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Travelling is one of the things that make our lives happier and more memories to tell, and it allows us to see how wonderful we consider common. If you are looking for a great destination to have an adventure, Merida is a wonderful choice. Merida is located in Venezuela and is part of the Andes Mountains and is one of the most important resorts.

Merida is characterized by its Spanish colonial architecture, also for its parks and squares, and for being the perfect place for outdoor activities. This is why Merida is said to be one of the top destinations for those who enjoy extreme sports. It offers a great list of possibilities among which are: paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and more.

Most of the activities you can do here are related to the landscapes and mountains that are part of the city. There are also a number of markets, museums, hotels, and restaurants are among the amazing things the city has to offer.

Must do

One of the places you can’t miss when you go to Merida is the Merida Cable Car, officially called the Merida Mukumbari Cable Car Tourist Transport System. This cable car is the highest and second longest in the world for only 500 meters, has 12.5 kilometers of route, reaching a height of 4,765.

It has more than 50 years of history and was one of a kind. The route is composed of 4 sections, going from the city of Merida to the top of the Mirror peak within the Sierra Nevada National Park in the Venezuelan Andes. It went through a remodel in order to make it more modern and to make the experience even better. If you are one of those looking to do extreme sports, you can reach the second stretch by hiking through the cloud forest of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

What do you like best about your city?

Merida is characterized by being a place made up of friendly people who will do their best because your experience is the best, without a doubt, they will make you feel at home all the time. It also has a lot of things that you can do and know during your stay, you can one day get on the cable car, then you can go to a little history and of course taste the amazing gastronomy that makes it. Another positive point of Merida is its subtropical climate, considered to be pleasant and fresh almost all year round.

Best Walk in Merida

In Merida you can find many places where you can have a pleasant walk, you can also connect with nature and have a little tranquility. The best options are usually natural or theme parks or some squares, here are some of the best options:

Merida Botanical Garden

We started with this incredible park, founded by the University of Los Andes in 1991 with the aim of preserving and researching regional flora and fauna. So far it houses approximately 12,000 accesses of living plants, distributed in Bromeliad Garden, Xerophilic Garden, Garden of Useful Plants and Deciduous Garden.

Within this park, you can carry out different activities including guided tours, themed gardens, floristic exploration, ecological restoration, plant pollination study, tree climbing, and many more activities.

Water Garden Park

This park is a perfect option to spend some time with family while connecting with nature, this one offers an incredible display of more than 300 native aquaculture species that exist in rivers and coasts of Venezuela and other regions of the world. In this place, it is possible to learn about the wide world that is located under lagoons and seas, also if you wish you can explore a little about the folklore and culture of Merida in the workshops they offer.

Best Restaurants

The gastronomy of Merida is very varied and delicious, so finding good places to eat is not really a difficult job, but it will depend on what you want to eat. If you are looking for traditional food, a good option may be Tia Nicota Restaurant, La Parroquia Restaurant. If you are looking to eat delicious ice cream, your best option is Coromoto ice cream shop, characterized by having a great variety of flavors.

You can also find restaurants that offer international dishes, such as Da Enzo pizzeria, Delicias Mexicanas Restaurant, and Lusitano’s Restaurant.

Best Places to Stay in Merida

I have added some of the best places to stay in Merida. Most are guesthouses and for more information I have added links to TripAdvisor for customer reviews and information.

  1. Posada Casa Sol situated on the historic “Calle del Sol”, in the central district of Merida. Our Posada is a beautiful colonial style home with patios and corridors that have been constructed using local architectural design and contemporary elements.
  2. Hotel Belensate provide rooms with air conditioning, and guests can stay connected with free wifi. In addition, while staying at Hotel Belensate guests have access to room service. You can also enjoy a pool and a lounge.
  3. Estancia La Canada Escaguey is an Estancia hidden among the mountains of the Venezuelan Andes. Where you can enjoy their delicious meals, good service and the nature that surrounds them. It offers 2 cabins for families, 5 suites for 4 to 6 people, 12 double or triple rooms.  Perfect place for those who enjoy climbing and hiking.

Best Music/Festival

Merida is music and sounds like it, the city offers different places where you can enjoy music, dance, and theater performances. Folklore is what predominates in this place, so one of the best festivals is dedicated to this musical genre, it is the Plain Music Festival “El whistle”.

Best Nightlife

Merida in the evenings transforms, you can find a variety of nightspots that suits your tastes and preferences, you can choose between bars, cafes, nightclubs, restaurants with live music as well as some more exclusive places.

In many cases it is also an option to have a good time in the squares of the city, these are illuminated and conditioned, a good option is the The Heroinas Square, which is a key meeting point and with a beautiful view towards the cable car, which makes it a magical place.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

One out-of-town place that deserves to be known is the Mucuchies wasteland. It is located 48 kilometers from the city of Merida, which corresponds to more than an hour’s journey, it is a well-known place and its visitors enjoy the characteristic and spectacular climate, which maintains a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. The view is spectacular and has great tourist attractions or sites of interest

Something that not many travelers would know about Merida

No matter how many times you choose to visit Merida, you will always have something to see and do in this complete destination, you can tour its small towns, taste its delicious gastronomy, practice some sport or just dedicate yourself to relax. What if it is true is that there will always be places that you will not visit, so the best thing you can do is organize your days, do not forget the cable car, the ice cream shop, and do not leave without visiting the Lagoon of Mucubaji. Merida is a great city for sightseeing, you will not forget about it.

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