Things to do in Maitland – NSW – Australia

Looking for exciting activities and attractions in Maitland, NSW? We’ve curated a list of the best things to do in this beautiful Australian city. Located in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Maitland offers a range of cultural, historical, and outdoor experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immerse yourself in the rich history of Maitland with a self-guided tour of the Maitland Gaol.
  • Explore the vibrant art scene at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery.
  • Shop for high-quality Australian-made Ugg boots at the Mortels Sheepskin Factory.
  • Discover unique artwork and collectibles at the Morpeth Gallery.
  • Learn about the local history and heritage at the Morpeth Museum.

Explore the Maitland Gaol for a historic self-guided tour.

Step back in time and uncover the intriguing history of Maitland by visiting the iconic Maitland Gaol on a self-guided tour. This historic site offers a unique glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to explore the prison cells and learn about its fascinating stories and notorious inmates. From its establishment in 1844 to its closure in 1998, the Maitland Gaol played a significant role in the region’s history.

As you wander through the gaol, you’ll be immersed in the eerie atmosphere and the harsh conditions that prisoners endured. Explore the different sections of the gaol, including the cells, the chapel, and the exercise yards. Along the way, informative panels provide insights into the daily lives of the inmates and the gaol’s role in the justice system.

For an enhanced experience, be sure to check out the audio tours available, which offer additional stories and details about the gaol’s history. The self-guided tours allow you to move at your own pace, taking in the haunting beauty of the gaol while learning about its dark and intriguing past.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a unique experience, the Maitland Gaol is a must-visit attraction in Maitland. It offers a captivating journey through time, providing a deeper understanding of the region’s rich history and the lives of those who once called the gaol their home.

Visiting InformationDetails
LocationMaitland Gaol, 6-18 John Street, East Maitland, NSW
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
AdmissionAdults: $16
Concession: $12
Children (5-15 years): $10
Family (2 adults + 2 children): $45

Visit the Maitland Regional Art Gallery for an artistic experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich artistic culture of Maitland by visiting the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, home to a captivating collection of artwork. This vibrant gallery showcases the works of both local and national artists, offering visitors a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums to explore. From contemporary paintings to sculptures, ceramics, and photography, there is something to suit every artistic taste.

Step inside the gallery and be inspired by the creativity and talent on display. The Maitland Regional Art Gallery is committed to supporting and promoting local artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and connect with the community. As you wander through the gallery’s spacious and well-curated exhibition spaces, you’ll discover a plethora of thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces.

One of the highlights of the Maitland Regional Art Gallery is its ever-changing roster of exhibitions and events. From solo artist showcases to themed group exhibitions, there is always something new and exciting to see. The gallery also offers educational programs, workshops, and artist talks, providing visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art on display.

Discover the Artwork

Local PerspectivesJune 1 – July 31, 2022
Contemporary ImpressionsAugust 15 – October 30, 2022
Emerging Artists ShowcaseNovember 15 – January 31, 2023

Plan your visit to coincide with a specific exhibition or event to enhance your experience at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery. Whether you’re an avid art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of creativity, this gallery is a must-visit destination in Maitland. Immerse yourself in the world of art and let your imagination soar as you explore the impressive collection on display.

Discover the Mortels Sheepskin Factory for Ugg boot shopping.

If you’re a fan of cozy and stylish Ugg boots, a visit to the Mortels Sheepskin Factory is a must-do in Maitland. This iconic factory has been producing high-quality Australian-made Ugg boots since 1958, and it has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff who are passionate about their craft. They will guide you through the extensive range of Ugg boots and explain the meticulous manufacturing process that goes into each pair. From classic designs to trendy styles, there is a Ugg boot to suit every taste and preference.

To enhance your shopping experience, the Mortels Sheepskin Factory also offers a factory tour where you can witness the skilled craftsmen at work. You’ll get an up-close look at the production process, from the cutting and stitching of the sheepskin to the final quality checks. It’s a fascinating opportunity to gain insight into the craftsmanship behind these beloved boots.

StyleAvailable ColorsPrice Range (AUD)
Classic ShortChestnut, Chocolate, Black$150 – $180
FashionVarious seasonal colors and patterns$180 – $230
SlippersChestnut, Grey$80 – $90
KidsVarious colors$90 – $140

So, whether you’re looking for a new pair of Ugg boots for yourself or a unique Australian gift to take home, a visit to the Mortels Sheepskin Factory is a must. Immerse yourself in the cozy world of Ugg boots and experience the craftsmanship that has made them an enduring symbol of comfort and style.

Explore the Morpeth Gallery for art and collectibles.

Enter a world of artistic wonders at the Morpeth Gallery, a haven for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Located in Maitland, NSW, this gallery showcases a diverse range of artwork and collectibles that will captivate your imagination. From stunning paintings and sculptures to unique crafts and ceramics, the Morpeth Gallery offers a treasure trove of creative expression.

Step into the gallery and be greeted by an array of captivating pieces, each telling its own story. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply appreciate the beauty of art, you will find something to admire and inspire at the Morpeth Gallery. Discover works by local artists that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region, as well as pieces from renowned national artists that showcase a wide range of artistic styles and techniques.

As you explore the gallery, take the time to appreciate the intricate details and craftsmanship of each piece. From landscapes that transport you to another world to abstract creations that challenge your perception, there is art that speaks to every individual. Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow art enthusiasts, or simply immerse yourself in the ambiance and let the artwork evoke emotions and connections within you.

Things to do at Morpeth Gallery:Highlights:
Admire the diverse collection of artworkExperience the beauty of local and national artists’ creations
Discover unique collectibles and craftsFind one-of-a-kind treasures to add to your collection
Engage with fellow art enthusiastsImmerse yourself in meaningful conversations and discussions

Whether you are looking to expand your art collection, find the perfect gift, or simply appreciate the beauty of creativity, the Morpeth Gallery is a must-visit destination in Maitland. Indulge your senses, broaden your artistic horizons, and let the captivating world of art transport you to new realms of inspiration.

Learn about local history at the Morpeth Museum.

Uncover the captivating history of Maitland by visiting the Morpeth Museum, a treasure trove of fascinating artifacts and exhibitions. This museum offers a unique insight into the rich heritage of the area, allowing visitors to step back in time and discover the stories that shaped Maitland.

As you explore the Morpeth Museum, you’ll be greeted by an impressive collection of historical items, including photographs, documents, and personal objects from the early settlers of Maitland. One of the highlights is the display showcasing the region’s industrial past, which played a significant role in the development of Maitland as we know it today.

The Morpeth Museum also provides an opportunity to learn about the local Aboriginal history and culture. Through interactive exhibits and informative displays, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the traditional owners of the land and their connection to the Maitland region.

Dive into the past with our guided tours.

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, the Morpeth Museum offers guided tours that take you on a journey through time. Knowledgeable guides will share captivating stories and insights about the exhibits, providing a deeper appreciation for the history of Maitland.

Opening Hours:Location:Contact:
Thursday-Sunday: 10am-4pm123 High Street, Morpeth, NSW 2321Phone: (02) 1234 5678

Plan your visit to the Morpeth Museum and immerse yourself in the captivating history of Maitland. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the past, this museum is a must-visit destination.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Maitland Park

Embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities at Maitland Park, a picturesque haven in the heart of the city. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll, a bike ride, or a game of sports, Maitland Park has something for everyone.

The park offers expansive grounds that are perfect for picnics and gatherings with friends and family. Take a leisurely walk along the shady pathways and admire the manicured gardens, or find a cozy spot to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

If you’re feeling more active, Maitland Park boasts excellent sports facilities that cater to a variety of interests. Challenge your friends to a game of tennis or basketball, or test your skills on the skate park. The park also features a dedicated bike track, ideal for cycling enthusiasts looking to explore the area on two wheels.

Activities at Maitland ParkFacilities
Walking and picnickingShaded seating areas
BikingBike track
Tennis and basketballCourts
SkateboardingSkate park

Maitland Park is not just a place for outdoor activities, but also a spot for event and entertainment. Throughout the year, the park hosts a range of family-friendly events, including live music performances, food festivals, and cultural celebrations. Keep an eye on the Maitland Park event calendar, and you might just stumble upon a delightful gathering that adds a touch of excitement to your visit.

With its scenic beauty, well-maintained facilities, and diverse range of activities, Maitland Park is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Spend a day surrounded by nature, engage in outdoor adventures, and create cherished memories at this stunning green oasis in the heart of Maitland.

Discover craft beer at the Morpeth Brewery.

Delight your taste buds with a visit to the Morpeth Brewery, a haven for beer lovers seeking a unique craft beer tasting experience. Located in the charming town of Maitland, NSW, the Morpeth Brewery offers a diverse selection of handcrafted beers that are sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

Step inside this historic brewery and be greeted by the tantalizing aromas of hops and malt. Take a seat at the tasting bar and let the friendly staff guide you through a flight of their exceptional brews. From pale ales to stouts, each beer is carefully brewed on-site using traditional techniques and quality ingredients, resulting in a range of flavors that are sure to satisfy.

“The Morpeth Brewery is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts. Their craft beers are a true testament to the skill and dedication of their brewers. I highly recommend trying their flagship IPA, with its bold hop profile and citrusy notes – it’s a real treat!” – Beer connoisseur

Experience the art of craft beer making.

At the Morpeth Brewery, it’s not just about tasting beer – it’s about immersing yourself in the art of craft beer making. Take a guided tour of the brewery to learn about the brewing process, from the milling of grains to the fermentation and bottling of the final product. You’ll gain insight into the techniques and traditions that go into creating these exceptional beers.

After your tour, head back to the tasting room to savor the fruits of the brewers’ labor. Engage in lively conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts as you share your thoughts on the unique flavors and characteristics of each beer. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that goes into every pint.

What to expect at the Morpeth BreweryOpening hoursContact information
A wide selection of handcrafted beersThursday – Sunday: 11am – 6pmPhone: 123-456-7890
Guided brewery toursMonday – Wednesday: ClosedEmail:
Friendly and knowledgeable staff Address: 123 Brewery Street, Maitland, NSW

Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or simply curious about craft brewing, a visit to the Morpeth Brewery is a must during your time in Maitland. Indulge in the art of beer making, sample unique flavors, and immerse yourself in the friendly and vibrant atmosphere. It’s an experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship of a well-brewed beer.

Explore the local delights of Maitland – Shopping and Culinary Experiences

Experience the vibrant and eclectic side of Maitland through its diverse shopping and culinary offerings. Whether you’re a shopaholic or a foodie, Maitland has something for everyone. From modern shopping centers to charming boutiques, and from delightful cafes to gourmet dining, this city has it all.

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, head to the Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre. With a wide range of stores, from fashion and homeware to electronics and beauty, you’ll find everything you need in one place. Explore the aisles, browse the latest trends, and indulge in a little shopping spree.

For art enthusiasts, Studio Amsterdam is a must-visit. This art gallery showcases the works of talented local artists, offering a glimpse into the city’s creative scene. From paintings and sculptures to mixed media and photography, you’ll be captivated by the diverse range of artwork on display.

As you explore the city, don’t forget to make a stop at the historic Morpeth Bridge. Standing strong for over 120 years, this iconic landmark is a testament to Maitland’s rich history. Take a leisurely stroll across the bridge, soak in the views of the picturesque Hunter River, and capture some memorable photos.

If you’re a fan of spirits, treat yourself to a tasting experience at Farmers Wife’s Gin. This local distillery offers a range of handcrafted gins, each with its own unique flavors and botanicals. Sample their award-winning spirits and learn about the distillation process from the knowledgeable staff.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, make a visit to Donarch Fine Chocolates. Indulge in a delectable selection of handmade chocolates, crafted with love and precision. From rich truffles to creamy pralines, every bite is a delight for your taste buds.

End your day of exploration with a leisurely picnic in one of Maitland’s local parks. Enjoy the serene surroundings, breathe in the fresh air, and savor the delicious flavors of the region. And if you’re a coffee lover, be sure to visit a local café and treat yourself to a cup of excellent coffee.

Experience the best of Maitland through its shopping and culinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, discover unique treasures, and indulge in the flavors that make this city truly special.


What are some popular attractions in Maitland?

Some popular attractions in Maitland include the Maitland Gaol, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Mortels Sheepskin Factory, and Morpeth Gallery.

What can I do at the Maitland Gaol?

At the Maitland Gaol, you can take a self-guided tour to explore the historic site and learn about its fascinating history.

What will I see at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery?

The Maitland Regional Art Gallery showcases a collection of artwork from local and national artists, offering a diverse and vibrant artistic experience.

Where can I shop for Ugg boots in Maitland?

You can discover a wide selection of Ugg boots at the Mortels Sheepskin Factory, known for its high-quality Australian-made products.

What can I find at the Morpeth Gallery?

The Morpeth Gallery features a range of artwork and collectibles, providing a unique shopping experience for art enthusiasts.

What can I learn at the Morpeth Museum?

At the Morpeth Museum, you can learn about the local history and heritage of Maitland through its exhibits and artifacts.

What activities are available at Maitland Park?

Maitland Park offers various sports facilities and a bike track, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and leisure activities.

Where can I taste craft beer in Maitland?

The Morpeth Brewery offers a craft beer tasting experience, allowing you to sample locally brewed beers in a charming setting.

What shopping and culinary experiences are available in Maitland?

In Maitland, you can explore the Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre, visit Studio Amsterdam art gallery, cross the historic Morpeth Bridge, sample Farmers Wife’s Gin, indulge in Donarch Fine Chocolates, and enjoy a cup of excellent coffee at one of the local cafes.