Things to do in Kingston – Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica was a refuge for people who lost their homes after an earthquake in Port Royal. It is now the largest city and the capital of Jamaica. It is the center of government that hosts many businesses.

Many people associate Kingston with reggae music, which makes sense. The birthplace of reggae music is Trench Town, which is in Kingston. Some of the best musicians also call Kingston home, including Bob Marley, Bunny wailer, Gregory Isaac, Beenie Man, and Buju Banton.

Kingston also has some of the best food. A visit is not complete without trying the local cuisines such as jerk chicken, salt fish, and Jamaican patties. Jamaica has some of the most outstanding beaches in the world. What many people find surprising is that they are truly representative of the pictures. The water is a clear aqua blue, and the sand is very white. It is easy to spend hours on the beach and for a minute, forget all your troubles.

Jamaicans have a reputation for being fun-loving. And it is true, the nightlife is vibrant, and with so many entertainment spots available, boredom is never a factor. If you visit in April, you will get a chance to take part in the carnival.

Must Do

Kingston Jamaica has a rich history that every tourist should learn. It is the capital city and also has the honor of being the largest city in Jamaica. There is so much in terms of education, culture, and leisure. You can explore the museums and enjoy the fine food and nightlife. The Bob Marley Museum and Devon House are must-visit locations, and the Hope Gardens is a display of Botanical beauty like you will not see anywhere else in the world.

What Do You Like Best About Your City?

There is so much to like about Kingston, Jamaica. It is home to some of the best reggae musicians. The people, the food, the cultural mix, and the great attractions make it an excellent place to live.

Best Walk in Kingston

Trench Town – Home To Reggae Music

Trench Town is the birthplace of reggae music and culture. It has become a very popular destination for many visitors. You will need someone to show you around trench town, but it will give you a real feel of where Bob Marley grew up. Be ready to immerse yourself in original reggae music, and understand what it means to the locals. Also, take the time to visit the Bob Marley Museum to learn more about the musical great.

Devon House – Home to the First Black Millionaire

Devon House is the home of the first black millionaire in Jamaica. Son to a Jamaican housekeeper and German Jew, George Steven left behind the Landmark that has become a tourist attraction in Kingston.

Devon House is a National Heritage site. There is so much to do when you visit. You can shop to your heart’s content. Explore some excellent food, and eat fantastic ice cream at I-Scream. You can also bring along a good book and just sit down and relax in the lush gardens.

Emancipation Park

Emancipation Park is a celebration of the journey to freedom. It is a serene environment where you can just enjoy time to yourself. If you want to get in some exercise, it is also an excellent place to run. Emancipation Park also plays host to tons of activities. Depending on the time of the year, you can take part in some of them. Such include a fair share of concerts, yoga sessions, or fairs. Do not visit the park in a hurry; there is a lot to do, so allocate sufficient time to truly enjoy the experience. Charge your camera for pictures with the iconic statues at the park.

Best Restaurants in Kingston

Kingston has a vast food offering. You have the option of the local Jamaican cuisine. You will also find food from Mexico, Japan, Greece, France, China, and West Africa. You will not run short of restaurants and eateries to explore. Such include the Tamarind Indian cuisine, Usain Bolt Sports bar, South Avenue grill, and the Pepperwood Jerk for the famous pork and chicken Jerk.

Best Music/Festival in Kingston

Kingston is a musical City, and you will often find Showcases of some of the best homegrown talent. The Reggae Sumfest is week-long dusk to dawn event, where some of the best musicians who enjoy international acclaim perform.

Best Nightlife in Kingston

The nightlife in Kingston will not disappoint you. Jamaicans know how to have fun and every day of the week is party night. The nightclubs you should try out include the Usain Bolt sports bar and Quad nightclub; if you are feeling a little fancy, head to the Hilton Hotel for a relaxation at the pool bar.

Best Day Trip Out of Kingston

If you don’t feel like spending the whole day at the beach, there are so many other places you can go. The Bob Marley Museum is a must-visit for any visitor. Learn a little history at Devon house, Trench Town, and Emancipation Park. The Chocolate Factory is also an excellent place to indulge your taste buds and learn the craft of making chocolate.

Something That Not Many Tourists Know About Kingston

Other than reggae, Kingston is also a center for fashion. Visit in June to take part in The Caribbean Fashion Week. Despite its laid-back feel, Jamaicans take great pride in how they look. So, pack some fancy gear for your nights out.

The media representation of Jamaica has not always been the best. Some of the stories show that it is a dangerous place, with crime ruling the streets. Like any other place in the world, there is crime, and you need to know which areas are safe to visit.

In the same way, you would not visit certain locations even in your own hometown, is the same caution you should have in Kingston. It would be a good idea to use the local guide’s services when visiting some of the destinations. All in all, you will enjoy the warmth and welcoming attitude of Jamaicans.