Things to do in Forbes – NSW – Australia

If you’re looking for something to do in Forbes, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the Forbes Cemetery, McFeeters Motor Museum, and History of Forbes. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. Whether you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat or check out the Forbes Cemetery, there’s a place for you in this town. This article covers these and more. Keep reading to find out what’s on your list when planning your visit!

History of Forbes

The town of Forbes is an iconic and historic location in the Central West region of NSW. The town is a popular midway stop along the Newell Highway and is home to the infamous bushranger Ben Hall. Today, it is known for its beautiful natural environment, mesmerizing art and sculpture trails, and unique local attractions. Whether you want to enjoy the history of the town, or simply relax in the countryside, Forbes has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of a visit to Forbes is the town’s historic past. A gold rush in the region during the mid to late-1800s saw the town develop. In 1861, a stage coach robbery near Forbes was attributed to Hall and Gardiner. The town’s rich history is reflected in its many heritage buildings, including a historic railway station and an imposing Victorian-era hotel. The town’s rich history is evident in its many unique buildings, as well as its tranquility surrounding Lake Forbes. Visitors can take a stroll through the historic streets and take a look at the town’s heritage buildings.

McFeeters Motor Museum

For motor vehicle lovers, McFeeters Motor Museum in Forbes, NSW, is a must-visit place. Housed in a purpose-built building, the museum contains over 60 beautiful classic and vintage motor cars, including racers, customs, and even military vehicles. Visiting the museum also allows you to buy souvenirs and enjoy a gourmet lunch in the cafe. You can also purchase some local wines at the Cellar Door. This place caters to car enthusiasts and architecture buffs alike.

Those interested in American car culture will be fascinated by the auto collection at the Museum of Transportation in Forbes. The museum features automobiles from 1902 to 2015. Whether you’re looking for vintage car memorabilia or vintage artifacts, the McFeeters Motor Museum will offer something for every car enthusiast. Whether you’re into rockabilly, swing dancing, or classic cars, this museum has something for everyone. The venue also features swing dancers and rockabilly musicians. The experience is complete with a welcome glass of bubbly.

Sculpture Down the Lachlan

The Sculpture Down the Lachlan trail is a permanent sculpture trail that connects the towns of the Lachlan Valley. It aims to promote tourism and explore the unique history and culture of Forbes, while paying tribute to the local music scene. The trail’s awe-inspiring art will leave visitors speechless. It features sculptures by renowned Australian artists, including Rosie Wingrove Johnston and Jasper Jones.

The art project has been a long time coming for the town of Forbes, which has been a part of the New South Wales landscape for nearly 100 years. The floods of 2011 knocked people down and the Sculpture Down the Lachlan is intended to lift spirits and encourage tourism. Sculpture Down the Lachlan is a key element in the local economy, bringing economic benefits to Forbes and the surrounding communities.

The trail also features a giant galvanised steel goanna – Varanus (Gugaa). Located in a clearing beside a wetland, the goanna is a totemic animal of the Wiradjuri people. The sculpture trail is the brainchild of the Forbes Art Society and has the potential to become iconic for inland NSW. Its site is surrounded by gum trees, and the sculpture is an imposing presence.

Forbes Cemetery

If you are looking for a place to visit in Forbes, then you have come to the right place. There is a wealth of historical significance surrounding this cemetery, which has a colourful past. You can learn about the colourful people that were buried here, including the famous bushranger Ben Hall. A museum dedicated to his family also exists in the town. There are also a number of things to do in Forbes.

For those who enjoy nature, you can spend the day relaxing in the Lachlan Valley. This beautiful town is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. It is a popular midway stop on the Newell Highway and is home to the infamous bushranger Ben Hall. Its rich history is reflected in its magnificent heritage buildings. It also has mesmerising art and sculpture trails, and offers friendly country hospitality.

For car enthusiasts, McFeeter’s Motor Museum is a must. Open daily from 2pm to 4pm, the museum features more than 60 exquisite cars and motorcycles. It also has an excellent collection of vintage and classic cars. The museum features rotating exhibits and is well worth the trip. Forbes’ Historical Museum is another hidden gem. Open from 2pm until 4pm, you can view the town’s past by viewing exhibits from the Ben Hall.

Forbes Historical Museum

If you are looking for a place to relax on your next vacation, the charming town of Forbes is just right for you. There is plenty to do in Forbes, including history, art, and culture. It also has many charming attractions like the Motor Museum and Biscuit Factory. For those who love nature, the town is a great place to unwind. There are also several parks and other attractions throughout the town, so you can find a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

The historical museum is housed in the old dance hall of the Osborne Hotel, and features an array of artifacts, including Aboriginal artefacts, tools, clothing, and household wares. Visitors can enjoy the popular Ben Hall exhibition, which explores the legend through music, ideas, and images. A visit to the museum will be sure to provide some interesting information on the history of Forbes, so don’t miss it!

Gum Swamp & Bird Hide

The Gum Swamp – a wetlands area in the south of Forbes – is a popular spot for nature lovers. The site is home to more than 160 species of bird and is also a nationally significant site for the study of birds. There are four hides for bird watching, as well as goanna sculptures. The Forbes Arts Society consulted accessibility consultants to ensure that the bird hides are accessible to all visitors.

Located in the heart of the Forbes Shire, the Gum Swamp is protected by international agreements and is home to a variety of birds and vegetation communities. The property is surrounded by vermin proof fences and is protected by a sewer treatment plant. The Gum Swamp is the perfect spot to get close to nature while enjoying a picnic lunch. It is also an excellent location for birdwatching and photography.

As with any wetland, it’s important to monitor and understand the water quality of the area to determine whether it’s being affected by pollution. If the water quality of the Gum Swamp is not good enough, the Forbes Shire Council offers an option to use treated effluent for irrigation. This option will ensure the effluent quality is appropriate for Gum Swamp management and won’t contaminate the water.

Ben Hall Historic Sites

Located on the Newell Highway, The Ben Hall Historic Sites in Forbes NSW are a must see for anyone with an interest in the bushranger’s life. The roadside sign pointing to the Hall site indicates its isolation and the fact that Hall died on the Lachlan Plain. A lonely site, Hall’s camp is a 6km drive from Forbes. In spite of its remoteness, the Hall Historic Sites are an important part of the history of this region.

The Ben Hall Memorial sits in a flat paddock. The Forbes Historical Society has erected a large sign at the site explaining Ben Hall’s life and times. The cemetery is about 25km north-west of Forbes, and is home to a bushranger’s grave. The Forbes Dawson Heritage Museum is also located in the town. The Forbes Visitors Information Centre offers maps and information about the area.

Central West Livestock Exchange

The Central Western Livestock Exchange is an agricultural saleyard in Forbes, NSW, Australia. It hosts cattle and sheep auctions and other livestock exchange events. The town is also home to the Forbes Central Western Art Project, which features a mural painted by local artist, Leigh Williams. If you are a cattle lover, you’ll find the Central West Livestock Exchange to be a great attraction.

The town is known as an RV Friendly Town, with a large range of amenities and rest areas for travelers. Its rich gold rush history is evident in the heritage buildings and bushranger folklore. The natural landscape and local attractions are distinctive, with a lake and colourful gardens. Guests to Forbes can visit the Central West Livestock Exchange and other sale yards. Whether you plan to spend a weekend in Forbes or visit for a day, the town has something for everyone.

The township is situated on Lake Forbes, a natural lagoon on the Lachlan River. There are 4.8km of walking and cycling tracks in the park, as well as barbecue facilities and a playground. The town is also home to the McFeeters Motor Museum, where you can explore a private collection of restored motor vehicles. The museum is also home to a cellar door and cafe.