Things to do in Novi Sad – Serbia

People that travel to Serbia always visit Belgrade and don’t really pay attention to any other cities. The biggest regret they don’t even know they have during the travel is not visiting Novi Sad, a city of youth, nature and good people. In the following, you will learn many interesting stuff about Novi Sad.

Must do

When in Novi Sad in the summertime, you will want to go sailing the great Danube to observe the beautiful, orange sunset on the widest part of the river. Danube rafting, organized by a kayak club, is the perfect choice to complement the hot summer days on the river. In the tranquility of nature, with a loved one or a best friend, watch the magnificent colors of nature and the occurrence that is considered to be the most beautiful sunset in our city.

However, if you have a winter soul, the enjoyment is inevitable in the Ice Forest, or as we call it ”Ledena Suma”. That is a skating rink on an area of 1350m2 with many daily events, music, food and hot drinks. From kids to grown-ups, you can experience some close encounters with ice and have a good time! The shifts are written within an hourly schedule and ”Ledena Suma” is with us from mid-December to the end of January, every year.

What do you like best about your city?

The best thing about my city is the whole atmosphere you feel when walking down the Liberty Square. Often throughout the year, there are numerous events organized by the city, during which you get to meet many wonderful people, hear their stories and enjoy a nice cup of tea while making new friendships.

Best Walk in Novi Sad

The Bridges

If you are a fan of long walks and enjoying the surroundings, I suggest walking across the two bridges in Novi Sad. Start at the Freedom Bridge, which first opened in 1981, only to be rebuilt in 2005 after the bombing. Return to the city via the Rainbow Bridge, which lights the Danube river with all of the colors every night. The layout of the bridge was created in 2000. The bridge connects Novi Sad with Petrovaradin and by walking across it, make sure to wave the masters of the ships that sail the riverbed.


Take a step out of the city center and head up the Danube via the quay to the Strand beach. This city beach was officially opened in 1991. The Trcika tram, which departed from Ieznicka street, goes to Strand. People used to come to the beach by prows and carriages. Today, it is the place of major summer events and also an escape from the bustling city asphalt. The locals say for this river, which splashes the sandy shores and the beach, that the Danube is their sea. Lots of greenery, trees, playgrounds for children and various adult sports are offered by this paradise in Novi Sad, which is an inevitable destination during all warm months.

Petrovaradin Fortress

What makes Novi Sad recognizable is definitely the Petrovaradin Fortress. Within its walls lie the stories of generations, battles, and defeats. It was built by Austria between 1692 and 1780 as a defense against the Turks. The most important ”inhabitant” of the fortress is the Petrovaradin watch, also called the ”drunk clock”. It dates back to 1750. It is authentic because small clockwise shows minutes and the big one shows hours. The reason behind that is so that the clock could be seen from a great distance: from the Danube or Novi Sad.

Best Restaurants in Novi Sad

Restaurant Pasha

Restaurant Pasha is located in the center of Danube park. A beautiful and modern setting is the perfect place for your business or private lunch. The kitchen, that spreads the alluring scents of barbecue and fish, attracts anyone who is walking by this restaurant. There is a great choice of dishes and sweets for all of your senses. Enjoy yourself in a lunch to remember as a true pasha.

Restaurant Cubo

Walking the quay towards the Strand beach, your fine senses will lead you to the Cubo concept of bars and restaurants. The friendly staff, modern ambiance and a wonderful location, this concept is an indispensable stop on your walking route. Make sure you consult the waiters when choosing sweets that are, by their recommendation, perfect. When you’ve had a nice meal, a light walk to your home will be pleasant.

Restaurant Terrace

If you like having a perfect view with a nice and enjoying meal, then the Petrovaradin Fortress and Restaurant Terrace are ideal for you. Enjoy the perfect sunset, going down across the town, or the night lights that reveal the secrets of lively streets. This is a great place for a glass of good red wine, a relaxing friendly conversation or a Sunday afternoon outing.

Best Music/Festival in Novi Sad

While talking about Novi Sad, not mentioning the famous Exit festival would be absurd. Widely known not only in the country and region, but also in the whole Europe, is what fills the hot summer days of July with positive energy, love and friendship. An unavoidable tour of the Petrovaradin Fortress brings together a history of walls and modern sounds that, combined together, give Exit a special charm and a world-renowned name. Get to know the sounds of different destinations, have a beer with tourists that travel from distant parts of Europe and wait for the dawn at the Dance Arena in a sea of people dancing their heart out.

Best Nightlife in Novi Sad

Lazino tele

Lazino tele is a club that resists the new modern sounds of turbo-folk and boldly sticks to rock’s feet. The gigs that happen every day except on weekends are ideal for completing a good workday atmosphere. My recommendation is the performance of the band Amateurs; although the name says one thing, they are not amateurs at all. Native rock lovers will be delighted, and the rest are better off coming some other day at the Lazino tele, where everyone will find something to their liking.


The lights at the top of the city are dimming at night, as the restaurant and cafe turns into a real club after 10pm, with great DJs, themed parties and a fun time. Rooftop parties are always well planned and guests must be over 21 years old. Its organizers are successfully trying to bring world trends to our city, offering something different and unique to the residents of Novi Sad.

Best Day Trip Out of Novi Sad

Fruska Gora is an ideal place for a day out if you don’t have much time and want to spend the day in nature. There are some amazing places for nature sighting, picnic areas and lots of hiking trails. Gather your friends and spend an unforgettable time in this natural environment.

Something that not many tourists would know about Novi Sad

A thing that not many people who travel to Novi Sad and probably most residents would know is that today’s Jevrejska Street was once a Jewish neighborhood where Jews could live, buy houses and build their own temple-the Synagogue. In the 18th century, every night Jevrejska Street was locked with chains.

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