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There are many things to do in Morisset, NSW. From the history of the town to Lake Macquarie and the Watagans National Park, there are plenty of things to see and do. Here are some suggestions to get you started. If you’re considering a visit to this picturesque town, these tips will help you find the perfect trip. The following articles will provide you with some tips for things to do in Morisset.

History of Morisset

The history of Morisset is a complex one. This town was established in 1823 by Major James Thomas Morisset, who camped there on the way from Sydney to Newcastle. Later, Morisset became the Commandant of Norfolk Island prison, where his brutal regime was blamed for inciting a rebellion. Unfortunately, the spelling of Morisset has been in dispute throughout history, with variations of the name including Morrissett and Morissett.

The first plaque on the site of Major Morisset’s camp was placed near the railway. The plaque marked the site of his camp, which was named after him. This plaque was later relocated to a sandstone boulder next to the historic tree. The plaque represents a significant moment in the history of Morisset. It is also a reminder that the town’s first resident was a French Canadian. While there are few historical markers left of Morisset, the plaque commemorates those who came before the township.

Emily Morisset’s youngest child, Pauline Caroline, died at the age of two years and eight months. In the same year, the family vault was built in Holy Trinity Church in Kelso, New South Wales. Her brother, John, died in January 1851. The cause of death has not been recorded, but he is buried in the Camperdown Cemetery in Sydney. During his lifetime, Emily Morisset and her husband James Thomas Morisset had three children.

Lake Macquarie

Morisset is a town of the City of Lake Macquarie New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway about halfway between Newcastle and Gosford. Residents enjoy a suburban lifestyle, close to parks and beaches, and plenty of shopping and restaurants. In Morisset, residents can find the services and products they need. Residents enjoy a booming commercial district and a great sense of community.

You can take the bus from Morisset to Lake Macquarie, a sixteen-minute journey covering nine miles. The buses leave from Morisset Square and arrive at Dobell Dr, just before Wangi Point Rd. There are 68 buses per week. There are also bike rentals, kayaking, and a picnic area on the lake. For recreation, you can choose to camp at a nearby park or take a boat cruise on Lake Macquarie.

The future townsite of Morisset was surveyed in 1887. The townsite was originally called Cooranbong, but it was renamed after a British colonial soldier who was commander of the Newcastle penal colony from 1817 to 1823. The town was named after Major James Thomas Morisset. Located on a peninsula along Lake Macquarie, Morisset is surrounded by the state conservation area.

Watagans National Park

If you have never been to New South Wales, Australia, you must check out Morisset and Watagans National Park. Located just 99 km north of Sydney, this park is a natural wonderland with a lot to offer. If you are a nature lover, you must see the native bushland and enjoy the scenic views. The park is surrounded by mountains and is ideal for hiking, swimming, and picnicking.

If you have a 4X4 or a soft-road SUV, you can easily drive through the park’s campgrounds. If you have no 4WD experience, however, you will need to use a high-quality mud-terrain vehicle to get around. Those with a 4WD will find this park accessible even in wet weather. You can even take a horse for a short ride.

There are plenty of hiking trails in the area. While the Great North Walk does cross over Watagan Road, it is not suitable for a 2WD vehicle. The road is steep and rough, with fallen trees and rock debris blocking some sections. Roadworks were originally scheduled to begin in May 2022, but have been postponed until the new financial year. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from your car.

Dobell House

Dobell House is a heritage-listed former residence that is now a house museum. It is located in the City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. The house was built by Robert Dobell from 1925 until 1970. Robert Dobell was the father of noted Australian artist William Dobell. The house was renovated in 2004 to showcase the Dobell family’s artistic achievements. While there, you can enjoy a tour of the house and learn about the life of Robert Dobell.

The house is open for public viewing on weekends and public holidays. Inside, you’ll find scores of prints, paintings, and photographs, as well as family furniture and artwork. You can also admire the incredible view from Monkey Face Lookout. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because you can see everything from here! Be sure to bring a magnifying glass and a good camera for this one! After you’ve explored the house, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the region.

Morisset Picnic Area

The Morisset Picnic Area is located in the town of Morisset, Australia. It is a great place to take a picnic lunch, relax with a drink, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Visitors can also take advantage of the nearby Skippy Down Under. The temperature in Morisset ranges from 32degC during the day to 19degC at night. The town has plenty of things to do and see, so plan a trip to Morisset today!

You can take your family for a picnic here, or enjoy the lakeside forest. The town is located on the western shore of Lake Macquarie and is home to resident sea turtles and dolphins. You can also go on a kayaking or bushwalking adventure. For more fun, there is a boat ramp just north of the picnic area. You can also go swimming, jet skiing, or take a boat tour.

Monkey Face Lookout

The scenic Monkey Face Lookout in Morisset offers a wide vista of the Martinsville Valley and the surrounding mountains. If you’re a birdwatcher, you’ll want to bring your binoculars and camera along. You can also observe the tanagers and glossy black cockatoos that frequent the lookout. The views are simply stunning! You’ll find yourself wishing you had more time to explore the valley.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll also love the Dobell House, which was built in 1925 and later used by William Dobell as a studio. William Dobell lived in the house until the early 1950s, and would often sketch outdoors before returning to his studio to continue painting. He left behind many paintings and sketches of family members, as well as a studio full of easels and paintbrushes. Monkey Face Lookout is an excellent spot to enjoy the breathtaking views and abundant birdlife of the area.

Catherine Hill Bay Beach

Located on Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, the small town of Morisset has something for everyone. Surrounded by verdant hills and bushland, the town is dotted with rusting mining equipment and wildflowers. There are only about 500 residents, but the town is bursting with natural beauty. There are several lookouts for sweeping views of the area. Crangan Bay is one of the best, offering views of the Eraring Power Station.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can visit the Margaret White Museum, featuring a short film about her life. The guide will also share details of her writings. White’s innovative ideas about nutrition broke the mould of nineteenth-century society, and it’s well worth a visit. Catherine Hill Bay Beach is another great option for a day out, as it is listed among Australia’s 101 best beaches. The south end is patrolled and has a pier. You can also visit the remnant of an old mining community, where she once lived.

9 interesting facts about Morrisset

  1. Morrisset is a suburb located in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.
  2. The suburb is located approximately 70 kilometers north of Sydney.
  3. Morrisset is located on the shores of Lake Macquarie, the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia.
  4. The suburb has a rich history and was originally inhabited by the Awabakal, the indigenous people of the area.
  5. Morrisset is home to a number of parks and reserves, including the Morriset Community Environmental Park.
  6. The suburb is home to several churches, including St. Thomas’ Anglican Church and the Morriset Uniting Church.
  7. Morrisset is home to a number of small businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  8. The suburb is well-connected to the rest of the Central Coast region, with regular trains and buses running to and from Sydney and other nearby towns and cities.
  9. Morrisset is home to a number of sporting clubs, including the Morriset Rugby League Football Club and the Morriset Boat Club.

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