Things to do in Melbourne – Australia

Are you planning a trip to Australia? Then consider adding the great city of Melbourne to your list of cities to visit.

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. It is a city full of diversity. The main language spoken in Melbourne is English, but there is also well over one hundred different languages. Melbourne is a very safe city with many things to do and see.

The Fitzroy area of Melbourne was ranked by Time Out as number 27 in the 51 coolest neighbourhoods around the world.


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Must Do

When you arrive in Melbourne, consider a picnic at the gardens in Charlton, before going to see the Exhibition Building or Museum. Check out the Block Arcade in the heart of the city. Here you will see the massive clock and tower. You can also spend time browsing amazing architecture or the shopping arcade.

Across the road outside of the Block Arcade is the City’s Library. Here you will fall in love with the outstanding design of the library building itself. You can also take your time viewing it’s displays. There may even be some free tours going on if you are keen for a tour.

East Melbourne

For some outdoor activities, make sure you get to Belgrave and have a ride on the Puffing Billy. This is a fantastic train ride that takes one our to get to the Lakeside and one hour to return. You will have time to walk around the lake and have a snack before getting on the train again. Whilst you are on the train, you are sure to fall in love with the gorgeous scenery and views Melbourne has to offer.

What do you like best about Melbourne?

What I like best about the city of Melbourne is the public transport system. Most suburbs have a train station and, or, access to buses at your doorstep. You really do not need a car to drive around Melbourne. The public transport system is very good and you can get just about anywhere on it. It is also very cheap.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Best Walk in Melbourne

There are many different walks that you can go on in Melbourne. Some of the most outstanding walks that are a must include: The Tongue Point Walking Trail at Wilsons Promontory. Wilsons Promontory is a beautiful and unique place to visit. The Great Ocean Road also boasts some fantastic walks. The Ironbark Basin is home to stunning views and intriguing wildlife. A little closer to the city of Melbourne, the 1000 Steps Walks in the Dandenong Ranges is also a must. This walk will take you a long a creek that will lead to a stunning valley that is sure to leave you impressed.

Best Restaurants in Melbourne.

Melbourne is known for amazing food. It is home to a wide range of different restaurants of all kinds of cultures. We are sure that you will find something to satisfy your cravings in minutes. Here are a few restaurants that we recommend for your visit to Melbourne:

Tonka. Tonka is known for its Indian inspired menu. It caters for all walks of life and is split into three sections.

Florentino. Here you will discover some delicious Italian cuisines and fantastic hospitality.

Anchovy. Anchovy offers some mouthwatering dishes that may surprise you. At Anchovy you will fall in love with its Asian dishes.

Cumulus Inc. Feel like a late night snack? Or a casual lunch? Then come to Cumulus. We are sure you’ll find something that will suit your needs.

Best Music/Festival in Melbourne.

If you are keen for some music and festivals, we can assure you that you will find many options in Melbourne. For music, you might like to consider listening to Milk Records, or Liberation. Fancy a listen to Pieater or Chapter Music. If you are a classical music lover, then consider a trip to Melbourne’s Arts Centre Theatre to catch Melbourne’s outstanding Symphony Orchestra.

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For festival lovers, you will be pleased to know that there are festivals of all kinds happening all throughout the year in this great city. From the Electric Garden’s Festival, to the Golden Plains Festival, through to The Town Festival, we know that you will find something fun to take part in.

The most famous festival that is held in March is the Moomba Festival which has been going since 1955. The festival that is run by the city council is a free festival and runs for 4 days.

Nightlife in Melbourne

Are you a person or family who live getting out and about at night? Do not fear. Melbourne is renowned for its exciting nightlife. A few of the great activities to enjoy at night time in Melbourne include the following:

The Queen Victoria Night Market. This market can be found on the corner of Therry and Queen Streets in the city. It comes to life for a couple of seasons each year. You can come here every Wednesday or in summer and winter. Not only can you enjoy night time shopping here, you may even be treated to some amazing performances of all kinds.

Eureka Skydeck 88 Sunset Views If you enjoy sunsets, then consider visiting the Eureka Skydeck 88. Not only will you see fantastic views of Melbourne city, but we know that you will fall in love with the sunsets that you get too.

The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

For another option for some outstanding views of Melbourne, consider the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Not only will you get great views during the day, but also at night time too. Sit down, sit back and let the wheel go around as you enjoy what you see.

Best Day Trip Out of Melbourne

There is no doubt that the Great Ocean Road is the best day trip out of Melbourne city to go on. A couple of hours drive out of Melbourne, you will be treated to jaw-dropping views of the ocean, and the Twelve Apostles. Whilst you are out this way, be sure to visit the London Arch, and the Loch Ard Gorge.

Something Not Many Travelers Know About Melbourne.

As with all cities around the world, there will be some things that travelers will not realise about when coming to Melbourne. It might be assumed that the sun is always out and shining. This is not always the case. The weather in Melbourne can change at any time. It can be four seasons in one day. It may start off sunny and warm, but before you know it, it could be stormy and freezing cold within minutes. Be sure to pack clothing for all seasons when visiting Melbourne.

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