Romantic Holiday in Brittany

Imagine, one day ago you were in the office in London staring at your computer screen thinking about all the places you’d rather be. It’s mid afternoon, the next 3 hours will feel like an eternity, it’s Friday and lunch felt like it happened hours ago but you’ve only been back 30 minutes, sitting, staring wondering what to do next.

A workmate looks across and you smile because you know this is your last day before your vacation and you are about to be free. Fast forward 24 hours and you are driving through the French countryside a lifetime away from the monotony of the office your girlfriend by your side. A whole new world awaits, the Francophile world, you drive past chateaux and vineyards you can’t wait to eat the tasty sensations available on the continent.

You are on your way to your romantic hotel Rennes the first stop on your European vacation. You are driving through a few destinations in France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Accommodation was easy to arrange as you stay in Relais du Silence network of hotels through Europe and you were able to book your whole trip on one website.

Relais du Silence offer 550 hotels from 2 star to 5 star in 4 separate brands, throughout 10 European countries you will be able find the type of room you like at the right price for you.

If you book on the webste 21 days in advance you can get a discount on your accommodation (current 16 Dec 2015)

Being centred in France Relais du Silence take their food seriously if you arrive late eating in the hotel will not be an unfortunate accident but the food will be a great experience.

It could also be useful to apply for the Accent Reward Card to get some further discounts for your trip.

Relais du Silence promote and apply good environmental practices on a daily basis: composting organic matter, sorting waste, using certified green maintenance products, and low energy bulbs, among others.

So when you have a motoring holiday in Europe find Relais du Silence to make your holiday a relaxing and enjoyable break at