Discount Sightseeing in UK

After getting some really good feedback about my recent post Rail discounts in UK I thought I’d also mention another great way to save some money while travelling through the UK.

English Heritage Membership gets you unlimited access to over 400 historical properties and places through the UK.

This includes

84 Religious Sights/Churches

66 x Castles

58 x Prehistoric Sights

53 x Roman Sights

23 x Historic Gardens

47 x Halls/Houses

27 Forts/Defences

7 x Palaces

3 x Medieval Villages

So if you’re a history buff and are travelling around sightseeing in the UK an English Heritage membership could save you a lot of money in admission charges.

At time of writing a monthly membership for an adult is £4.50 and yearly is £54.00

For more information

English Heritage Membership