Things to do in Ipswich – Queensland

Ipswich is a regional city in Queensland, Australia. The city is not as well known as Brisbane; however, it offers people a chance to travel to a diverse, place with a warm community atmosphere. There are plenty of things for people to do depending on their interests and willingness to explore the area. Tourists can sit and sip a cup of coffee or visit the city’s historical attractions whenever they wish.

Tourism operators will provide you with maps and answer your questions when you need help. Take advantage of the chance to travel to one of the smaller, yet special places in Queensland.

Must Do

Race enthusiasts will delight in the chance to drive a rally car without worrying about the usual road rules they are subjected to. Take advantage of the chance to drive on a race track and feel the wind in your hair as you compete with yourself as well as your loved ones. You can also sit beside a professional driver and experience the magic of being in a rally vehicle, rather than an ordinary car. Instructors will likely provide you with the chance to help you develop your driving skills. People will likely leave happily knowing their need for speed was satisfied.

The Workshops Rail Museum is one of many special places for you to enjoy. People of all ages will relive their childhood as they see children gaze at Thomas and his friends throughout the day. Thomas the Tank Engine is particularly special for train enthusiasts as they share their passion with their family and friends. While there is a fee it is well worth paying as people learn more than they thought they would.

What do you like best about your city?

The thing I love most about the city is its size. I have never been a fan of huge major cities as they are too noisy and cramped for me. Ipswich is great because it provides me with everything people need without the usual congestion as the capital cities in Australia and around the world. The University is great because it welcomes people and provides them with a chance to sit and relax in the library or wander around the neat grounds whenever they wish. It is easy to travel around the city which makes it the perfect place for people to experience its beauty at their own pace.

Best Walk

White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate provides people with the chance to explore one of the best bush walk trails in the region. You can stop and photograph the local wildlife or admire the glorious scenery around you. The trail is great because it is long enough to experience the local flora and fauna, yet short enough that anyone can easily walk along it without the least difficulty. The mountain is a beautiful gem for people to explore when they need something to do during their holiday.

Pan Pacific Peace Gardens is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Nature lovers will delight in the rain forest walk as they wander along the trail to their heart’s content. Relax as you gaze at the brightly coloured birds during your sojourn. People of all ages and fitness levels can take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city’s special attraction during the week or on the weekend.

Best Restaurants

Thai on Ipswich is great for people who want to experience succulent, authentic food for a reasonable price. The customer service is superb as people find the restaurant staff can’t do enough to make their experience as memorable as possible. Staff offer their guests all sorts of food depending on their palette. Taste the fresh ingredients as you allow the flavours to tickle your taste buds throughout your meal. You can easily travel to the quaint restaurant from your hotel room or the local sites whenever you wish.

Indian Tadka is one of many authentic restaurants in the city. The flavours will tickle your taste buds and encourage you to sample more of the delicious food during your sojourn.The restaurant is the perfect place to eat when you want a fresh, wholesome meal without breaking your budget. Customers will be spoilt for choice as they decide what to order first.

Best Music/Festival

CMC Rocks is the region’s most loved country and roots music festival will various performers from around the world to entertain audiences throughout the day. Music lovers will appreciate the warm atmosphere as they listen to their favourite tunes while eating an ice cream or sipping their coffee whenever they wish. Enjoy four full days of music and excitement as you soak up the atmosphere with loved ones whever you wish.

Best Nightlife

Cocktails Nightclub is a great place to relax after a busy day of shopping and exploring the region’s hidden gems. Take advantage of the chance to sit and sip your cocktail on a cool evening or a hot summer night with other people around you. Enjoy the ambience as you listen to the music and dance to it to your heart’s content. Couples will apprecitate the fact they can celebrate their honeymoon or engagement in a quiet place before heading back to their hotel.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

The Glass House Mountains is a great place to explore the state without travelling too far from the city. People can travel to the majestic spot by car or they can catch a train depending on their schedule and budget. Health enthusiasts will love the fresh air, as well as the chance to explore the landscape for themselves.

Something that not many travellers would know about Ipswich

Saint Mary’s Church is one of many places which supposedly has its own ghost. The ghost is said to be of a local priest who helped to form the parish as it is today. Priests claim they still hear strange noises coming from inside the church after everyone had left the building. The priest is still the heart and soul of the church as he watches over it at night.