Things to do in San Cristbal de la Laguna – Spain

San Cristobal de la Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain) is the second most populated city on the Island, and it was once the capital of Tenerife.

In 1999 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Since the Canary Islands welcome millions of tourists each year, the place is well organized to make sure every sort of aid is provided for visitors.

But what are some of the things that makes this European style city worth visiting?

Must do

Certainly, la Laguna is probably the richest city in history and culture of all the Canary Islands, which makes it a key place to visit for those who travel to the Island. Therefore, there are many places worth seeing. In fact, almost every day groups of visitors tour the main sites of the city, for example:

  • An ancient stone square with beautiful trees and flowers surrounding is a great place to start the day. From there you have access to many streets full of stores, cafeterias and also the visiting local sites.
  • a monument that resembles the architecture of a typical Canarian building.
  • A 16th-century building representing the cultural and economic history of the Canary Islands. Another good thing about the cultural sites of the island is that it is fairly cheap. Sometimes you only need to pay if you want a tour guide

What do you like best about your city

Personally what I love the most about my city is its atmosphere slightly gothic especially in the winter season. La Laguna is definitely one of the coldest places in Tenerife, and for a cold-weather lover such as myself, it is very nice to have a beautiful romantic cool place where I can get inspiration for my drawings. You can get lost in the mysteries of this place, or simply relaxing with a book getting nice and soft bits of sunlight. La Laguna is the city that looks more like a classical European city in all the 7 Islands, so for those who travel from the continent, it provides a homely feeling.

Best Walks in San Cristbal de la Laguna

La Laguna covers a wide range of land and a big part of its territories are country-side once you exit the city center. So besides the travel tour that follows the stone walk, there are 46 hiking trails to choose, perfect for adventurers who want to enjoy the view of the island from an elevated place. Many of them are guided so just make sure to book.

One of the most popular treks is “Camino de la Cruz del Carmen” it is not a difficult road, most paths are accessible but good fitness is required.

Best Restaurants in San Cristbal de la Laguna

One of the things that attract people the most is food. Luckily, Spain is famous for its gastronomy, and the Canary Islands were not going to be different. There are plenty of cafeterias where not only you get a drink but some serve good meals. But for higher expectations here are some of the most popular restaurants:

  • Finca Vaquero Grill“. A good steakhouse for groups with an average price of 15 euros. Famous for providing a nice service and its setting.
  •  “Pizzeria freestyle”. Located in one of the main streets of la Laguna, this Italian restaurant is well-known for its excellent quality food and affordable prices.

Best Music/ Festival in San Cristbal de la Laguna

Undoubtedly, la Laguna’s most popular celebration is “la Noche Blanco” a tradition originated in Paris that takes place sometime before the Christmas season where all sorts of leisure activities are performed, including music, sports and of course commercial promotions.

It is a very special event where young and old, families and friends spend the evening and night walking through the streets of la Laguna.

But something that will make tourists understand and appreciate more of the Canarian culture is “la Romeria de San Benito” a celebration in the month of July where regional folklore shows off with many people dressed in the typical Canarian outfit while they perform dances and walk with their livestock. This is a rural oriented festival and this visually attractive celebration gathers a large number of the population every year.

Best Nightlife in San Cristbal de la Laguna

Although la Laguna is mostly a peaceful and welcoming place there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the history of the city. Legends, secrets, and stories fill many parts of the city. Probably not everybody would love to be scared by them, but if you’re into that kind of thing, now that some nights there are guided tours explaining such subjects.

Despite this, there is also a more lively place in the city center where you can chill having a beer with friends for very low prices.

Best Day Trip Out of San Cristbal de la Laguna

Tenerife is a small island in comparison to probably most of the countries where tourists come from. But this does not limit it from having a wide variety of landscapes. So whether you want to relax and enjoy the sun at the beach, it will not take you many hours to get to one of them.

But let us say that you want to visit the number one travel destination and symbol of the island. Then, you must choose a day within your stay to go visit Teide, the 3718 meters volcano, located right in the middle of the island and surrounded by the National Park.

There are many buses transporting tourists there for a reasonable price, which is certainly worth the visit.

Something travelers may not know about San Cristbal de la Laguna

It is said that the treasure of a famous corsair who was buried in a church of la Laguna called Amaro Pargo remains hidden in possibly some part of the city or its surroundings.

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