Things to do in Bondi – Sydney

Everything you need to do and the places you will visit are nearby, the city, the Harbour and the beaches all within 5 K and accessible by bus, train and ferry. Sydney is Australia’s second oldest city, and East Sydney is one of the first settlements, the architecture was made up of lots of cramped Victorian Terrace houses which are now making way for 20 storey unit blocks with views.


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Must Do

So much to do start with Bondi Beach, a must, after a walk on the Beach and a swim, go upstairs in the old Bondi Pavilion right on the promenade, and have a drink and a meal in the Bucket List restaurant.

Great views of the ocean and the surfers. The life savers are always present in their yellow and red outfits, you may have seen the program Bondi Rescue on TV. Usually saving some poor person who can’t swim from the surf, they perform a very necessary function and like to pose for selfies with tourists.

Get on a ferry and go around the Harbour, embark at Circular Quay and do a round trip, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Watsons Bay get off in Watsons Bay. Have lunch at Doyle’s famous seafood restaurant where you can either eat outside or inside.

Then take the ferry back again. If you do this trip at night the lights reflecting off the harbour are very relaxing. The ferry trip takes about half an hour.

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What I like best about my part of the city.

The proximity to world class restaurants, bars and shopping is very convenient. Even the Airport is only 6K away.

Great hotels and a lot of Air B&B, and cheaper accommodation such as Youth Hostels. The main attraction is without doubt the Harbour, most days sparkling in the sunshine interspersed with Ferries and Yachts’ and the occasional magnificent Cruise Ship.

I never get tired of walking by the Harbour or looking at the water. The climate is mild it never gets really cold, and swimmers swim the whole year around. I swim six months of the year in the ocean at one of the 6 close beaches. Around my area near Paddington there are lots of unique little shops and cafes. Also amazing produce markets with very fresh food, for those who like to cook. Antique markets every Saturday, where visitors can furnish their whole house (with items from a bygone era), quite cheaply.

Best Walk in Bondi

Along the Harbour foreshore, take the Bus or Ferry to Rose Bay. Get out at the Old Flying Boat Base. The walk starts here around the Hermitage Reserve about 3 km to a beautiful Harbourside Park Nielson Park.

On the way you will pass several Historic homes and a couple of Rangers cottages. These cottages can be rented for the weekend. Nielson Park has a netted beach which is very safe to swim at. There are no big waves and a wonderful Kiosk straight out of the 1920s where once again you can eat.

Then walk on to Parsley Bay which has a lovely little suspension bridge and a small inlet that offers canoeing and other boating activities. You can catch a bus back or walk to the Rose Bay ferry. This is an excellent day trip and if you are a photographer the scenery is matchless.

Best Restaurants in Bondi

If you feel like another trip to Watson’s Bay, the Beer Garden is a well known venue. On a Summers afternoon you can have an excellent lunch and sit there until the sun goes down. You will need a hat and sunscreen, and it is a great place to meet locals and have a beer with fish and chips.

Coogee Pavilion is 3 K South of Bondi, easily reached by bus. It is situated at the North end of Coogee Beach and serves world class food, downstairs is a restaurant overlooking the beach and upstairs is a bar which later at night has a nightclub area. It is owned and managed by Justin Hemmes who is famous for fine dining.

Matteo in Double Bay serves excellent Italian food and is an great place to have a drink and connect with friends.

Best Music in Bondi

The Golden Sheaf Hotel in the main Street of Double Bay has excellent live music, and bands and is open until 2 am.

Max Watt’s live venue in the old entertainment area at Moore Park, great live bands and music festivals.

Night Clubs

Head up to Kings Cross and visit The Pink Pussy Cat strip club, live music and good fun if you have never seen it before. Lots of Gay Bars nearby.

Nearby is Goodbar nightclub, resident DJ and dancing, mirror balls and cocktail bar. Bedouin Double Bay is a late night cocktail lounge with Lebanese food and entertainment, located in Cross Street Double Bay a 5 minute walk from the Ferry. Open until late.

Best Day Trip out of Bondi

Take a ferry to Manly from Circular Quay. If you want to get there quickly take the Hydrofoil. They leave the City every 10 minutes, and the ferry takes half an hour.

When you arrive at Manly wharf walk down the main street to the Ocean Beach. It is now Heritage listed, and great for surfing. Walk around the foreshore about 2 km to the old Quarantine Station now called ‘ Q station.

This is a very historic place where people were quarantined for Leprosy and Smallpox and other diseases. Take a guided tour of the site.

During the war there were a lot of underground tunnels and cannons pointing at the Harbour. One night in 1942 Sydney was attacked by a Japanese Submarine. After the tour ‘Q Station’ restaurant is your destination for lunch and a look at the view over the Harbour from the other side.

Walk back to Manly and visit the Aquarium before you get back on the Ferry for the trip home. On the way back the ferry goes right past the Sydney Opera House.

Things Not many travellers would know about Bondi

Chinese people were amongst our first settlers and we celebrate their culture with the Chinese gardens at Darling Harbour bordering on China Town.

Sydney has the best Chinese and Thai Cuisine outside Asia and in the centre of the City visit China Town and try some excellent Chinese food and Chinese /Australian Fusion food. There are many grocery shops in this area supplying all Chinese food produce and spices.

China Town is certainly worth a visit.

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