Things to do in San Juan – Manila

I am always in love with my city; San Juan. It’s the best spot to live in you can ever think of. If anyone would ask me.

I will gladly enlighten you about my city town, San Juan- Manila. The San Juan you know is the capital of Puerto Rico, a well-known vacationer goal island in the Caribbean. The city of San Juan Puerto Rico was established in 1521 and is known as La Ciudad Amurallada, which means the walled city. San Juan is the greatest common harbour in the Caribbean and the second most established city in the Americas. The city is a significant port and vacationer resort and the most seasoned city under the banner of the United States.

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Our San Juan is a memorable city, right in the core of Metro Manila. It is additionally the smallest city in Metro Manila.

San Juan is situated in the core of the city. I generally love doing each day is getting crisp fish offered by interesting shacks, the sounds of the seashore, swimming and skipping in the sun.

Greenhills Shopping Centre

San Juan is synonymous to Greenhills. Greenhills Shopping Centre is the best spot to discover excellent quality items at a low cost. There are more than 2,000 stores. It is likewise known for its wide assortment of pearls. To most outsiders like to call it, “Pearl Paradise”. People fly from everywhere throughout the world, just to see it.

Do you desire anything specifically in my city town? Not to stress, San Juan is additionally well known for its wide choice of eateries. Regular spots like McDonald’s, Subway, Krispy Kreme, Jollibee just to mention a few. In any case, you’re searching for a spot to spend a substantially more sumptuous day or night, there’s additionally restaurants like Brasserie Cicou, Calderen, Wafu, Choi Garden.

To us, spiritual nourishment matters a lot. There are five notable houses of worship inside the city .some of which were built during the Spanish time, indicating the profound Christian legacy of the Filipino individuals.

 1.Church of San Juan del Monte (Santuario Del Santo Cristo)

2.St. John the Baptist Parish (Pinaglabanan Church).

3.Chapel of our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (140 regrets du Bac).

4.Chapel of the Holy Family.

5.Mary the Queen of Parish.

 Also, San Juan is known for praising the g St. John the Baptist. Each June 24, kids and adults all take an interest in regarding the Feast day of San Juan Bautista, with the conventional “basaan” or “buhusan”.

People love to take part in water fights and other wet games utilizing buckets, hoses, or even water guns. This symbolizes the introduction of St. John, who washed down and arranged the individuals for the are happening to Jesus Christ by submerging them with water. It helps the children grow spiritually.


One of the most famous parks in the city is the Mines View Park that conveys a fabulous perspective on the encompassing mountains is the city’s most famous park. Guests from tropical nations discover this spot especially lovely since it has a cool atmosphere. Burnham Park, with numerous nurseries, pretty ways and recreational territories, is another most loved city park.

The City

For the individuals who need to truly encounter the appeal of my city, there is in no way like a recreation visit by walking through the thin and soak lanes of the city. San Juan is a curious city that consolidates notable beguile with current vision and solace-strolling along the interesting Gaerlan Street that comprises of an enormous number of old structures having a place with the Spanish time just as some other city tourist spots would be a wonderful encounter too. Visit the old community, old Aglipayan house of God and the chronicled storage facilities near the expressway right now road. The Botanical Garden loaded up with plants, trees and lovely walkways is another favoured site you would love to visit.

Mount Amuyao

Mt.Amuyao is the nation’s third highest mountain, and you can appreciate the view from its top. Lambanog, the exceptional coconut soul is a most loved beverage in San Juan and furthermore probably the greatest business.

Attempt lambanog during your San Juan trip however take care to weaken the strong beverage before tasting. There are numerous acceptable cafe’s in San Juan that incorporate Ling Nam, Angel’s Kitchen, and the Golden Ribbon Restaurant.


San Juan has numerous delightful seashores to unwind, in which the Laiya Beach on the city’s edges and Ilaya Beach are the most visited. The fine Laiya Beach has three miles of awesome white sand, an underground nursery and a close-by mangrove trail park. Various sorts of back rubs like full-body, oil, remedial back rubs are accessible in San Juan. Prepared staff will give it at the seashore, knead cabana or in the hotel room.

There are two best resorts you don’t want to miss when travelling to San Juan;

1.Condado Lagoon Villas

These occasion estates at Caribe Hilton are situated in the city that is perfect for families and gatherings. The estates are situated on 17 sections of land of the landmass with lavish tropical gardens and seashores which offer water sports exercises and conveniences to excite the youthful and the old.

This manor resort is one of the main two retreats in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is effectively open from Luis Muñoz Marín Airport. The estate resort offers lovely perspectives from its room overhangs with roomy suites, a family room and a well-prepared kitchen.

Manor visitors can, in any case, appreciate an expert back rub, nail treatment or pedicure from its Olas Spa


2.Copamarina Beach Resort

The Copamarina Beach Resort is a Guánica resort with a private seashore. It flaunts a top-notch café and a poolside bar/relax. There are plenty of recreational enhancements to involve the visitors, for example, an open-air pool, kids’ pool, spa and fitness centre just as sauna offices.

In San Juan, we have one principle send out: music. It is always deep in our bloodstream.

Ultimo Trolley

My greatest day is consistently on the ends of the week with Ultimo Trolley. During the day; the Ultimo Trolley sea shore pulls in nearby volunteer groups in the gazebo contiguous the seashore parking area. These are real Puerto Rican salsa groups utilizing customary Puerto Rican instruments.

The musicians amass at the gazebo (obviously anybody can take an interest in the music-production) and perform conventional Puerto Rican guidelines to the groups for nothing. Ultimo Trolley is situated between Ocean Park and Punta Las Marias.

As the night wakes up, every single genuine action cools off for the guest to appreciate the numerous contributions of right now. Late-night exercises please with loads of celebrating and a taste or two of delectable Puerto Rican rum mixed drinks.

El Morro Fort

You wouldn’t have any desire to miss the unique El Morro Fort, which dates right back to 1539. Another mainstream vacationer stop is La Fortaleza, which accepts the cake as the most established representative’s chateau on U.S. soil.

In case you’re thinking about travel with your family, it’s a smart thought to pick one that remembers a day for San Juan, in light of the fact that it truly has something for everybody; excellent, sandy seashores close by for the individuals who like to unwind, hundreds upscale stores and nearby boutiques for the individuals who like to shop, and many chronicled locales to visit for the individuals who like to today and you won’t regret it. San Juan, my city, my pride!