Things to do in Los Gigantes – Tenerife

Los Gigantes is a town situated in the South West of Tenerife, the largest and most populated of the Canary Islands. The skyline is dominated by the “Acantildados” the “cliffs of the giants” that stand at an extremely impressive 500 meters above sea level. The Canary Islands are undoubtedly the warmest place in Europe winter, their geographical situation being off the coast of North Africa. Tourists flock in their millions every year to Tenerife, the South of the Island consisting of many man-made tourist resorts. Los Gigantes on the other hand has managed to keep much of its Canarian charm, and village life is set at a perfect pace for holidaymakers and residents alike.

Must Do

There is a lot to do in Los Gigantes, considering that the town is only small and has only a few thousand permanent residents. It has an excellent bus service that provides routes to the south and the north of the island. The must do when visiting of course is taking photos of the giant cliffs. The only question that remains is which view point to take them from.

Going out of the village and following the road to the village of Tamaimo, you will find a perfect “mirador” to take your snaps from. Here you can use a carefully placed boat as the foreground for your photos, the giants providing an impressive backdrop no matter what the weather is doing. Two other impressive lookout points for photo opportunities are found as the end of the “Calle Adelfas” and “Calle el Pino”. Here you can admire the view of the harbour too, with its glistening water and impressive collection of yachts and sail boats.

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What I Like Most About Los Gigantes

When it comes to this question, I definitely have two things I like most. One is that whatever day of the year it is, you will never wake up to less than 14 or 15 degrees Celsius (generally more) The warm climate puts you in a great mood to start your day, and one look at the giant cliffs and you will be reminded once again that you live in paradise. The other thing I love about Los Gigantes is how safe it is. It’s perfectly safe for kids to play out on the streets, and because of the carefully designed one-way system, cars simply can’t drive fast around the village.

Best Walk in Los Gigantes

The best walk from Los Gigantes will depend on your stamina and strength. As you look at the giant cliffs, you will notice a small hole towards the top. This from down below looks almost inaccessible; the truth is it’s not, and I personally have been up there and taken in the breathtaking views from high up. This walk to the “Ojo de Guama” or known by expat locals as the eye of the giants is perfect for anyone who is physically fit and is not scared of heights.

If you want to keep your feet nearer down to sea level, take a walk along the coast, past “Crab Island” and all the way to Puerto de Santiago, Playa de Arena, Varadero, and Alcalá. This walk has become more popular in the last few years, as a purpose-built path is now in place between Varadero and Alcalá. This walk is popular with families and pensioners alike, the preference for the elder generation being to walk to Alcalá, have lunch in a typical Canarian restaurant on the sea front, and then catch the bus back to Los Gigantes.

Best Restaurants in Los Gigantes

For such a small town, there is a wide choice of places to eat in Los Gigantes. The village has its own Michelin Star restaurant in the square “El Rincon de Juan Carlos,” or for something more informal you may like to eat a snack or tapas down by the harbor. “El Pescador” is the perfect place for a fish meal, CKs Bistro being a great choice for evening dining in style. If you fancy combining a lunch with mini golf or a game of tennis, try the superb “Tipsy Terrace” that is situated right by the bus terminal with beautiful grounds and a swimming pool (I may be biased here as before the Covid-19 outbreak, I worked here part time in the kitchen!)

Best Music/Festival

The Canary Islands are renowned for their local fiestas. The village square comes alive with the sound of live music almost every weekend! But, the most noted festival in Los Gigantes has to be the carnival in March. After Rio De Janiero in Brazil, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is allegedly the second best in the world. And, I personally would put the local carnival of Los Gigantes as number 3. From a day carnival for kids, to a drag queen carnival, and activities in the square every day, many visitors to the town make sure their visit combines with this extremely special time of year.

Night Life in Los Gigantes

Unlike the Southern resorts of Tenerife such as Playa de Las Americas, Los Gigantes is quite low-key when it comes to nigh life. The last night club closed over a decade ago, making way for a holiday resort that is more geared towards the older generation and families. This does not mean that you can’t go out and have fun at night in Los Gigantes. From live concerts in the church square to karaoke in “Highland Paddy’s” there is always something going on.

Best Day Trips from Los Gigantes

In my opinion the best day trips from Los Gigantes go by sea rather than by land. Down at the harbor, choose a boat trip to suit your needs and budget. From private charter, to the famous “Flipper Uno” pirate boat, there are plenty of options available for all budgets.

A day trip can be organized that includes a paella lunch onboard. Or you can choose an afternoon or morning slot on a whale and dolphin watching tour. A day trip that is unfortunately unavailable at the moment due to safety reasons is a hiking trip to Masca Gorge. This would start from the nearby village of Tamaimo, a hiking route taking you to the breathtaking village of Masca. From here you would hike down the temporarily closed gorge, returning to Los Gigantes from the pier at the bottom on the “Masca Express”

Little Known Fact: Snorkeling with Turtles

As a visitor to Los Gigantes, there aren’t really any well-kept secrets about the village. It’s easy to learn about the history of the cliffs and indeed the history of Tenerife before tourism hit in the 1960’s. One lesser known fact about Los Gigantes that I will share with you today is that is you can go snorkeling with turtles. There are well renowned dive centres both in Los Gigantes and in nearby Alcalá. But, if you fancy meeting up with the turtles on your own, take a short bus ride to the “Mendez” beach in nearby Alcalá where the waters are so crystalline clear that you don’t even need to go diving deep down into the ocean to see the turtles.

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