingira Crescent. The vantage point is perfect for a picnic. You’ll also have a breathtaking view of the Fraser Canyon. Endeavour Lookout is free to visit and is perfect for families and couples. You can also go on a day trip and visit the renowned Kiama Farmers’ Market, located just north of the town.

Cathedral Rocks

The dramatic basalt rock formations of Cathedral Rocks in Kiama will leave you breathless. Waves have carved these dramatic formations into a unique shape. You can explore the area in a car or walk along a boardwalk. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the town of Kiama is the perfect destination. The town is only about 20 minutes’ drive from Kiama.

The city of Kiama is located about a half-hour drive south of Sydney, and the suburb is close to the popular Jones Beach. You can park at Jones Beach, which has excellent car parking and easy access to the beach. From there, you can follow the footpath to the small rocky headland and climb over the rocks to see Cathedral Rocks. There are also carp spawning near the rock, so you can find a spot to fish.

Cathedral Rocks in Kiama has been a popular site for sightseers since the 1820s. This area’s unique vertical columns are the result of a lava flow that was eroded by the sea. The Kiama council has commissioned many rock plaques for visitors to read. The plaques were installed in 2009.

Kiama Harbour

For a unique day out in this coastal town, head to Jamberoo Action Park, which is only a 15 minute drive away. Featuring world-class rides and a natural setting, the park is an ideal alternative to a day on the beach. To get the most out of your day, you can purchase all-inclusive admission, which includes rides and attractions. You can also head to nearby Berry for breathtaking district views.

The town is home to a historic lighthouse, which was built in 1887. The harbour contains a historic pilot’s cottage, tourist information centre, and fishing boats. There are also seaside cabins and a great rock pool on the harbour. Visiting the lighthouse will provide you with a chance to see local pelicans, which are common at the harbour. The lighthouse point is the perfect location to watch the sunset and spot a local group of pelicans.

There are also several things to do in Kiama Harbour, including whale watching and visiting the town’s famous blowhole. Whether you’re a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find something in Kiama to delight you. From the town centre to the harbourside, you’ll never be bored! And if you’re looking for some accommodation options, Bellevue Accommodation has six one-bedroom apartments that have all the essential amenities, including separate living and dining areas and wrap-around balconies.

Kiama Seaside Markets

If you want to experience the local culture, Kiama has a number of options. For starters, it hosts a two-day farmers’ market, twice a month, which offers local produce and handmade goods. You can pick up some souvenirs or eat fresh seafood. This market is held in restored timber houses that were originally built by local miners. The hours of operation vary, depending on the type of market.

The Kiama Seaside Markets take place every third Sunday, and boast more than 100 stalls. The market is set against a beautiful backdrop of Kiama Harbour. You can find a huge variety of items to take home with you from this event, including fresh seafood, locally-made crafts, and even soap. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to check out the local produce market, which is held every Wednesday at Kiama Surf Beach.

You can also take in the local arts scene. Kiama has some excellent local art galleries. If you want to buy artwork, check out the galleries run by local businesses. The Blowhole is a popular attraction, and you can view it from there. There’s also a great view of the region from Saddleback Mountain. Whether you want to buy a souvenir or make your own, there’s something to please every taste.

Kiama Farmers’ Market

If you love artisan made food and fresh produce, you’ll want to check out the Kiama Farmers’ Market every Wednesday. The market takes place on the town’s famous Black Beach, and is open from 2 to 5pm from April through October. You can even enjoy an afternoon picnic while you shop for your groceries. Kiama is just 35 minutes south of Wollongong. Here, you’ll find plenty of great restaurants and cafes.

One of the many reasons to visit Kiama is the weekly farmers market. Since its inception in 2013, it has quickly become a popular Wednesday afternoon fixture. Not only is the market an important outlet for local food producers, but it’s also a hub of community activity. Organizers have hosted events to raise money for charity, from pink markets to beanies to cupid undies for MS. They’ve also helped with projects like Makuta Masks for youth mental health.

Local growers sell seasonal produce and seafood. Other local produce vendors include oysters and Wagyu beef. You can also buy honey, eggs, and milk straight from the dairy. You can also try local wine or cider and sample artisanal products. You can even find delicious cakes and preserves to take home and enjoy. The market is also a great place to buy souvenirs, so you can even bring a picnic lunch.