Top tourist attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain is a tiny island in the Persian Gulf, located off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. It was perhaps the first Gulf State to open its doors to tourism and expatriates. Originally Bahrain was dependent on pearl and fishing trade due to the shallow waters that surround the shores, until the 19th century when it came to life with its oil trade and tourism industry.

Bahrain is home to major tourist attractions like the glamorous Formula 1 Grand Prix and the picturesque Manama, the capital of Bahrain which is of historical importance. There are also many exciting adventure activities to do and enjoy like desert safaris and water sports in Bahrain.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Bahrain:


Being the capital city of Bahrain, this place won’t fail to amaze you with its shimmery tall skyscrapers and skylines. Manama is the trading centre and financial hub in the Persian Gulf which houses the twin towers: the World Trade Center and the Financial Harbor towers. And besides, it has an essence of rich history and engaging culture which is seen in its traditional souk markets with stalls that sell everything from spices, gold, pearls and everything else. You can also take a trip to the Bahrain National Museum to learn about the Portuguese and Persian past of this city. It houses the ancient artifacts of the Dilmum civilization of Bahrain.


Muharraq was the capital of Bahrain until 1932 when Manama took over. It’s famous for its traditional houses with antique architecture and delightful cuisine. The Fareej Al Bin Ali district is a typical one to showcase the traditional architecture of the city. The primary economic activity of this place was pearling and therefore, some sites of this island are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These sites comprise of 17 seventeen historic buildings, a fort and 3 oyster beds.

Madinat Hamad

It is a multicultural city also known as the Hamad town in which no ethnic group forms a majority. Its name refers to the current king of Bahrain which is Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah. The Kanoo Mosque and the Masjid Al Ajoor are the highlights of this place.

Al Jasra

It is a coastal village on the western coast of Bahrain which is known for its handicrafts. It also has historic importance – housing Bait Al Jasra or the Al Jasra house. A local handicraft centre was launched in the 19th century where local craftsmen worked on traditional art and craft in small rooms. Some of the works included basket weaving, pottery, cloth and textile weaving. The centre also has a garden in the middle for leisure. The Al Jasra House is a traditional style house which was made with coral stones and palm tree trunks, famous as the birthplace of the Emir of Bahrain.

Al Budaiya

The town is considered the most fertile located in the northwestern region of Bahrain irrigated with freshwater springs and other water outlets. Activities like pearl fishing and diving are still prevalent in this town and its naturally rich soil holds an abundance of vegetation and palm trees though events of deforestation take place due to modernization and redevelopment of this place. The town serves as the endpoint of Budaiya road which reaches Manama.

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