Things to do in Orchard Road – Singapore

The city’s most important street is Orchard Road. You can shop here for everything you can imagine. Besides shopping, you can enjoy a range of world-class dining experiences. In particular, you’ll find an array of international brands.

For foodies, there are many places to try in the area. You can find a variety of restaurants in the various malls. Some of the best places to eat in Orchard Road include the local food court, which is famous for its fine-dining. During the day, you can also visit the Opera Gallery. There are countless restaurants along Orchard Road – and the best ones are located in the hotels.

Visiting the National Library is an excellent idea if you’re in the mood for a book. Besides having the chance to browse the shelves of books and browse through the many books available, it is also worth visiting the Singapore Presidential Office. This is a place to visit if you’re an avid book reader and have a love for architecture. In addition to this, you can take a stroll around Orchard Road.

Best Places to Eat on Orchard Road Singapore

There are a variety of good food places along Orchard Road, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on them. Listed below are some of the best ones to try. While most of them serve western-style food, you can also try out local cuisine if you’re feeling more adventurous. Whether you want to try a local favorite or try something new, you’ll definitely enjoy a trip down Orchard Road.

Robatayaki is a fun experience, as chefs grill their ingredients over charcoal and serve them with long wooden paddles. In addition to traditional Cantonese cuisine, this outlet also serves delicious Japanese cuisine. The bara-chirashi don at Aoki, which was previously known as Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, has been rated as one of the Best Chirashi Don in Singapore.

Another good place to try is a hawker center. There are food courts and food stalls specializing in one or two dishes. The Maxwell Food Center is a local favorite. While you’re there, try to get tissues for your tummy afterward. You may have to wait in line for a table. Otherwise, just walk along the street. If you don’t have a big budget, you can try the cheaper restaurants tucked away at the back.

While Orchard Road is the epicenter of Singapore’s culinary scene, it is also the heart of the city’s fine dining scene. You can find both cheap and fine dining options here. Some of the best restaurants in Singapore serve both Chinese and Japanese food, and the food court on Orchard Road is no exception. It’s a great place to grab a bite while you’re shopping in Singapore.

One of the best-known patisseries in Singapore is Paul Bakery. This French-style patisserie opened its branch on Orchard Road, making it an ideal place for lunch or dinner. The interiors of the patisserie are rustic and reminiscent of a Swiss chalet. The dishes here are delicious, and the ambiance makes them a great choice for big groups or families.

If you are a fan of steamed pork dumplings, then you can’t go wrong with Din Tai Fung. The restaurant’s xiao long bao are one of the most famous dishes on Orchard Road. Other dishes include fried rice with pork chop and shrimp, drunken chicken, braised beef noodles, and vegetable wonton soup. Besides the food, the atmosphere and service at this restaurant make it a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

If you’re looking for a fusion of Western and local cuisine, Mezza9 at the Grand Hyatt Singapore is one of the best options. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner a la carte and is known for its high tea buffet. The restaurant features multiple stations where you can sample different cuisines. The food station has many dishes that will please your taste buds, and the food is presented in a very unique way.