Settling into life in Hoi An

After the mayhem of travelling getting on and off planes making sure you were in the right place at the right time with your passport in hand, the last few days has been a welcome change of pace.

Coupled with attempting to overcome my injuries incurred moving furniture a week ago I’m now a little more relaxed and able to move ahead with the websites and work in general.

I’ve settled into the homestay and I will write an article about what it’s like and what to expect if you choose a homestay as opposed to a traditional hotel later. There are many food options close to the homestay and many more a bike ride away.

I’ve been eating a mix of local BBQ street food and still eating western food as well. You get normally a bit of BBQ pork, some picked vegetables and steamed rice, it’s a really nice and healthier combination as you get less meat than in the west and it’s always good to get some vegetables into the system.

On the mundane the weather has been really good, it should be wet season but the El Nino has kicked in, in a huge way here and other than some overnight rain a couple nights ago it has been sunny about 30 degrees each day. However rain is coming and judging by the amount of water on the surface I could see on the plane coming into land there has been some heavy rain a short time prior to me arriving.

Next things coming up – I need to get my phone fixed – I smashed the screen when I fell moving furniture and while my backup is good I miss my Nokia camera. I have a Nokia 1020 with a 41MP camera and Carl Zeiss lense. Its also a bit smaller than my Sony so it doesn’t stick out of my top pocket for the world to see. It’s an older phone now (2 years since release) but I haven’t seen anything better to replace it yet – if you are looking for  camera with a phone rather than a phone that has a camera. That’s as a good a recommendation that you’ll get from me with out being paid 🙂