Things to do in Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires is the most important city in Argentina and one of the most beautiful in all of South America.

With a culture forged based on the union between “gaucho customs” and the culture brought in later years by Europermigrants, Buenos Aires ends up being a melting pot. A melting pot of races that, however, takes beautiful qualities from many cultures and highlights them with their original traditions.

So that, in case you are planning to travel, I want to help you make the most of your time, in the following article I will be leaving all the most important points to consider when visiting this attractive city.

Must do

Well, Buenos Aires has a lot of cultural content in its monuments and corners, so the most advisable thing for a foreigner is to take a guided walk to be able to feel the connection with everything we see. There are 4-hour tours where you travel from the Colon Theater to the Recoleta Cemetery, crossing the most emblematic places of the city, and learning stories.

What do you like best about your city?

I believe that there are two things that distinguish Buenos Aires from many other Latin American cities. The first is its peculiar architecture, strongly influenced by the European styles of Spain and France.

Just by walking through the central area of the city one can feel at another time, in a more romantic time, protected by constructions with beautiful Baroque details that are preserved until the date.

The theaters and culture that the city has are also something to envy, but what completely distinguishes Buenos Aires – And it is repeated over and over again by tourists who visit it – it’s the eternal nightlife.

Many cities display shorter nights, however in the capital of Buenos Aires the music never stops. The bars close at 5 AM and the clubs after 6 AM. There is always life on the street, there are always laughs and friends. It is a city that has impregnated friendship and social interaction in its DNA.

Best Walk in Buenos Aires

If you want something simpler in the city, I recommend you to take a walk through the “Bosques De Palermo” ( The forests of Palermo). You can buy some empanadas and walk around the Rosedal, approach the lake, or visit both the Planetarium and the Japanese Garden. It is a perfect place for when the sun rises and you want to take a quiet walk, with green and nature around you. Undoubtedly one of the things you will enjoy of your trip to Buenos Aires; Feel a little relax away from tourism during travel.

Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Well, in Buenos Aires you will notice that Italian cuisine is very close. There is a wide variety of pasta and pizza offerings around Corrientes Street, one of the main avenues in the city center. Personally I recommend the “Guerrin” pizzeria; It’s close and you will not regret it.

There are better options such as the pizzeria “El Fortin” (Possibly the best around) but to go to this one you may have to leave the tourist circuit.

Another important culinary point in Buenos Aires is, of course, meat.

Can you imagine coming to Buenos Aires without experiencing the famous barbecue? The traditional Argentine barbecue, made on the grill, usually pleases even the most demanding of tastes.

Nothing better than trying this meal in one of the most respected places in the city. That’s why I recommend “La Cabrera” in Palermo Soho, consider it as a mandatory stop 😉

Finally, the empanadas. That may be Argentina as important as the taco al pastor for Mexico, and you can find them everywhere and with the most varied fillings. I recommend “El Sanjuanino”, especially the Recoleta unit, as an excellent place to try them for the first time.

Best Music/Festival in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires you will find music wherever you walk: it may be in the apparent reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix in the subway cars, in a globally renowned work at the Teatro Colon or at a DJ event in the Costanera. Whatever your taste, you will find what to delight your ears with, whether with jazz, reggae, Latin or electronic rhythms; However, there are also others very typical of Buenos Aires culture, such as the famous tango and folklore.

Best Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Do you know the concept of Speakeasy? The hidden bars where they served alcohol during the American Dry Law? Well, in Buenos Aires there are a lot of them and they are hilarious.

For example, one that initially looks like a completely normal restaurant is Nicky NY Sushi. Upon entering, everything seems very normal, it is just a sushi restaurant with several tables, decorated in a standard way, and with many people having a quiet dinner.

But if you tell a waiter that you want to see “the cellar” they accompanied you discreetly through a back door to another room. A hidden place

There are several speakeasys in the city. Both Nicky NY Sushi and Franks (ask for a password that is updated once a day on their Facebook page). There is also a bar called La Floreria, which we will see if we do the guided walk. It´s just a flower store by daylight, but a hidden bar at night.

Best Day Trip Out of Buenos Aires

It is an excellent idea to leave the city a little to enjoy a picnic in “Tomas Jofre” or “Carlos Keen“, two gastronomic villages on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. There you can enjoy a country air and a spectacular culinary experience.

On the outskirts of Buenos Aires, there are some thematic villages. “Torre Pueblo“, is a small place completely inspired by the architecture of the Italian countryside. Also, you should check “Campanopolis“, a medieval village with fun role-playing and antiquity experiences.

Something that not many travelers would know about Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a huge number of libraries per capita and there is one of them that has a very striking and beautiful sight: El Ateneo (The Athenaeum)

El Ateneo is a bookstore inside of a theater, it may not sound very impressive but it is really worth seeing to understand.

On another subject, everyone knows that football is a huge passion in Argentina. But few know that Boca Juniors or River Plate are only 2 of the 5 most emblematic teams in the city. Or what is more, few know that there are more than 14 professional soccer teams located in the city and that each one has its own stadium. Making Buenos Aires a city full of stadiums.

Much more to see.

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in South America – I know, I love this city too much, but I just can’t help it.-.

Without much insecurity and with such a varied cultural offer it is difficult to see everything it has to offer in a single visit. However, with these points I just told you, you are more than on track to make this travel worth your while.