Things to do in Falcon – Venezuela

Falcon is one of the 24 states that make up the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, it is located on the Paraguaná Peninsula, making it a coastal area of the country becoming an incredible tourist destination to visit. Although much of its tourism is related to the sun and the beach, this place has a lot of attractions related to history, this because its capital, the city of Coro, is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO; It also has a variety of national parks including the incredible Médanos de Coro National Park and many more attractions.

Must do

Falcon has many places that you have to visit, but one of those that you can not forget is the Médanos de Coro National Park, it is a park made up of dunes of approximately 20 meters high, these usually change shape and height constantly so they always offer a different landscape. Visitors often glide through the high dunes, they also tend to have long walks and take amazing photos.

This park has 91,000 hectares, of which 42,000 are continental desert lands, where it seeks to preserve the flora and fauna that inhabits the place. This place has a warm climate, the sun will feel it, so just bring with you the sunscreen and your desire to have an adventure.

What do you like best about your city?

One of the many things that makes Falcon an amazing city is the variety of ecosystems it has. You can find a desert, you can find beautiful coasts with crystal clear waters you will find a pink lagoon where you can practice water sports. Falcon is a perfect destination for those who do not have a big budget but do want to live adventures, plus the amount of history that covers the place is wonderful. We assure you that you will always want to return.

Best Walk

This place has many options where you could have long and fun walks, along with its extension you can find a different recreational park, being among the best:

– Cueva de la Quebrada del Toro National Park: It is a mountainous space where you can go hiking, camping, hiking, and research. It consists of hills, a completely mountainous area, and an underground river, has a height of at least 20 meters, being the largest underground river in Venezuela.

– Juan Cristomo Falcon National Park: It has an area of approximately 30,000 hectares, has a variety of natural attractions and can take long walks, nature observation and research.

– Cerro Santa Ana Natural Monument: Esta es nuestra opcin favorita para realizar una larga caminata, este cerro es un monumento natural de Falcon, cuenta con una altura de 830 masl. Subirlo tomará aproximadamente 2 horas, pero serás recompensado con una increíble vista, de hecho, si tienes suerte y no está nublado podrás ver las islas de Aruba y Curazao.

Best Restaurants

The gastronomy of Falcon is very varied and those who try it are loved due to its incredible flavor, among its main dishes are the Talkarí de Chivo, Goat Cheese, the peeled arepa, and its delicious sweets such as sweet milk and nationally known, rice with coconut or rice with milk.

The variability of the dishes will change depending on where you eat because some will focus more on dishes made with goat meat, a very popular ingredient; but you can also find those who offer you seafood dishes, because of their proximity to the coasts. Some of the best restaurants are Restaurant and Marisqueria Pa’Carrubana, El Gaitero Club, and Restaurante Caquetio.

Best Music/Festival

If you travel in December you can enjoy the best festival held in Falcon, it is the feast of the Mad sailing held on December 28, it is a fun-filled holiday where participants let their imaginations fly and create unique and colorful costumes to go for a walk in the streets. The best thing is that anyone who wishes can join, will be an experience full of laughter and dancing; it’s like advancing the carnival but much more fun.

The journey ends at the flag monument, where the winner who owns the best costume of the night is selected. This honors all the innocent who were included in the “sacred slaughter ordered by Herod”

Best Nightlife

The nightlife in Falcon is usually very fun, there are a variety of bars and breweries where you can spend hours full of fun. The largest influx of people is usually seen on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can see many gathered in squares or those who decide to do so in some establishment. We recommend you to visit: AlaRoska Disco, Club el Cuji, and Club Falcon, in these you can enjoy national and international drinks, good music and lots of fun.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

One of the best places to spend the day outside the city is in Adicora, it is a village that is far from the city of Falcon but that is characterized as an incredible tourist attraction. It has different hotels and inns, as well as a variety of restaurants; this is preferred by those who travel to Falcon because the beaches that nearby do not have much swell so children can use it safely.

You can get to Adicora through the Choir Medanos National Park, so you can sign up for a guided tour that gets there or you can always take it fast and go by plane. Anyway, don’t miss it, its crystal clear waters are just a little bit of all the amazing things they offer you.

Something that not many travelers would know about

One thing almost no one knows is that Falcon is one of the main oldest cities in Venezuela, the city of Coro, this was founded in 1527 and was the first capital of the Province of Venezuela. For this reason, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, all thanks to its culture, tradition, history, and preserved architecture. Without a doubt, a destination worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.