Things to do on the Gold Coast – Queensland

Queensland, Australia is known for its warm weather, sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. The Gold Coast is no exception as people can experience everything the city has to offer them at their own pace. There are all sorts of interesting things for people to do and see as they travel from one glorious place to the next. Popular attractions such as Dream World, Sea World and Warner Brother’s Movie World will delight tourists as they enjoy a great day out with family or friends.

You can travel from one side of the city to the other without seeing everything it has to offer you.There are so many things to wet your appetite you will likely struggle to decide what to do first. Tourists will lijkely wish to travel to the city again knowing there are more gems for them to see.

Must do

There are plenty of water activities such as snorkeling, jetsking, surfing and kayaking for you to try during your sojourn. Instructors will provide you with the help you need to explore the deep blue world around you. Take advance of the chance to hire a jetski and enjoy a magical day on the water whenever you wish.

Adventure lovers will delight as they soar over the bustling city in a hot air balloon. Experience the beauty of the world below as you travel to all those hidden gems tourists rarely see. There are special tours as well as general ones for people to choose from depending on their schedule and budget. Operators will show you the wonders you take for granted when you are on the ground.

What do you like best about your city?

The city is full of surprises which is great because there is always something for people to do and see. There is far more to Queensland’s Gold Coast than meets the eyes. The beaches are great because they allow you enjoy a relaxing day swimming, playing or talking with family and friends.

Best Walk

Lamington National Park is the perfect place for nature lovers to experience the magical scene on foot as they gaze at the green world around them. Tourists will enjoy a peaceful walk through the region’s other world as they admire the local flora and fauna to their heart’s content. Guides will show you one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world all year round.

Best Restaurants

Thai House Sanctuary Cove is a great place to eat authentic food while soaking up the ambience on your own or with loved ones. The restaurant serves delicious fresh meals which have been cooked with love and understanding of the human palette. The staff are customer focused as they do everything they can to ensure everyone is satisfied with the service. Take advantage of the opportunity to dine in or have your sumptuous meal delivered to your hotel door for a reasonable fee depending on your wishes.

Beachside Pavilion is heaven on earth for seafood lovers as they provide people with the best prawn, crab, lobster and fish dishes on the Gold Coast. Staff pride themselves on their ability to source and serve the freshest seafood to their customers on a daily basis. Tourists will enjoy the comprehensive breakfast menu or they can same the delicious local produce throughout the day. The restaurant provides people with snacks which is great for people who want something to munch on or a light meal before starting their busy day.

Best Music/Festival

Ground Water Country Music Festival is held in Broadbeach and will likely attract local as well as international audiences alike. Country music lovers will be able to sit and listen to their favourite songs for three full days of fun later this month unless otherwise stated. The venue is centerally located which is great for people who wish to travel to the festival by bus without worrying about getting lost in an unfamiliar city. Local and international artists will showcase their talent to audiences who are only too willing to enjoy themselves after a busy day of sight seeing.

Best Nightlife

Retro’s Surfers Paradise is one of many local night clubs for people to enjoy, particularly if they are keen to party well into the night. People of all ages will enjoy dancing to modern popular music as they participate in the fun on their own or with loved ones. Tourists can confidently travel to the local venue knowing they can catch a bus or a taxi if they need to. In some instances people can travel to their hotel on foot, particularly if they choose not to drink. The club opens quite early; however, it is wise to arrive later, rather than earlier unless you want more space to dance around.

Elsewhere provides you with the chance to enjoy a beer or a cold glass of wine at a much loved local bar. Take advantage of the chance to sit and soak up the atmosphere as you enjoy your chosen drink. Prices vary; however, they are reasonable which is great for people who want to enjoy themselves without breaking their budget.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Moreton Island Day Tour is great for adventure lovers as tourists have the opportunity to enjoy exhilerating activities such as sand toboggganing at top speed down a steep slope or driving over rugged terrain to “The Desert” depending on their desire for excitement. Other activities include appreciating turtles, fish and other animals as you travel to the local wrecks during your day out.

Something that not many travellers would know about

The Ernest Junction is a forgotten railway tunnel which a local couple found a few years ago. Tourists will be forgiven for not knowing about the tunnel or its history as it was neglected by both Gold Coast and Brisbane Local Governments for years. The ninteenth century mavel was part of the local landscape until it was no longer needed. Work has begun in earnest to restore the tunnel to its former glory so it can be preserved for everyone to appreciate.