Things to do in Margarita Island – Venezuela

Margarita Island is one of the 3 Islands that make up the state Nueva Esparta, in Venezuela. It is located in the southeast of the Caribbean Sea, in northwestern Venezuela, and north of the Araya peninsula of the sucre state. Its main economic industries are fishing, construction, and of course tourism; this being one of the most visited islands in Venezuela.

Many things can be done on Margarita Island. There are for all tastes and ages. Let’s start with the beaches. There are them for everyone. Then we have the walks you can do: castles, churches, natural attractions… In Margarita, you can enjoy endless water sports. It is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There is also an 18-hole golf course. In Macanao, you can ride Horses on an interesting tour.

Must do

Margarita is known for the beauty of its beaches, it is a paradise destination that many of the tourists always want to return to. The island has many corners full of so many small things you could do, the experiences you can live will be amazing; one of those that you can not stop doing is spend a day in El Yaque beach, in addition to participating in all the activities that it offers you including Windsurfing or Kitesurfing.

What do you like best about your city?

Without a doubt one of the best things that Margarita Island has is that all the tourist attractions are nearby, you can reach many places through a short highway, beautiful roads, sandy roads, or tree tunnels. Also, you will always find an excursion to do on one of its beaches, so your holiday in this place will undoubtedly be full of fun.

Best Walk

Margarita Island is not exactly a place of large parks since most of its extension consists of sea and sand, but it is possible to make excursions that will be full of adventure and fun.

One of our favorite places is La Laguna de La Restinga, this is a park that is located between the union of the eastern part and the western part of Margarita Island. It consists of mangroves and coastal plains, these are identified by local colors and names as “fishbone”, in this lagoon inhabit different types of fish and mollusks, so you can see them when you visit it.

There is a service of walks that you can take so that you can take the tour, it is usually done by motorboats and includes knowing the entire lagoon and then ending up at the nearby beach. You can get off in flat places where you can walk and take pictures. No one visiting Margarita Island can stop visiting this wonderful place.

Best Restaurants

Because of its location, it is obvious that most of Margarita Island’s cuisine is based on seafood, fish, and crustaceans. For this reason, most restaurants are focused on the preparation of these typical dishes, we name you 5 of the best you have to visit on your trip to the island.

  • Casa Caranta
  • El Palmero Restaurant
  • Dolphin Restaurant.
  • El Fondeadero
  • Guillermina Restaurant

Best Places to Stay on Margarita Island

I have added a number of the most popular hotels on Margarita Island. If you’d like more detail and customer reviews hit the links and you will taken to TripAdvisor.

  1. Maloka Hotel Boutique & Spa – is located on the eastern coast of Margarita Island in Venezuela, a few minutes away from one of the most popular beaches of the island, Playa Guacuco. The nearest city is the state´s capital, La Asuncion, while Porlamar, Margarita´s main commercial town, is just about 10 minutes away.
  2. Wyndham Concorde Isla Margarita – With an enviable location on Isla Margarita in the Caribbean Sea, as well as a wealth of services and amenities, the newly renovated, full-service Wyndham Isla Margarita Concorde is an exemplary destination, whether your travels bring you to the northeastern coast of Venezuela for business or leisure. 
  3. Hotel Costa Linda Beach – Costa Linda Beach Hotel is a very cozy colonial style Hotel, located on the north-east coast of Margarita Island. All areas of the Hotel are surrounded by green tropical gardens, palm trees and lots of flowers.
  4. Hesperia Isla Margarita – Surrounded by the verdant landscape of a natural park, the Hesperia Isla Margarita looks out over sparkling white sands and peaceful, crystalline waters.
  5. LD Plus Palm Beach – Beautiful hotel with an innovative structure and design that makes it a reference of the Hotel industry in Venezuela, offers an unbeatable accommodation experience

Best Music/Festival

Margarita Island does not usually have many constant festivals, on many occasions, some are usually held but they do not follow an annual theme and it is more about entertaining visitors and thus taking a good experience. Sometimes they usually have gastronomy festivals, which are usually a favorite due to the great exhibition made by the best restaurants to present typical dishes made with their ingredients and with their versions. The tourist can taste wherever he wants and thus get to know a little more about the gastronomy of the place.

Other festivals are usually the Film Festival, the tourism fair that has been held on-site, singing festivals where the island’s talents usually perform, and as well as these many more. They usually last more than three days and tourists can visit it as many times as they want, surely they will have moments full of fun and knowledge.

Best Nightlife

The Margarita night is attractive for the variety of activities for all ages, there is fun for adults, young people, and children. The island has nightclubs of all musical styles, bars, restaurants with live music, amusement parks, shopping centers open until midnight in high seasons, among many other attractions that tourists can enjoy.

Among the best places to have a good night full of fun are:

  • Bar Restaurant – La Casa de Esther
  • Disco Bora Bora
  • Green Martini Lounge
  • 1900 Nightlife

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Leaving Margarita Island is not exactly something you can do without planning, getting to this island is only possible by plane or ferry service. However, as we mentioned, Margarita Island is located within the New Sparta State, which is an archipelago made up of three islands: Margarita, Coche, and Cubagua.

So a perfect trip out of town could be on one of the two islands nearby, you can reach them by taking a boat and you will find many activities to do all related to the sea. We assure you that you will be delighted with all the beauty that the one you decide to visit offers.

Something that not many travelers would know about

One thing not all travelers know is that Margarita Island is known as the Pearl of the Caribbean, many believe it is for its incredible beaches, but the truth is that it goes far beyond the obvious. In the 1970s, the island had a global economic boom as it was a tourist destination that was a tax-free zone, so many people were able to start building different tourist infrastructures; it was also many’s favorite places because they could have their luxury vacation for a lower price.

Others say the name arose because pearl could be found on the island, which was also an important part of the local economy. Whatever it is, it seems to us that the name should simply go for the greatness and beauty of the beaches, so be sure to visit this wonderful place and discover for yourself why this beautiful island is known as the pearl of the Caribbean.

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