Things to do in Kowloon – Hong Kong

Kowloon is one of the major administrative towns in Hong kong. It is economically empowered and it has lots to offer especially for tourists. It is known for its high number of a skyscraper. The UN Department for human development ranked Hong Kong as the fourth developed city. Therefore, most tourists are finding it worthwhile to explore Kowloon because it is full of life. It is the epicenter of most tourist activities as we shall see later.

Must do

The following are some of the activities that you must do in Kowloon; Hong Kong. Once you are here in Hong Kong you need to do go up to those high-end skyscrapers. You can enjoy the glittering view of the city sipping your cocktail. Some like Ce’ le -vi have rooftop gardens that make it more lovely. You can take some breathtaking photos of this view.

Take a boozy brunch

Most Hong Kongers love some boozy brunch. This is one of the most viable options to pass time. Asian dim sum brunches are the best that you should try out.

Meet the big Buddha

The big Buddha normally referred to as Tian Tan Buddha is an iconic scene here in Hong Kong. Most visitors find it pleasurable when climbing it’s 268 steps to reach out to the statue. You can take some photos here.

Meet pandas at Ocean Park

I know it might be your first time seeing the pandas. The city’s Ocean Park is a popular Marine Park where you will be lucky enough to see the two adorable pandas namely Le Le and Ying Yang. Take a selfie as the pandas’ munch on a bamboo it is just all awesome. You can also interact with dolphins, seals, and penguins.

What do you like Best about Kowloon

One of the most important things that I treasure about my town Kowloon is that people are very welcoming. They are very social and most visitors have found them charming and accommodating. Additionally, I also like eating street food especially in a place called Mong Kok. This area is packed with shops and stall and you will never miss deep-fried Tofu, egg waffles, and curry fish balls. If you like exploring new food then this is the place.

Best Walk in Kowloon

Explore Kowloon by taking a walk in the following places.

Shanghai street

Walking on Shanghai street is one way you can spend quality time here in Kowloon. It is an interesting street which is ideal to take an afternoon walk. You will get to interact with people, have a look at historic shophouses and lots of activities that are taking place along this street.

Walk along the South Wall Road

South Wall road is just a few minutes’ walks from the Amporn restaurant. You will get to come across fully stocked groceries where you will find tropical fruits, spices, and kits of other new products like Khanom which is usually considered to be the sweetest by the Thai community.

Take a day out to explore Kowloon creative side

Kowloon is endowed with some creative shows where you will get in touch with cultural experts who will provide ultimate entertainment. You can take a walk in one of these areas namely Savannah college of arts, jockey club, and Cattle Depot center.

Best Restaurants in Kowloon

Kowloon offers one of the best restaurants here in Hong Kong. They include:-


This restaurant is located in a luxurious element mall. It is mostly a Japanese styled barbecue that has gradually caught the attention of most people because of their yummy grilled meat.

Above and Beyond

It is one of the most iconic restaurants that you will find here in Kowloon. It provides treats such as dim sum, deep-fried shrimp and a diced chicken among other delicacies.

Islam food

If you want the best Islamic burger then this is the right place. It has attracted people all over Hong Kong. They also serve cheap chips during peak hours.

Best Festivals in Kowloon

There are a lot of Festivals here in Kowloon. Depending on the month you will not miss finding at least one festival going forward. Some of the most popular include:-

Buddha’s Birthday

This is normally done in May and it is celebrated all over in Hong Kong. Most temples pay their religious tributes to statues of buddha and they decorate them.

Hungry Ghost Festival

This happens in August and it is an exciting traditional event. People burn paper offerings as a way of satisfying hungry ghosts.

Mid-Autumn festival

Moon cakes are common in this festival and it is celebrated to mark the rebellion against Mongols.

Best Nightlife in Kowloon

Kowloon offers one of the best nightlife. You can experience it in the following ways

Go dancing in Sky Lounge Sheraton

This is one of the lively city clubs where you can dance the night away.

Pearl Night

You will get to enjoy buffet dinner and experience live band along Victoria Harbor. There are lots of street performances that can light up your night.

Tsim Sha Tsui

This is one of the most popular places you can enjoy your Nightlife because it houses the most prestigious entertainment centers, clubs, and restaurants.

Best Day trip out of Kowloon

If you want to enjoy your day trip here in Kowloon you can choose to take a ferry ride at Victoria Harbor. This harbor divides Hong Kong and it connects to the sea in South China. This is a good opportunity to explore the skyline of this dynamic city. Additionally, exploring the Hong Kong museum of art is also the best way you can spend a day out. You will get to know more about the Thai culture and appreciate their creativity through their artwork.

Something that most Tourists would know about Kowloon

Most tourists haven’t heard of the symphony of lights show in Victoria harbor which normally starts at 8 pm. More than 40 buildings light up for the show with different colored laser beams accompanied by music. It is absolutely a free show that probably most people are not aware of it. This show lasts only for approximately 13 minutes. Therefore, if you want to be part of it then you will need to arrive early.

If you happen to visit Hong Kong then you should not miss paying a visit to Kowloon.