Things to do in Sentosa Island – Singapore

Must Do

The first thing to do in Sentosa would certainly be to buy a ticket to Universal Studios. The theme park has a lot of thrilling rides that will surely get you screaming throughout the entire thing. Also, the theme park has a stunt show where it looks like you are watching a movie right before your very eyes. Don’t forget to avoid sitting in the front row if you want to avoid getting wet though. In addition, there is a 4D show where you are going to watch cartoons but the effects in the theater are so nice that you will be entertained. I felt like I was in the movie on more than one occasion. After that, I concluded that I will never attempt to become a movie star. There are a lot of nice places here to eat too. Don’t forget about the people here posing as movie characters that are scattered throughout the theme park. Getting a picture with them would be a nice souvenir.

What do you like best about your city?

I love the fact that it is pretty clean. There is always someone cleaning up the place. You know it is safe to breathe in and everyone is just too friendly. I would often greet a stranger I come across and the stranger would greet me back. Also, it is easy to go to the city in case I want to meet a friend.

Best Walk on Sentosa Island

It would always be a splendid idea to walk around Sentosa Nature Discovery. You would not notice how fast time flies because of all the nature exhibits there. There are so many birds there that you will lose count. It is always a good feeling to check them out in their natural habitat. Hats off to the caretakers here for how they take good care of them. This is a great place to take the entire family as the kids will surely have a lot of fun. Be sure to arrive there early because there would be a lot of people walking around and taking pictures all over the place during the afternoon. Due to how long you will walk around the place, you will find yourself looking for seats on more than one occasion. Good thing, I wore my walking shoes for the occasion but it can still get tiring to walk around the place for the entire day. I must admit you have good reason to do just that.

Best Restaurants

Cassia is one place I would often go to because of the nice ambience. Furthermore, the food is extremely good. The choices on the menu are unique and I would not hesitate to recommend to place to my friends. The staff are also nice and they would help you with finding the right food for your mood. The Knolls is another satisfying restaurant as you will be given a set menu where you will have a complete meal with the appetizer, main course, and dessert. They do quality over quantity on this place and I always end up full after each set. Third, be sure to come to Osia Steak and Seafood Grill. Your jaw will drop when you check out the choices they have on their menu. You would want to order each one. I actually wished I had two tummies when I saw their menu.

Best Music/Festival

Hard Rock Cafe is a nice place to listen to some live bands. They certainly know how to throw a big show. The food here is superb and they have a wide variety of drink choices so you will certainly have something to order. It is ideal to go to this place with a group of friends or colleagues. However, it won’t be such a bad idea to go alone and meet new people too. The place is known to attract crowds do you can’t blame yourself if you toast your drink to a stranger and end up making new friends.

Best Nightlife

Tanjong Beach Club is a nice place to get drinks and awesome food. There are times when there is a live band playing there too. Better reserve a table ahead of time as there are a lot of people there when the sun dawns. It is a great place to get a clear view of the sunset since it is a beachfront bar. Also, better wear beach attire as it would feel hot if you wear casual attire. I learned that the hard way one time when I went there straight from work. i ended up buying beach attire at a nearby mall and it was a far walk. The important thing is that I had a great time at the place and I always have during the many times I have been there.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Malaysia is actually just a few miles away from Singapore. If you have a car, you should certainly go there and check out the Petronas Towers. If not, take the bus and tell the driver where to drop you off. Better make a few reservations in advance so you won’t run out of accommodation when you get there. Those who want to go on a food trip will not be disappointed as the local food there is delicious. I ended up eating more than what I bargained for when I went there.

Something not many travelers know about Sentosa Island

The Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa is a place every family should go to. It is home to more than a hundred sea creature species. Of course, it is impossible to spot all of them. You will get all the needed information though when you read details about each specie. It is a good thing there is no need to put on your snorkeling gear just to get a good view of them. They are swimming just right above of you and kids will point at them while they stare at how magnificent they look.