Things to do in Moree – NSW – Australia

Moree is a small town in the Moree Plains Shire in northern New South Wales, Australia. It sits on the banks of the Mehi River, in the heart of black-soil plains. The town got its name from the Aboriginal word for “rising sun” or “long spring”. Today, more than 30,000 people call Moree home. During your stay, you can visit some of the attractions and experience the local culture.

History of Moree

A history tour of the CBD of Moree, NSW, is a great way to discover this town’s fascinating past. The city has many heritage listed buildings and art deco buildings that showcase design practices. The tour includes a trip back in time to explore the history of the town and its people. You’ll also get to learn about the town’s earliest settlers, and explore the town’s rich history.

The town was established as a municipality in 1890. In 1894, a Federation-style lands office was built on the western edge of the town. In 1881, the town had a population of 295. Moree is home to the first woman to be appointed High Court Justice in Australia, and Mary Brand was the first European woman to open a shop in the town. Moree is also the birthplace of Peter Taylor, who retired from the Australian Cricket Team and opened an inn.

The first Moree people descended from Pictish tribes. They also possessed Lowland Scots and Flemish ancestors. They were descendants of MacAngus de Moravia, a descendant of King Duncan of Scotland and the first Earl of Murray. They were very wealthy and cultivated a well-known agricultural industry. However, they also supported a local church and were active in the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Waa Gorge

If you want to see nature at its best and admire a beautiful natural landscape, visit the Waa Gorge, located 86 km south of Moree. The walk around the gorge is a botanical delight as it features remnants of an ancient rainforest. You’ll see moreton bay figs, Lilly Pilly and ferns that were once part of this rainforest. The views are breathtaking and you must visit it. Access is limited to dry weather roads.

Other attractions include the Artesian Aquatic Centre, the Bank Art Museum Moree, and more. There are ten great things to do in Moree, including the famous Waa Gorge. You may even get to enjoy a mineral-rich swimming pool in your motel! There’s something for everyone in Moree. No matter what you like to do, you can’t go wrong with this small town’s attractions.

Moree has many cultural offerings. In addition to Waa Gorge, the region is also home to the Moree Education Centre. There, you can find learning resources that are provided by the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health. This centre is located near the Moree Memorial Town Hall. In addition to visiting the museum, you can also take a tour of the surrounding area. While you’re exploring the gorge, be sure to stop by the Moree District Health Service, where you can pick up free visitor accommodation.

Bank Art Museum Moree

The Bank Art Museum Moree is a regional art gallery located in a 1911 Edwardian heritage building. Formerly the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, the museum was established in 1988. In 2018, it rebranded as BAMM, reflecting its history and contemporary edge. The museum has a nationally significant collection of art, including one of the most extensive collections of contemporary Indigenous art in regional NSW. The Bank Art Museum Moree hosts regular exhibitions and art workshops.

The museum presents touring exhibitions and collection exhibitions, as well as workshops and community programs. In March 2020, the Archibald Prize will visit the museum. The next year, it will host the BAMM Art Fair and Moree Portrait Prize. In the store, visitors can purchase original merchandise and gifts for art lovers. The museum also offers a gift shop. To ensure your shopping experience is as unique as the art that you are seeing, you can buy original artworks.

Woolaway Wines

A trip to Woolaway Wines in Moree will provide you with a unique opportunity to taste local wines. The winery has a variety of award-winning wines, and its friendly, family-run atmosphere is sure to make any visit enjoyable. In addition, it offers morning and afternoon tea, as well as barbecue facilities. To learn more about the winery and its wines, check out its website and Facebook page. Alternatively, you can also contact New South Wales Tourism.

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre

Recently renovated to a world-class standard, the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre is the place to go for your next swim, spa day, or just to relax. With an impressive range of public pools, the facility offers a range of therapeutic benefits, including hydrotherapy. There is also a health and wellness centre, and a grand expansion project underway. This is a great opportunity to experience the art of water in a new way.

The Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre is one of the most expensive public swimming pools in NSW, with entry fees of $9 per adult. This is much more than the cost of other council-owned swimming pools, and the entry fee covers both indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a steam room, and more. The facility also offers a fitness class schedule and is ideally located at the end of Anne Street and Gosport Street.

The Moree Gallery

For a cultural day out, you should take the Moree History Tour, which departs from the Moree Visitor Information Centre. This tour takes you through the town centre and its Art Deco buildings, which feature ornamental features inspired by the art movements and styles of the 1920s. You can also view the town’s many heritage-listed buildings, including the historic Moree War Memorial Hall, which was built in 1923. You can learn about the early pioneers and their lives, as well as the development of the area.

Moree has an excellent collection of Aboriginal art. The Moree Gallery has received numerous significant gifts and is dedicated to promoting the cultural life of the town. Located at 25 Frome Street, Moree’s art gallery has a beautiful setting in the town’s historic downtown. Cypress pine, silver leaf ironbark and smooth bark apple woodlands dot the landscape. In spring, the landscape bursts with colour, as spring flowers blossom and the trees shed their leaves, revealing the dazzling variety of flowers and shrubs that bloom in abundance.

Cafe Gali & Yaama Ganu Gallery Moree

The new Aboriginal Art Gallery and Cafe Gali in Moree opened in January 2011. These spaces are supported by the local Kamilaroi nation and the Aboriginal Employment Strategy. The centre also offers hospitality training to members of the local Indigenous community. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while you browse the galleries’ diverse collection. The cafe is open six days a week and serves Single O Coffee. If you’re looking for a unique place to enjoy a cup of coffee, head to Cafe Gali.

The cafe and gallery offer an inviting and comfortable setting for your next business event. The café offers delicious in-house catering, is fully licensed, and offers ample parking. The gallery has a disabled bathroom and is part of the NSW Accessible Toilets Project. You can also enjoy a tasty breakfast or lunch at the Yaama Ganu Cafe and Gallery. You can also relax in the gallery’s relaxing environment with a cup of coffee, or indulge in an art gallery exhibition.