Things to do in Maracay – Venezuela

Maracay is famous and known by all as the Ciudad Jardin de Venezuela. Although it is not very big and most people know each other (you would certainly confirm the saying “how small the world is). It has places of interest to go and enjoy a good walk and an excellent nightlife.

What I like Best about Maracay

What I like the most about the city is its people. They are always very attentive, their gastronomy is excellent, despite everything, it is a quiet place compared to the country’s capital. And without a doubt, you can find everything quickly since its location is very central and it is not very difficult for you to get lost in it.

Best Walk

The best walk that can be done is along the Las Delicias avenue. It is a path in the middle of this famous avenue surrounded by different food stores, shops, and shopping centers. Most of the locals will see them on this road going to work, exercising, taking photos, and much more.

Another place to walk in the “Parque del Ejercito,” located just behind Las Delicias Avenue. This large space has several areas to be. It has a green area used to play soccer or carry out any outdoor activity. Behind this is the paved area that you can also use to exercise, but this place comes to life at night. Here street vendors gather, offering you all kinds of street food, sweets, clothing sales, souvenirs, jewelry. And for the little ones in the house, there are many attractions such as an inflatable slide, electric car rental, motorcycle rental, ride on a flintstones train. It is an ideal experience to hang out with different options to do at your fingertips.

As mentioned before. Maracay has different gastronomic options for all budgets and all types of occasions. You will find most of these options in the center of the city and on Las Delicias avenue.

Best Restaurants in Maracay

Rucula Restaurant Bar and Lounge: This place is located on Las Delicias Avenue within the military circle. This restaurant offers you a very varied menu for all tastes, a liquor menu, desserts, and a good atmosphere at a comfortable price. It has two areas to be-one with air conditioning and one outdoors with a bar.

Sushi & cebiches: this site offers you the best menu with sushi options. If you are a lover of this type of food, you will indeed find the perfect Roll for you. It is located in the military circle.

Topping: This is the perfect place if you are looking for a sweet afternoon. It offers you the best desserts with ice cream and chocolate, cookie burgers, explosive cakes of flavor, and the best atmosphere and attention. It is located in the plaza la Soledad on Avenida las Delicias.

Bosque Pino: this lounge offers you the best pizzas and hamburgers. Bosque Pino also has a very extensive menu, but they are famous for their hamburgers and pizzas. It has two settings to enjoy, a cocktail menu, its mojitos are the best, and from 11:00 pm it works as a disco. It is located in the military circle.

Citobar: this place, besides being a restaurant, is a bar. It offers you excellent food, drinks, and attention. What makes this place peculiar is its live music atmosphere. You have to check their pages because a different group is presented with tributes to famous music every day. It is located in the Hyper Jumbo shopping center.

Best Places to stay in Maracay

I have added a few links to the popular places to stay in Maracay. If you’d like more details and customer reviews please hit the links and you will be taken to TripAdvisor.

  1. Hesperia Maracay is a family-friendly hotel in Maracay. Free wifi is offered to guests, and rooms at Hesperia Maracay offer air conditioning and a refrigerator. If you like Italian restaurants, Hesperia Maracay is conveniently located near Jaque Mate Cantina – Restaurante, La Traviata Ristorante, and Don Aniello Pizza.
  2. Marriott Maracay Hotel & Golf features room service. In addition, as a valued Marriott Maracay Hotel & Golf guest, you can enjoy a lounge that is available on-site. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to parking. Check out popular Maracay seafood restaurants such as El Bodegon de Sevilla, which are a short distance from Marriott Maracay Hotel & Golf.
  3. Pipo International Hotel is a local hotel with a pool and lovely rooms.

Best Festivals/Music

Unfortunately, music and festivals are not given much importance in this city. But you have to check the networks. There are always shows by local, street, and urban music artists who seek their society’s support to advance in music.

Best Nightlife in Maracay

The nightlife in Maracay is energetic. It has several clubs where you can be and have a great time:

Oz club: also located on Avenida las Delicias. This nightclub is a favorite among locals. It is the right size, has a VIP area, perfect liquor services for you and your groups of friends.

Bosque Pino: as we mentioned above, this restaurant is transformed into a disco from 11 pm. It has an excellent atmosphere to spend the night with your friends. You certainly won’t regret it.

Bigotes: it is an enjoyable place to visit. Among all the nightspots in Maracay’s city, it distinguishes being the first Karaoke to be erected at the beginning of the 2000s. It has not been maintained for little reason, located on Avenida 19 de Abril.

Best Daytrips out of Maracay

But what is the perfect destination to leave Maracay? Without a doubt, there are four places that you cannot miss, which are close to Maracay, and you will not have to go so far.

Ocumare de la Costa

This coastal town is a favorite destination for locals. Maracay is also known for its beautiful beaches. Here you will find the beach of Cata, the threshing, whose water, the Cienega and among others. It is a paradise to spend the weekend.

Choroni Town

If we continue along the Via de las Delicias and we go a little further, we will find Choroni. Another favorite beach destination for locals to disconnect from their daily life. It is a very colorful and colonial town with peculiar and very friendly people. It is composed of several beaches such as Playa Grande, Valle Seco, Cepe, and others.

Hacienda Santa Teresa

about an hour from Maracay, is the city of victory. In it is this famous farm where the favorite rum of the locals and the Venezuelan is produced. This beautiful place tells you about the process of how rum is distilled, and it has a restaurant with good food, a bar with rum cocktails, tours where they tell you the history of the hacienda, cocktail courses, and let me tell you that it is a perfect place to relax. And be in contact with nature with a good drink in hand.

Colonia Tovar

also, near the victory, is this beautiful town. Believe me that if you see it, it is as if you were transported to a small village in colonial German. It is located on a hill with an excellent climate, food, and attention. Also, it is very romantic and perfect to come with the person you love.

Something that not many travelers would know about Maracay

Maracay has the largest Plaza Bolivar in Latin America. It is a lovely square to hang out, walk, and watch the day go by. For those who do not know, Simon Bolivar is the liberator of Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

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