Things to do in Athlone – Ireland

If you love traveling then you should plan a trip to Ireland. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. It has historic towns, dramatic landscapes, and fishing villages. Well, I come from Athlone, Ireland; a town located along the River Shannon. It is endowed with beautiful views and historic castles. If you want to know more about Athlone then read on and find out.

Must do.

The following are things to do in Athlone

Visit Athlone Castle

Athlone Castle was built by John de grey. It is one of the iconic places that you can visit in Athlone. It has some interesting historic Napoleonic wars which were fought behind the walls of this Castle. It was recently renovated to give it a modern look. So you can take photos in this iconic Castle that has beautiful sceneries. Additionally, it is a perfect crossing point to River Shannon.

Go to the church of Saint Peter and Paul

Another iconic landmark in Athlone is the church of Saints Peter and Paul which is located in the West Bank of the Shannon. This church is endowed with beautiful architecture and a pair of Italian sculptures that are symbolic of Irish Catholicism. The ground floor is built using white limestone which gives it a perfect finish. If you have time during the weekend you can go for a church service and experience the Glamour of this iconic church.

Enjoy some entertainment at Dean Crowe theatre

During the weekends you can have some live entertainment at Dean Crowe theater. This auditorium has a capacity of approximately 460 people and it was built during early 1800. It used to be St. Aloysius college but it was later used as a church before the completion of Saint Peters and Paul. Furthermore, all the Ireland drama festivals are usually done here ranging from children events, music performance, and stand-up comedy shows.

Take a nature walk along Shannon banks

There is a path behind Athlone Castle which takes you along River Shannon to the old Italian canal where you will encounter various ecosystems, wooden wood Bridges, and old trails. This makes it very interesting especially if you are a nature enthusiast. You can also take photos of this beautiful scenery.

What do you like best about your City

Athlone offers fun and exciting moments. I like this city because it is full of life and it can accommodate everyone’s needs. There is Lough ree where you can try everything from paddle boats, kayaking, and other interesting activities since it is one of the best water parks. Additionally, there is an Athlone golf club with the most elegant golf courses in the whole country. This is the best place to relax especially if you love playing golf. You can also sail the boats from Hodson bay to Clonmacnoise. Athlone offers lots of fun activities and the residents are very welcoming and enthusiastic. If you are a visitor you can blend in well with the locals as you enjoy wall rail-trails Athlone Castle, Bay sports, and other fun activities that you can do in the city.

Best Walk in Athlone

Taking a walk through the historical buildings is one of the best feelings. Additionally, you will have some good time walking along the Riverbanks of River Shannon. There is also a 42 km stretch through the Great Western railway in the old Midlands which has been paved over to link Athlone and the old Town of Mullingar in the east. This trail traverses through some farmlands which can be the best place to take a walk especially if you are with your family and friends. You can also take bicycle rides through the Bridges tunnel and the station that is a few kilometers from uisneach which is covered with historic Cairns and barrows.

Best Restaurants in Athlone

If you are looking for the best restaurant where you can take some snacks and food then I would recommend having lunch or dinner at Murphy’s law. It offers delicious food and snacks such as curry chips, kebabs, and other delicacies depending on your preference. You can also order fish or a bowl full of seafood.

Best Music /Festival

The Athlone Shannon festival is one of the most popular festivals. You will have lots of fun with some smooth jazz music playing in the background. You can also enjoy your favorite delicacies. Besides, you will have the opportunity to explore the medieval villages that features weapon-making and embroidery. Your kids will also enjoy painting workshop. If you’re a music lover you will enjoy the best music. There are other activities such as boat racing, fashion show, flyboarding displays, and cookery demos that make this festival very interesting.

Best Nightlife

Athlone offers the best nightlife here in Ireland. It is popular with traditional Irish pubs where you can talk and eat as you interact with your family and friends. Sean’s bar which is situated in the main street of the Athlone town is the best place that you can spend your night. You will enjoy drinking and eating as you dance the night away. Additionally, you can also spend your night at the karma club which is located along Church Street. It is one of the most popular places that offer exclusive clubbing experience.

Best day trip out of Athlone

You can have a fun day trip here in Athlone by taking a short drive to moydrum where you will find moydrum castle. This Castle offers the best scenery and it has been featured in the cover album of U2 s who sang the unforgettable fire. You can also explore River Shannon where there are lots of kayaking, boat racing, and other fun activities.

Something that you should know about Athlone

Athlone popularity is attributed to the pleasurable craft along river Shannon which is the largest lake in the area. It is also endowed with great history and castles that give you a good platform to learn more about the Irish historical background. Some popular wars like the Napoleonic wars have been fought here which makes it a rich cultural destination.

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