5 Safety Tips For City Biking

Biking is a fun and healthy way to stay fit and its one of the fastest ways to get around a busy city. Unfortunately, even the elite riders understand the risks of maneuvering their way around the sea of buses, cars, pedestrians and other bikers within an urban area. For starters, there are basic safety rules like putting on a helmet and having a reflector in place to provide visibility. Beyond the basics, here are our top picks from the professional urban bike riders on how to stay out of danger while on two wheels in the city.

Stay Away From Doors

Sadly, this is one of the commonest accidents in urban cities. It is easy for people exiting their cars to open their doors without looking behind. Bike riders, on the other hand, keep close to the side of the roads and usually end up being the victims. To avoid getting doored, it is smart to stay at least 3 feet from parked cars. That should leave a considerable space in case doors are opened suddenly. Never assume that parked cars are empty.

Obey Traffic Rules

It’s enticing to disobey the laws of the road considering that bikes are quite small and were made to find their way out of terrible traffic. Regrettably, impatience and breaking traffic laws exposes the city rider to numerous dangers. Like cars, bikes are expected to follow all the rules of driving. You should never run a red light. The walk signal is for pedestrians, not for cyclists. Wait for the green light before proceeding. These rules will help to keep you from avoidable accidents.

Stay Visible

It is important to stay visible at all times. If car drivers can see you, it is unlikely that you would get hit. Stay out of blind spots of cars, buses, and heavy-duty trucks. In particular, avoid overtaking and riding on the right side of large vehicles. Also, brightly colored reflective helmets and reflector on the back will help to improve visibility and keep you safe at night.

Keep The Lights On

Staying safe at night is equally important. At a minimum, bikes should have a flashing front and rear lights. In fact, bikers without lights will be arrested in many states across the nation. For greater safety, ankle lights are eye-catching and they help other road users to trace the movement of your feet as you peddle along. So, having lights on your bike is a good way to find your way and keep you safe at night.

Plan Your Route

Some urban roads are much safer and gentler for riders and one way to locate such places is using your mobile map. Google map, for instance, helps you stick to designated routes and lanes that are deemed less congested and suitable for cycles. Moreover, many cities have specific cycle lanes for bikers. These lanes are clearly marked, so you should have no trouble finding your way around. In other cities, cycle lanes are shared with pedestrians. So, be alert to avoid collisions.


A 7 speed bike is always a good option if city biking is your main purpose of use. If you are a women, you can choose from the best women’s bicycles for sale. Having the right bike is just the first right thing when you want to explore popular cities on your bike. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips to say safe while riding your bike on city roads.