Things to do in Manchester – United Kingdom

And on the seventh-day god created Man…chester. Often seen as the capital of the north, Manchester is a busy, exciting city with plenty to do for the traveller. There is plenty of culture, history and attractions to keep even the most seasoned nomad entertained.  

From the cobbles of famous Coronation Street to the football stadiums of probably the world’s two greatest football teams Manchester United and Manchester City.  

A city built for exploration, Manchester has a strong public transport system, the Metrolink which connects the city with the outer areas of Greater Manchester. A city of many stories famous for its culture, music and sports, Manchester is a must-see for any traveller.  

Must Do  

No visit to Manchester would even be fathomable without at least visiting the set of the longest-running soap in the world, Coronation Street. The set is easily accessible from the city centre and has guided tours running regularly. Walk the cobbles, visit the Rovers Return for a pint or just immerse yourself in nearly 60 years of Manchester history.  

What do you like best about your city?  

It must be the culture; the city has cultures from all four corners of the globe helping to run what is probably the north’s busiest city. Whether it’s trying an award-winning Indian curry on The Curry Mile or visiting The Imperial War Museum to learn about British history, Manchester is a city built on different cultures.  

The Curry Mile is in Rusholme and has some of the finest Indian cuisines in the world right on Manchester’s doorstep. Located just over 2 miles from the city centre and easily accessible by public transport.  

The Imperial War Museum is in the Trafford Borough of Manchester, easily accessible by public transport from the city centre and within walking distance of another one of Manchester most Popular attractions the famous Manchester United stadium, Old Trafford.  

Best Walk in Manchester

Many of the best walks in Manchester lie to the east and are in the Peak District. Here are a few of the walks because there are just too many to pick from.  

Kinder Scout Hike  

This beautiful hike up the Peak District is just too good to miss out on; it has plenty of ascents and descents to keep even the most veteran of hikers in good spirits.  

Tandle Hill Viewpoint  

This superb, landscape lies in the grasslands of Royton, Oldham just east of Manchester. You can see views of Manchester and right across the Pennines from the summit. You can even see Wales on a clear day, beautiful.  

Dovestone Reservoir  

Manchester is famous for its reservoirs; this one is a great place for keen walkers. After you walk around the edge of the reservoir you then walk along a dam and onto some grassland. A beautiful mixture of scenery and nature.  

Best Restaurants in Manchester

There are so many it is a tough one to choose from. If I had to pluck one out it would be 20 Stories. A beautiful, modern take on a restaurant tucked away in the heart of the popular Spinningfields area. The perfect place to get a bite to eat, it also opens as a bar too so you can get a cocktail alongside that steak. For other cuisines, there is also Chinatown which has some of the best Asian restaurants on offer and don’t forget the curry mile, world-famous for its Indian cuisine.  

Best Music/Festival in Manchester

Manchester is a city known for some of the greatest bands to walk the earth, the music culture is insane. Famous bands include Oasis, The Smyths and Stone Roses. But when it comes to music live in Manchester you can’t miss out on the Parklife Festival. A jam-packed multiple-day event held in Heaton Park. Full of artists from multiple genres, you would be sore if you missed out. People from all over the UK flock to Manchester every June for this fantastic event.  

Best Nightlife in Manchester

Manchester is unrivalled for nightlife, from the world-famous Printworks to the extremely popular Deansgate locks you can’t go far without finding a bar or nightclub popping off. But the best club, in my opinion, must be Black Dog Ballroom, a bar situated in the northern quarter of Manchester, which is without a doubt, out on its own.  

Best day trip out of Manchester

Manchester is situated near several different towns all over the north-west of England, all of which are worth visiting. However, I would recommend Chester, as it’s a very historical town with a lot of Tudor and Roman heritage to visit. It’s very easy to access by train and shouldn’t take longer than an hour.  

Chester is located 40 miles south of Manchester.  

Something that not many travellers would know about Manchester

Most tourists have never heard of the Heritage pub crawl. Sure, many locals haven’t even heard of it either, but it is something worth doing while here in Manchester. The pub crawl stretches across an amazing 34 pubs. Probably something that could take a couple of days rather than one, eh? Some of the pubs you will come across on the Heritage pub crawl:  

The Burton Arms, Swan Street  

A fantastic proper Manchester pub, you will find people from all over Manchester gather here on a Saturday night to enjoy the music and extremely friendly atmosphere.  

The City, Oldham Street  

Tucked in off the road on Oldham Street lies one of Manchester’s oldest pubs, The City. A very busy pub with people flocking from all over into this small pub for the Manchester experience.  

O’Sheas, Princess Street  

Slap bang in the middle of the city centre, this popular Irish pub is always busy. If you’re visiting Manchester on St Patrick’s day, expect this pub to chock full to the max. During the rest of the year, it’s still a busy destination that’s very popular with students.  

Churchills, Chorlton Street  

This popular pub located on the heart of Manchester famous Gay village is a prime example of a great night out. Trust me you can’t go wrong here it goes off in here, from live music to an almost 360-degree switch into a mini nightclub this place is out on its own for a good night out.