Best Railway Website on the Internet

Today I’d like to give you a bit of information about what I think is the best railway website on the internet.

The Man in Seat 61 covers the entire world of railways. I personally found this website very useful when I travelled through Vietnam by railway a few years back. The website gives a lot of information about the trains, the timetable and the journey itself. Fortunately it doesn’t get caught up writing about the destination because this would be a mistake.

The website is the absolute first place you should go if you want information on train trips.

It is particularly good at giving information about not so travelled lines and the information about train travel in Asia is first class and is generally somewhat difficult to find elsewhere.

The website is run by Mark Smith who worked for British Rail managing a number of railway stations. What information he hasn’t written has been provided by other travellers who have travelled the route and have provided Mark with the information.

Trains are my favorite form of transport so I’ve spent a fair bit of time having a look around on this website and I would thoroughly recommend using it to research your railway journeys through the world.

If you are interested in rail journeys in Europe I’ve added a couple links where you are able to buy Eurail cards or Interrail cards.

Eurail Cards

Interrail Cards