Grape Picking in Australia

Grape Picking in Australia is a big business and wine is one of the biggest agricultural products in the country.

You need to have a working visa to pick grapes in Australia.

There are many different regions that produce wine and at harvest they need a large casual workforce to pick the harvest.

When the harvest takes place is determined by the weather but I have provided an time frame of when the harvest begins.

Here are the best regions to find Grape Picking work by state

South Australia

Barossa Valley – harvest Feb – Mar

Fleureau Peninsula – harvest Feb – Mar

Clare Valley – harvest Feb – Mar

Coonawarra – harvest Feb – Mar

The harvest can last up to 2-3 months depending on the yield.


Mornington Peninsula harvest Feb -Mar

Mildura/Robinvale Table Grapes and Wine Grapes Late Dec to Feb

Yarra Valley harvest Feb – Mar

Rutherglen – harvest Feb – Mar

New South Wales

Hunter Valley – harvest Jan/Feb

Griffith/Leeton harvest Feb/Mar

Western Australia

Margaret River – harvest Jan

Swan Valley – harvest Jan


Tamar Valley – harvest Feb-Mar


Stanhope – harvest Feb/Mar

So you can see that the harvest times for grapes around Australia are pretty much the same time but if you wanted to pencil in January through to March you should be able to find grape picking work in all the southern states. South Australia might be your best bet because of how much work there is to be done. and consequently you should be able to get a longer period of work. If there was an early harvest in Hunter Valley and a late harvest in South Australia you might be able to do this back to back.

I have added an old ebook that I used to have. There is info about getting working holiday visas. Some of there guidelines have been changed since COVID so please don’t take these as good advice. However the ebook has many telephone numbers that will be able to help you get work as you are travelling around Australia.